Monday, August 29, 2011


Went to a fireside last night and at the every end of the fireside the speaker shared a little about his sister. I believe he said when she went on her mission there was an accident. (I think involving the car? Don't quote me.) From this accident it left her paralyzed basically from the chest down. She can move her arms, but not her hands and she can move her neck and head. That is it. She has been living the last 50 years of her life this way. She told her brother that she always wanted to be a mother. But she can't be that. She always wanted to be a missionary, but she can't be one. So then, she asked the the question:
What CAN I be?! ... I CAN BE a cripple.
And with that stamina inside of her that is what she has been. The speaker shared how she constantly is praising God for all that she has. And praises Him that she can be a cripple.

This woman has had multiple healing blessings... and from every prophet since David O. Mckay, even President Monson's Secretary called because President Monson had heard she was ill and wanted to make sure that she was okay. But for whatever reason God has not allowed her to be healed yet. The speaker pointed out that surely she WOULD HAVE been healed had it been okay with God. But in his infinite, all knowing wisdom has not allowed that miracle to occur to this woman. And she, trusting in God-- has told her brother that if this is how God planned for her earth life existence to go, than His plan and perfect knowledge was good enough for her and she would continue to be what she can be. And what she can be is a cripple. So for 50 years she has embraced God's plan for her.

The story was inspiring to me. God giveth and He taketh away-- blessed be the name of the Lord! (see Job 1:21)

Who/what can I be?
Faith Builder
A Disturber and an Annoyer of the Devil's Kingdom
Faith Sucker
Long suffering

I think you get the idea.

What a great example this woman is to me! And I have never met her.

I wish I could go into more details about Reunion because it was literally my life for the past three+ months...but time will only permit a few shout outs.

For every event--I have the amazing ability/opportunity to work with Marin Barney! She is our, Heritage Makers Creative Director. I LOVE working with this woman! Not only can the girl design (and thank goodness because I do not) but she has GREAT work ethics and she is willing to give and go with the ideas one has invisioned. Not to mention that she has her own treasure chest of awesome ideas. Seriously, any marketing/creative time would be blessed to have her. BUT HA-- we have her so hence-- Heritage Makers is very blessed!

She won't want me to speak of her so highly, but I speak the truth. I love working with this woman.

When we did the site inspection we hashed out some ideas of what we could do for our five year time line. Of course Marin brought out her quick on the spot, brilliant ideas and we hashed out a plan to make an arch way going down a 16 1/2 wide walk area.

This photo makes me want to cry.

(Mind you, it was just taken off my phone and you really had to be there to feel the magnitude of the piece--) but Marin helped me through all of this.

The day before Reunion started, there Marin was going up and down the ladder with me. Until 2am something in the morning we worked, and again the next morning. I was able to work by her side or rather she always worked by my side for a long time. We were exhausted and I know her back was screaming slightly less then our feet were. A lot of work and hardly any zzz's but here my stalwart friend was--literately with me right to the end of this project.

I don't have words to express who this woman is. I love her as a daughter of God, a coworker, and a cherished friend.

And Susan, Don's wife, who literally was sent by God in helping with displays... and with everything else. I never asked her to do things, frankly I took them on as "my job"--and yet I would walk to the conference center in the early mornings before heading to the hotel to sleep to see my display carefully hidden away. And again, in the morning (mind you I go to things early) I would find that the blue fairy named Susan had already gone over and put out the displays again. I never asked her to do this. She would tell you it was no big deal and that it wasn't hard to do... but it was a big deal for me. I was deeply touched by her thoughtful kindness in looking for areas, where she could help out...

And Patti! That will have to be saved for a blog post soon.

While I am on the subject, the picture below is very important to me. These are not ALL the amazing people I work with at Heritage Makers, (wish I could add some others in there) but this group--we are unified as no team can be unified. There is mutual respect and admiration for one another. There is no animosity. There is support, encouragement, and power. There is no guile. We respect one another and believe in one another. And we work AWESOMELY well together!! How choice to have such an environment on a corporate level. Well-- on any level!

I know the power that comes from being one/and like minded in actions and in vision/follow through. This team is unified! And I praise God that I get to work with such people.

God is so good! The church is true.

I am trusting in Him.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

ARE YOU up for the CHALLENGE?! [Part 2]

Can you believe it?!! General Conference is right around the corner! There are 33 days in counting! Not sure if you took the Part 1 Challenge (click here) of reading the April 2011 Conference Ensign cover to cover--but regardless of whether you did it or not--IF you start tomorrow (Monday)-- there are 33 talks (not counting the YW meeting talks) and you will finish all the April Conference talks by Oct 1st. How perfect! A talk a day will keep Satan at bay! Ha ha, doesn't sound as good as "an apple a day..." but I think you get the idea.
What IS General Conference?! Click here.
How do I read April's talks? Click here.
Part 2 Challenge is to re-read, look over what you highlighted for the first time, or simply read a conference talk every day until conference. What will this do for you?! Well, I have no idea! :) --but I can tell you what it has done for me in the past. :D By going over the General Conference talks in preparation to listen/watch the next conference, I have witnessed a power come into my life. With April's conference I had prepared this way and my mind was not only enlightened, but my heart and mind, I felt, were more prepared to hear what God wanted ME to hear. My ability to overcome temptations has been strengthened. My eye has been able to stay fixed, my heart has had the daily constant reminders of what is most important. Am I perfect in all areas of life... ! HA, NO WAY and those that are closest to me can write you a list of my awesomely perfect weaknesses. But I can testify of the power of studying conference talks!!

