Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Happiness is...
Walking out of an interview and seeing this

Happiness is...
God allowing true love, again.

Happiness is...

Beautiful, thoughtful blossoms.

Happiness is...
A friend's whole day off spent in labors of love.

Happiness is...
This conversation:
Me: Beaner- would you please say the prayer so we can drive to the cabin safe?
Brynnlee: Sure, dear Heavenly Father please help us not get sea sick, bless mom and dad and that we will be safe and happy.
....reflection of my driving?!
Then all the way up to the cabin this conversation to place. "Bryndi is the vocalist, Ireland does the electric guitar, Doogs the trumpet and I will be the harp. The song will be Families can be forever.." said cute little Brynnlee as she "directed" our musical production. They switched instruments around for 30+ mins. Brynnlee scolding Doogs and Ironman for not coming in on the "right" places-- ! I chuckled off and on in between my "vocalist" parts. :D
Happiness is... Doogy's little grin!

Happiness is...
Friends calling to let me know that they had said a prayer for me to make it home from work safe and that it was bad outside, so I should "leave" asap.
 Happiness is... someone thinking to pray for me out of the blue, with no request from me.

Happiness is...
Time with Grandma Ratcliffe!

Happiness is... when a puzzle with non-ending plain red, tiny pieces is completed! :)

Happiness is...
Coming home to my bedroom door decked out in Glitter, snowflake goodness!

Happiness is...

A thoughtful co-worker making me my "own" cucumber, mushroom, tomato "smores" because I can't do our Smores day at work. Seriously, the platter made me want to cry.

Happiness is... a cucumber ordainment as a reminder of all God has helped me accomplish with my physical life. The ordainment hangs over my desk as a symbol of love and that others support me in my continuing journey of health.

Happiness is...
The Mormon Tabernacle Concert tickets (THANK YOU AMY AND MORGAN!!!).

Happiness is... Richard caring and loving and being MY brothers keeper.
Happiness is... answered prayers.

Happiness is...
looking over at Citlalli through out the (incredible, spirit filled concert) and seeing her grin as big as I was--throughout every piece!

Happiness is... being around others who enjoy sacred music as much as I do.

Happiness is...
Myrna back in the temple after almost three years!

Happiness is... her basking in the moment as much as I was.
Happiness is... this conversation:
Me: Myrna, this has been a perfect day!
Myrna: You know, people talk about having a perfect day--and I have never understood or believed them. But I think you are right. This HAS been a perfect day... [then with a shock and fast realization she blurted] We better SHUT UP! The day is not over yet.
Me: [knocking on wood while chuckling at her "Shut Up"!]
Happiness is...
Discovering a safety net that apparently has been there the whole time, but was undetected by my eyes until it was covered in snow. What an insight to the blessings God already has in places of my life--that go undetected until a storm hits.... but His love was/is always there. Sometimes it takes a storm to help recognize and see what I could not see before. 

Happiness is...
Early morning legos.

Happiness is...
a Mr. Potato head eyeballed snowman fiance right outside my front door!! Guess my goal of meeting someone in 2012 really did work! ;) (Jinger says he has a bit of a cold heart, but he can be warmed over.) :)

Happiness is... hearing my Brother and sister-in-law giggle and laugh together.
Happiness is... a good hug.
Happiness is... is the inspired, spur of the moment beautifully played prelude music--played before a church meeting.
Happiness is... following through on a prompting.
Happiness is... being able to get on my knees to pray.
Happiness is... is being able to get up off my knees after praying. ;)
Happiness is... the comment out of my newly turned 7 nephew as he knocked on his dad's door in the middle of the night, crying because he didn't feel good. I scooped him up and took him to rock with me in the living room. He told me that his mind was dizzy and he wasn't feeling good. I told him I was sorry... he then looked up at me and said, "I want to ask my dad for a blessing. I think he would give me one."
Happiness is... a worthy priesthood holder.
Happiness is... the priesthood of God.

Happiness is...

God's family. 

 Happiness is... my family.

Happiness is... Jesus Christ.

Tis the season to love and forgive, hope and cherish, work and serve, accept and appreciate. 

I am grateful for fasting.