I usually don't share my notes until Conference "eve", but in preparation of just rereading the conference talks-- here are some of my FAVORITE quotes from Part 1's challenge:
I can think of no better way for us to begin or continue to be an example of the believers than in our observance of the Sabbath day. --L. Tom Perry

Partaking of the sacrament is the center of our Sabbath day observance. --L. Tom Perry

...the adversary succeeds when we relax our commitment to the Savior, ignore His teachings in the New Testament and other scripture, and cease to follow Him. --L. Tom Perry

...the greatest joy we receive in this life is in following the Savior. ----L. Tom Perry

Through love the Savior was obedient to the will of the Father under any circumstance. Our Savior was obedient even when it meant great physical and emotional pain, even when it meant being whipped and mocked, even when it meant that His enemies would torture Him while His friends abandoned Him. --Walter F. González

Truly loving Christ provides the required strength to follow Him. --Walter F. González

The power of our covenants is greater than any challenge we face or we may face. --Walter F. González

Elder Orson F. Whitney wrote: “No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted. It ministers to our education, to the development of such qualities as patience, faith, fortitude, and humility. … It is through sorrow and suffering, toil and tribulation, that we gain the education that we come here to acquire.”1 -- Kent R. Richards

The Savior is not a silent observer. He Himself knows personally and infinitely the pain we face. -- Kent R. Richards

He [Jesus Christ] healed all that came to Him. None were turned away. -- Kent R. Richards

First, no woman should ever feel the need to apologize or feel that her contribution is less significant because she is devoting her primary efforts to raising and nurturing children. Nothing could be more significant in our Father in Heaven’s plan. Second, we should all be careful not to be judgmental or assume that sisters are less valiant if the decision is made to work outside the home. We rarely understand or fully appreciate people’s circumstances. Husbands and wives should prayerfully counsel together, understanding they are accountable to God for their decisions. --Quentin L. Cook

If you have been offended, forgive, forget it, and leave it alone. --Boyd K. Packer

If someone is looking for a church that requires very little, this is not the one. It is not easy to be a Latter-day Saint, but in the long run it is the only true course. --Boyd K. Packer

If you are carrying some burden, forget it, let it alone. Do a lot of forgiving and a little repenting, and you will be visited by the Spirit of the Holy Ghost and confirmed by the testimony that you did not know existed. You will be watched over and blessed—you and yours. --Boyd K. Packer

We have great cause for concern. But we do not need to let our fears displace our faith. We can combat those fears by strengthening our faith. --Russell M. Nelson

Obedience allows God’s blessings to flow without constraint. --Russell M. Nelson

When we are faithful, He [the Savior] and His angels will help us. --Russell M. Nelson
Unfailing faith is fortified through prayer. --Russell M. Nelson

How you deal with life’s trials is part of the development of your faith. Strength comes when you remember that you have a divine nature, an inheritance of infinite worth. --Russell M. Nelson

...there is great power and protection for us and our youth in establishing celestial traditions in the home. --Richard J. Maynes

...everyone has worth because we are all children of God. He knows us, loves us, and wants us to succeed and return to Him. We must learn to trust in His love and in His timing rather than in our own sometimes impatient and imperfect desires. --Cecil O. Samuelson Jr.

....we must learn to grow from our challenges and be grateful for the lessons learned that we cannot gain in an easier way. --Cecil O. Samuelson Jr.

Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions. The desires we act on determine our changing, our achieving, and our becoming. --Dallin H. Oaks

When we have a vision of what we can become, our desire and our power to act increase enormously. --Dallin H. Oaks

If our righteous desires are sufficiently intense, they will motivate us to cut and carve ourselves free from addictions and other sinful pressures and priorities that prevent our eternal progress. --Dallin H. Oaks

...above all else we will desire to become like Him so that one day we can return to His presence to receive the fulness of His joy. --Dallin H. Oaks

...the gospel of Jesus Christ is simple, no matter how much we try to make it complicated. We should strive to keep our lives similarly simple, unencumbered by extraneous influences, focused on those things that matter most. --M. Russell Ballard
When this pure love of Christ—or charity—envelops us, we think, feel, and act more like Heavenly Father and Jesus would think, feel, and act. Our motivation and heartfelt desire are like unto that of the Savior. --M. Russell Ballard

Where charity exists, there is no place for gossip or unkind words. --M. Russell Ballard

President Spencer W. Kimball said: “It is vital that we serve each other in the kingdom. … So often, our acts of service consist of simple encouragement or of giving … help with mundane tasks, but what glorious consequences can flow … from small but deliberate deeds!” (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Spencer W. Kimball [2006], 82). --M. Russell Ballard

The Lord is very generous to those who love Him, and He will open other doors for you.--Neil L. Andersen

The Savior lives. He will return to the earth. And whether on this side of the veil or the other, you and I will rejoice in His coming and thank the Lord that He sent us to earth at this time to fulfill our sacred duty of helping prepare the world for His return.--Neil L. Andersen

The spiritual journeys of today require no less hope or faith than those of the early pioneers. Our challenges may be different, but the struggles are just as great.--Steven E. Snow

It is my prayer that our hopes will lead to the fulfillment of our righteous dreams. I particularly pray our hope in the Atonement will strengthen our faith and charity and give us an eternal perspective of our future. --Steven E. Snow

...President Thomas S. Monson, explains: “The priesthood is not really so much a gift as it is a commission to serve, a privilege to lift, and an opportunity to bless the lives of others” (“Our Sacred Priesthood Trust,” Liahona and Ensign, May 2006, 57).--Larry M. Gibson

Service is the very foundation of the priesthood... --Larry M. Gibson

...go to the scriptures and discover for ourselves what our duties are. I suspect that many of us will be surprised—and inspired—by what we find. --Larry M. Gibson

Don’t let a day go by without doing something to act on the promptings of the Spirit.--Dieter F. Uchtdorf

If we are not seeking to use this channel [revelations of the Spirit] of revelation, we are living beneath our priesthood privileges. For example, there are those who believe but don’t know that they believe. They have received various answers by the still, small voice over an extended period of time, but because this inspiration seems so small and insignificant, they do not recognize it for what it really is. As a result, they allow doubts to keep them from fulfilling their potential as priesthood holders.--Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Let us earnestly seek the light of personal inspiration. Let us plead with the Lord to endow our mind and soul with the spark of faith that will enable us to receive and recognize the divine ministering of the Holy Spirit for our specific life situations and for our challenges. --Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Love invites the Holy Ghost to be present to confirm truth. And the joy of learning divine truths creates love in the hearts of people who shared the experience of learning. --Henry B. Eyring

What will protect you from the sin and evil around you? I maintain that a strong testimony of our Savior and of His gospel will help see you through to safety. If you have not read the Book of Mormon, read it. ... If you do so prayerfully and with a sincere desire to know the truth, the Holy Ghost will manifest its truth to you. If it is true—and it is—then Joseph Smith was a prophet who saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. --Thomas S. Monson

The Church is true. --Thomas S. Monson

The Savior of mankind described Himself as being in the world but not of the world.( See John 17:14; Doctrine and Covenants 49:5) We also can be in the world but not of the world as we reject false concepts and false teachings and remain true to that which God has commanded. --Thomas S. Monson

If you choose wisely and if you are committed to the success of your marriage, there is nothing in this life which will bring you greater happiness.--Thomas S. Monson

...may righteousness guide our every step as we journey through life.--Thomas S. Monson

The truth is, those who diligently seek to learn of Christ eventually will come to know Him. --Dieter F. Uchtdorf

If we ignore or block out the promptings of the Spirit for whatever reason, they become less noticeable until we cannot hear them at all.--Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“It has been my experience that some of the most powerful promptings we receive are not only for our own benefit but also for the benefit of others. If we are thinking only of ourselves, we may miss some of the most powerful spiritual experiences and profound revelations of our lives.” --Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Selfless acts of service and consecration refine our spirits, remove the scales from our spiritual eyes, and open the windows of heaven. By becoming the answer to someone’s prayer, we often find the answer to our own. --Dieter F. Uchtdorf

A pattern in the scriptures and in life shows that many times the darkest, most dangerous tests immediately precede remarkable events and tremendous growth. --Paul V. Johnson

In the midst of problems, it is nearly impossible to see that the coming blessings far outweigh the pain, humiliation, or heartbreak we may be experiencing at the time. --Paul V. Johnson

The Apostle Paul taught, “For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory” (2 Corinthians 4:17). It is interesting that Paul uses the term “light affliction.” This comes from a person who was beaten, stoned, shipwrecked, imprisoned, and who experienced many other trials (See 2 Corinthians 11:23–28). I doubt many of us would label our afflictions light. Yet in comparison to the blessings and growth we ultimately receive, both in this life and in eternity, our afflictions truly are light. --Paul V. Johnson

Sometimes we want to have growth without challenges and to develop strength without any struggle. But growth cannot come by taking the easy way. --Paul V. Johnson

Not one of the trials and tribulations we face is beyond our limits, because we have access to help from the Lord. We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us (See Philippians 4:13). --Paul V. Johnson

As sons and daughters of God, we cannot inherit the full measure of eternal life without being fully invested in caring for each other while we are here on earth. --H. David Burton

Since the foundation of the world, the cloth of righteous societies has ever been woven from the golden threads of charity. --H. David Burton

Self-reliance is the ability to provide the spiritual and temporal necessities of life for self and family. --Silvia H. Allred

The pure love of Christ is expressed as we give selfless service. Helping one another is a sanctifying experience which exalts the receiver and humbles the giver. It helps us become true disciples of Christ. --Silvia H. Allred

In many of the uncertainties and challenges we encounter in our lives, God requires us to do our best, to act and not be acted upon (see 2 Nephi 2:26), and to trust in Him. We may not see angels, hear heavenly voices, or receive overwhelming spiritual impressions. We frequently may press forward hoping and praying—but without absolute assurance—that we are acting in accordance with God’s will. But as we honor our covenants and keep the commandments, as we strive ever more consistently to do good and to become better, we can walk with the confidence that God will guide our steps. And we can speak with the assurance that God will inspire our utterances. This is in part the meaning of the scripture that declares, “Then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God” (D&C 121:45). --David A. Bednar

Those who understand the eternal blessings which come from the temple know that no sacrifice is too great, no price too heavy, no struggle too difficult in order to receive those blessings. There are never too many miles to travel, too many obstacles to overcome, or too much discomfort to endure. They understand that the saving ordinances received in the temple that permit us to someday return to our Heavenly Father in an eternal family relationship and to be endowed with blessings and power from on high are worth every sacrifice and every effort. --Thomas S. Monson

...there is no more important goal for you to work toward than being worthy to go to the temple.--Thomas S. Monson

Two of the vital pillars that sustain Father in Heaven’s plan of happiness are marriage and the family. --Richard G. Scott

Pure love is an incomparable, potent power for good. --Richard G. Scott

if we faithfully pay our tithing, we will not lack for the necessities of life, but He does not promise wealth. Money and bank accounts are not His richest blessings. --Carl B. Pratt

I have come to understand that the Lord’s richest blessings are spiritual, and they often have to do with family, friends, and the gospel. --Carl B. Pratt be good parents, one of the most important things we can teach our children is how to be more like the Savior. --Lynn G. Robbins

Let us not forget that even He had to suffer all things. --Benjamín De Hoyos

...if we place our confidence in the Lord, we will be sustained in all of our difficulties, our trials, and our afflictions (see Alma 36:3). --Benjamín De Hoyos

Immerse yourself in prayer and scripture study. As you do so, you will feel the sanctifying influence of the Spirit. --C. Scott Grow

If you are suffering from feelings of guilt or remorse, bitterness or anger, or loss of faith, I invite you to seek relief. Repent and forsake your sins. Then, in prayer, ask God for forgiveness. Seek forgiveness from those you have wronged. Forgive those who have wronged you. Forgive yourself.--C. Scott Grow

I believe that none of us can conceive the full import of what Christ did for us in Gethsemane, but I am grateful every day of my life for His atoning sacrifice in our behalf. -Thomas S. Monson

At the last moment, He could have turned back. But He did not. -Thomas S. Monson

Amazing stuff!! I know many quotes, and the format is a little off, but just skim if you need to! If you end up taking the challenge, you can find your own "favorites"!
HE Lives!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Matthew 13:31-32
...The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field:

Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof.
(And yes I know this is NOT a mustard seed, but I took this shot on a 4-wheeling ride up the canyon and it was beauitful--at least you get the idea = tree in a field. :D ! )
I must admit, I read these verses, thought a second on them, and kept on reading. When I read through Mark's account, and jumped back over to Matt, I was a little bummed with how non-insightful--or better, non-exciting, those verses had been. (They are common verses quoted.) I caught the wrongness of my thinking and decided to read them again. For surely the Lord has treasure in all of his words to be found. Sometimes one just must seek for it.

The field, my life/my earth life, is vast and has a huge spans of opportunity laid before me. I can "fill/sow" my field with whatever seeds I want.

The gospel of Jesus Christ can seem like a very small seed "the least of all seeds" (Matt 13:32) compared to the vast field before me. So many other seeds to plant. Entertainment, wealth, pleasure seeds to enjoy. So many things to occupy my field because the temptation is to think it is the "least" of my attention.
"But when it is sown, it groweth up, and becometh greater than all herbs, and shooteth out great branches; so that the fowls of the air may lodge under the shadow of it." (Mark 4:34)
What seems seemingly small and insignificant, ends up being the greatest of all things!

I must choose to sow/plant that "least of all seeds" and when I do--with proper care--it will become the GREATEST THING in my field! For it "becometh greater than all".

Do these scriptures just not ring out with where my focus and desires should really be?!

The spirit poured into me as I thought of the possibilities, the joy for deciding to have such a seed/tree occupy ones field.

A field is: an expanse of open or cleared ground, especially a piece of land suitable or used for pasture or tillage ( Open, cleared grown... SUITABLE for pasture or tillage. I get to choose what seeds I fill my field with...!

May I not pass off the "least of all seeds" to be the "lease in my life". For if it is planted and cared for, it will become the center/gathering place/the greatest thing in my field.

Matthew 13:44
Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.
Did you catch that?! "for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath" to buy the field. Does he sell all he has because the treasure he found had already brought joy and that "joy" is why he was willing to sell everything and buy the field OR does he sell all for/to have joy?! Interesting thought of which joy on the front end or the obtaining end motivated the giver up of everything! But even if he tasted at first, or could view the joy others have when in the field with the treasure == the gospel IS/BRINGS joy!

Matthew 13:33
...The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.
(Thanks Jess for the the bread pic!)
My mind replaced leaven with "the gospel" and later, with the words "Jesus Christ" but the word "leaven" can be replaced with any gospel word...

The woman took the gospel and hid it in three measures of meal. Can you imagine if you took yeast/leaven and just hid it in the corner of your "meal" - your loaves would look pretty sad and not great like the ones above. But if you hide the yeast=mix it throughout all the meal, the meal becomes whole and raised up. Ex: When you mix salt in with flour, if the salt is hid throughout the whole mixture, you will not be able to separate the flour from the salt nor see the areas that just show salt, because it has now become "part" of the flour.

If I then, take the gospel and mix it into every part of my "life=meal"--EVERY PART OF MY LIFE WILL BE WHOLE! Every part of my life will be "raised up"/ "filled" / "expanded".

So is the principle true if I take Jesus Christ, and mix him into all ares of my life, my daily thoughts, actions, words, deeds, desires-- my daily life will be filled. My daily life will be whole! That isn't to say that someone or something comes in my "whole" day and does some punching down...but yeast/Gospel/Christ can help us rise again.

Temptation and trials are all part of this earth life, but the secret to being made whole--is to mix in the gospel/Jesus Christ into every part of life. That the greatest thing that could possibly be in my field, may seem like the "least" of my focus or attentions--but really it should be my greatest focus because it will become the greatest of all things and is/will bring joy!

I was so excited after being filled with these already "duh" truths, but deep truths/personal revelation for me personally on what I should have in my field and mixed through my "meal".

I ran to Patti's office to make her have a "devotional" at 9pm last night. One, I love sharing things with my folks and Patti, but two, the selfish side of me thought that if I could just share with someone what I had just been given--I wouldn't have to spend the time blogging about it! ;) Looks like God had other plans! ha ha. I felt like I wanted to shout it from the rooftops.

May I not forsake what might seem like a "least" of my earth life functions/choice nor hide it in just a portion of my meal... but rather when mixed in fully/planted truly will become the greatest thing to make me whole and to bring me/make me joy!

As a side note, I have been deeply overcome with gratitude for those I get to associate with and work with. We are all pulling crazy hours for Reunion and no job is less needed then the others. But I must say that those I work with are incredible! Women and men with integrity, good hearts, positive natures...!

Here are Don, Lynda and Marin slaving over the magazine edits. Lots with less then a five finger count in the amount sleep they get every evening for the last few weeks/months. And Patti, Brytt right there along with this team...Ryan with his inspired cheerfulness and light "giving" heart--Jenna, Shani, Cortney and all of CS who work so hard.... I work with great people, but not only them, I need to give a shout out to West Pro--who has a whole team there that whenever I leave working with Steve, Rox, and their warehouse crew I seriously leave their building praising God that I am allowed to work with such good people! Honest people.

Yesterday I left their parking lot with the truck filled with 14+ big boxes for things for next week. Literally almost two months worth of ideas, designs and production in the back of the truck.

I called into Cort and asked her to open the shipping doc so I could unload the truck. Normally I would round up guys to help unload heavy boxes, but we all have been working tirelessly for our big event and I didn't want to stop anyone's work flow. So I backed the truck in and started throwing the boxes (yes throwing because they were too heavy to want to hold for long periods of time and yes I am somewhat of a wimp! ;)) onto the landing doc. I had no more than three boxes on there when I see Xavier leaping onto the truck at the same time asking me what I was doing by myself!
He started helping me with the boxes. I told him I didn't want to bother anyone because they are all busy, (mind you Xavier works clear across the warehouse, in order to get to the truck I was on, he would have had to run to come help with as quick as he showed up.)

He scolded me a bit, but lovingly/selflessly helped me get the boxes on the dock. Xavier and I have been friends for several years now and he has a wonderful wife and great family. He is a devoted man to Jesus Christ. His action, (and I kid you not when I say everyone at work has full plates right now) was so kind to come and help.

I know that not all work environments are like this and I know that I am very blessed to get to work with good people! I just want the world to know that I KNOW I am blessed with amazing co-workers! And a Boss/President who leads our company with bended knee to God and a listening heart. Oh I just love my team! I love working with people who serve/love so freely. It is refreshing! It is contagious. Good hearts!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


(Sorry this published/posted without being finished. Hit the wrong key! This is the "real" post. Sorry!)

As I was saying my prayers, over and over I felt the need to blog a great treasure I found in the scriptures this evening when I was studying.

I was reading through the different accounts of Jairus's daughter. There are so many things to take from this reading of this faithful ruler of a synagogue. His 12 year old, only daughter, was dieing. He sought out the Savior, fell at his feet and asked the Savior to come to his home and "lay thy hands on [his daughter], that she may be healed; and she shall live." Mark 5:23.

Love the faith of this father! And what an example for any of us with a loved one that is dying spiritually--that we seek out the Savior in our own lives and when He is present (because we go to where he is) we can fall and plead that he go to the aid of the one we love. This principle of first coming to the Savior was described masterfully by Elder Holland. I know I have shared it before, but I don't think it can be shared enough. He said:
He [Jesus Christ] is saying to us, “Trust me, learn of me, do what I do. Then, when you walk where I am going,” He says, “we can talk about where you are going, and the problems you face and the troubles you have. If you will follow me, I will lead you out of darkness,” He promises. “I will give you answers to your prayers. I will give you rest to your souls.” (emphasis added)
Jesus arose and followed Jairus! (Jairus first "came" to Christ, and then they could travel together... so profound.)

But as they went the crowd crowded Jesus. And any quickened steps they were taking, were slowed down. I wonder if Jairus was tempted to be irritated or worried because his daughter was already dieing. I thought of those great times one asks for a blessing, and sometimes the person in need of the blessing has to wait for the hands to come. This was an interesting thought for me. I am one that when a blessing is needed by anyone, I like to "jump" on the action asap, but this good Father that had to "wait"/not get somewhere as soon as he may have liked, had to wait. The Priesthood holder, Jesus Christ, was on his way, but was detained. But detained or not, the "priesthood power" was still on it's way. What an insight into waiting on the need of someone else, especially when it is crisis mode... and that it can still be okay!

The beauitful miracle of the woman with the issue of blood--touching the hem of the Savior is played out while the Savior is being crowded by folks. This story alone is beauitful with deep insights but will have to wait for another time.

When the miracle with the woman with blood is complete, a messenger comes to Jairus and tells him that his daughter is already dead. Basically, "Don't bother about bringing Jesus, there is no reason to now". (Obviously that is my Bryndi lingo.) The scriptures in Mark, & Luke say that Jesus heard this comment. And as soon as he heard the comment he told Jairus to "Be not afraid, only believe"(Mark 5:36) "...and she shall be made whole."(Luke 8:50)

The scripture in Mark says, "As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken" about the girl dieing, he told Jairus to not fear. But was there a long enough break in the comment from the messenger to the time the Savior states for Jairus to not fear, for Jairus's mind to sink into disappointment/heartache and possible temptation to think, "had we just hurried around the crowed we might have gotten there...!" who knows?! But interesting thought what test just hearing the news brought to Jairus's faith.

They get to Jairus's home and find people are "making noise" (Matt). Christ tells them to stop morning "for the maid is not dead, but sleepeth." The people just laughted at the Savior because they "knew" she was dead. To them the words from the Savior must have been obserd/foolishness.

The Savior "put"'s [kicks] the scorners out. Then with the faith of the parents, Peter, James, and John, he takes the maiden by the hand and tells her to arise and she arises.

BEAUTIFUL story no!!!?! :)

...but here comes an even more beautiful insight for me!!

Once the daughter was commanded to arise... "...her spirit came again, and she arose straightway: and he [Christ] commanded to give her meat." (Luke 8:55). In Mark the Savior commanded "...that something should be given her to eat." This is deep.

The Father seeks out the Savior, arrives where he is, and seeks the help for a loved one. The Savior goes to the rescue. The daughter dies before the Savior gets there. The Savior comes into her home, takes her hand and "her spirit [comes back] again." Then the Savior commands for her to be given something to eat, and not just "anything" to eat, but particularly that she should have meat.

SYMBOLICALLY--we first, as Enos did when he worked on getting himself alined with God, then, when he was "good" with God, he had the desire for the welfare of his bretheren and sought out blessings for them in prayer. He first went to the Savior--then once there, could discuss the needs of others. Perhaps someone we love is dieing spiritually. Is falling off the path, refuses to hold the iron rod, and/or is "feeling" their way to the great and spacious building. We seek the Savior, by first making sure He is in our own life (this is done by praying, reading the scriptures, going to church, serving, etc) and seek for His "hands" to be laid on the person whom we love who is "dieing"/already dead, or perhaps never really been "alive" in this earth life in the first place.

Sometimes the process of the Savior coming into the person's life, might take time... and on that road, we may feel or find out the person has actually completely "died spiritually". Temptations of hopelessness, grief, sorrow, regret, resentment, sadness, bitterness, anger for that person to ever be made alive again may come tempting...thoughts about how the loved one has/had been sick too long, and for whatever reason, whether they didn't know the gospel, had it to a point but forsook it or didn't want it in the first place--they "died" while we were on our journey rushing to bring the Savior to them. We must/need to take on the Savior's advice to not fear, but only believe in a hope for them to "become" alive.

But our awesome Father has a great plan. And regardless of the "time" *prayers, pleading, fasting to have the Savior come and "lay" his hands upon the person we love--God's timing is perfect! And their spirit can come back again! They can be made whole!

A very important KEY AFTER someone has Christ enter, or come back into their life, is the commandment the Savior gives right after the spirit was restored to Jairus's daughter! The person who is now "alive" (whether alive again or for the "first" time) with "Christ"...NEEDS/MUST be fed!!! And not just anything, but they must be fed with "meat"=substance!

When someone has Christ brought into their life, and they are made "alive" and arise to higher standards/ways of life then they were (remember, he took her from where she was laying, by the hand, and commanded her to arise. Whether she was on the floor, or a bed, just sitting up would bring her to a "higher" place then she had previously been in when she was in her "dead" position.

From Mark's account Jairus's daughter not only arose, but she walked! Even if she was a short 12 year-old say even just 4 feet tall... spiritually speaking, her arising and walking brought her 4 feet higher "closer to God" then she had previously been!

When someone has the gospel and principles of truth enter their life, and it causes their actions to come up/arise even four feet closer to the Savior/Heavenly Father-- WE must be prepared to feed them immediately! Feed that person who has just "awaken" with a calling, with love, with challenges in the gospel. WITH GOSPEL MEAT!

I pondered over what they might have given this girl to eat. Did they have something on hand, or did they quickly, with time and effort, prepare food for her. Either way, the preparation needed to follow the commandment of giving her something to eat was there! And a body recently "raised" brought closer to Christ, is immediately in need of spiritual MEAT!!!!!!!! Even with the spirit of the gospel breathed into our souls--that spirit/truths can not be sustained without "meat"!

Jairus's daughter, her father nor the Savior, could/can force her to actually "eat" the food, she still has to choose to do so. But we are commanded that food/meat be given, and from someone who has just been previously absent from "spiritually living", I think most occasions, the newly spirit/light receiving individual will notice the hunger and the need for that meat, and such a person is most likely to "gobble" whatever is given to them right up! They still have the choice of eating it or not, but may be be prepared in serving them rich substance... a buffet line of truths, love, compassion, service, callings, support--serving them food that will keep them alive in Christ!

Oh for visiting & home teachers! Oh to all brothers and sisters in the gospel! Oh when someone comes back, or for the first time--whatever amount of rising they do, may I be prepared to give them "meat"!

I don't know if I am making any clear ideas on this, but so strong are/were the impressions of this beauitful insight...

We must feed right away, those that arise in any level to their commitments/desires of being like/coming to Christ.

Jesus is the Christ!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true!

Literally--onward and upward--brings one to Christ! And Gospel Meat is what keeps us on that onward and upward path! Ironic little circle!

"...her spirit came again, and she arose straightway: and he commanded to give her meat."

Sunday, August 7, 2011


This guy in my ward (I will just call him "Jack" for this) shared a pretty awesome story that I felt I should share.

Jack and his buddies (this past week I believe) were up Hobble Creek Canyon long boarding down a hill they had not tried before. Jack's friend biffed it and landed on his face. There was blood everywhere.

Jack and his other friend put their injured friend in the back of the car and sped the long 40 min ride to the nearest hospital.

The kid hit his face pretty bad and could not remember anything... who he was, what had happened or even that he was a returned missionary. Jack, sitting in the front, lowered his chair and placed his hands on his friend's head (covered by a towel because of all the blood) and gave him a priesthood blessing.

The injured kid came to enough to know that he was covered in blood and asked why he was so bloody. He then asked if he had been wearing a helmet, which he had been--probably the only thing that saved his life, and then he asked if he got a blessing. Jack told his buddy that he had given him one, to which the kid responded, "Are you worthy?"! The question startled Jack for he was not expecting such a question in such a crisis, but he responded back to his buddy that "Yes" he was worthy.

The whole 40 min rush to the hospital, even though this injured kid could not recall what happened or who he was, he kept repeating the same four questions over and over:
Why am I all bloody?
Was I wearing a helmet?
Did I get a blessing?
Are you worthy?
Jack said he has never been so scared in his life... but he then testified of the truthfulness of the priesthood and how thankful he was that he had been worthy to give a priesthood blessing.

The story really touched me and made me think of my girlfriend who got in a pretty serious car accident. Her friend had been driving. He was okay, but she was really messed up and could not move. Help took a little while to come and she pleaded for her friend to give her a blessing... to which he responded that he could not, he was not worthy. She cried and asked over and over in the drama of the accident, "I need a blessing? Why have you not lived worthy? Why?". Help came and she was later given a blessing in the hospital.

The ensign article from this or last month--was shared about a woman who got in a wreck, and some random guy came to her window, not even knowing if he was a member, the first thing she asked for was a blessing and the man responded that he would and he did.

All three of these stories, I loved that all three people turned/sought out a blessing. Especially this kid long boarding that could not even remember who he was or what had happened. But out of the four questions he asked- Did I get a blessing? Are you worthy?! Surely the angels must have rejoiced that his spirit brought to the surface what principles that must have been imbedded as truth previously--so that at a moment of crisis the "well" to draw from was already filled! The kid in my ward shared with how sweet it was to know that he was worthy to give a blessing at such a moment of crisis.

Like a thief in the night we are told is when the Savior will come. No man knows the hour or the day, but like the 10 virgins we must be prepared and worthy with our promises to God. In keeping our covenants and commitments to him. None of us know when we will be called upon to serve someone at a "critical" moment in their life or at a pivotal moment in our own lives. Whether it is giving a blessing, being a listening ear, visiting/home teaching, following impressions... Like a thief in the night, or a ray that bursts through a blackened cloud--the sudden, with only a moment's notice, we never know when we will need to act. ... may we all strive to live worthy so we can, or rather, that God can act through us!!

Amen to the priesthood of God! Amen to men who live worthy and can call down the powers of heaven when needed. Amen to men who know that it is not them, but the Power of God working through/in them. Amen to men who are willing to serve with/in the priesthood. Amen to the women who have faith to ask for blessings. Amen to wives who sustain, support, and caringly (not a word I know, but it totally works! use your imagination) support the priesthood in not just in the home, but in the church. Amen for repentance and God's merciful plan in helping us readjust our life if there is a need to readjust so we can be worthy at a moment's notice.

In a moment of crisis, where will we turn? To ourselves, to the world, or to our God?

I pray I may be like the kid long boarding, my friend, and the woman from the Ensign. May I ever be filling my well, that when my physical body/brain doesn't know what to do, my spirit can jump in! May I be like this kid from my ward, that at a moment's notice, he was living in such a way, that he could be God's instrument.

Maybe this blog should have been titled, "At a moment's notice"... :)

My heart is full!

Friday, August 5, 2011


About a month or so ago I went to a fireside of a woman I dearly cherish. I was so excited for this fireside! Ha, that is an understatement.

When the speaker came in and she was trying to set up her presentation I noticed how much older she had become. I thought her makeup did not help the years--she seemed to appear more skeleton like with a covering. I then wondered all she has been through with her un-weary service to make her physically "tired".

The meeting finally began after lots of technical difficulties. Many things she started to share, I had heard before but I loved that the girls that came and met me were hearing the info for the first time. She took a hand mike and with over 800 girls spilling into two chapels and rooms, she walked through the audience asking questions and fielding comments.

A little over half way through her talk, I was startled a little at the realization.... I looked at her and surely I was not looking at the same woman?! Her makeup was beautiful, her face filled with "light"--literally. She was beautiful! I scolded, as i had early when I had the unkind thought of how tired she looked, myself for not noticing her physical beauty before the meeting started. And when I say that she was beautiful, she WAS! Her whole presence was filled with radiance. What had changed? Had I just "fallen" in love per-say more with who she was/is during the talk?

I thought it was a strange thing that had just happened. I have experienced change in people's voices with blessings given before, but not with physical features.

The meeting ended and eventually my sister-in-law and I walked out to the parking lot apparently we have the best ankles and arms in the valley because it seemed every mosquito in area had a "feast" on us! ;)

As she and I were chatting about the meeting and the things said, I told her how I had had the thought at the beginning of the meeting about how "rundown" the speaker was, but that through the talk, I found that she "had become" the most beautiful person a person could be! My sister-in-law shared that she had had the exact same experience and thoughts! What was it?!

We concluded that: the spirit makes one beautiful! Regardless of physical looks, when one has the spirit, one becomes all the more beautiful! *Does this mean she "didn't" have the spirit when she came in? No, I am not saying that. If anything, I didn't with my judging thought! But when she was testifying of truth--the spirit's job--the spirit filled her being all the more!

Perhaps this is just another reason to have the spirit in dating life!! ;) The spirit can make you or the one you are dating more beautiful! ;)

Valuable lessons learned.

Monday, August 1, 2011


So put a five mile run,

16 mile bike ride

and a 600 something swim
-- Besides being all wet and exhausted... gives you a very smiley 230G triathlon finisher!!!

Sam, decided to do his first ever triathlon this past weekend! He was so excited it was like watching a kid at Christmas. He could hardly wait for the big day. And I could hardly wait for him to have his big day! He was out to do his best and if that came with winning, well he would take that too!

The running was no problem for Sam. The biking--he would have liked to have been on a road bike, but he did great. Then came the challenge of the swim. Sam has never really taken lessons on swimming, so that was not his favorite challenge. His poor goggles could not keep a seal--which made swimming even less desirable. At the end of every lap, he had to re-adjust his goggles--dumping out all the water. Here he is working up the strength to go through the laps yet again.
Every time he would come to the end of the Lap, exhausted and tired he just kept saying he would finish--he wouldn't give up.

He was so exhausted, and I wanted to "rescue" him. Paola mentioned maybe someone could take his place. And the love I have for this kid was almost enough to wipe away every ounce of pride at being seen in "wet" clothes and dive in and take over his . But Sam didn't sign up for a team. He had to do this one on his own.

When Sam would reach a new lap--I decided that if he had to stop or look up, I wanted him to see my squatting face down next to the water. I tried of thinking of funny hymns to sing to him like "we are all enlisted til the conflict is through" and "Master the tempest is raging" ... but it was so loud in the pool that it didn't work out so well. ;) I am sure I was entertaining to the other observers!

There I was, admiring my friend's tired determination to finish the race. So all I was left/could do was cheer, make sure Sam saw I was watching/believing in him, and a WHOLE LOT of praying! I wasn't praying because I didn't think he couldn't do it. But rather, I knew he could and would. So I prayed for him to be strengthened.

Sam eventually finished those pain making laps. Cramps/mushy legs and all. He got out of the pool. He jogged to the end!

Perhaps the Savior wanted me to get a taste of how He feels. He, who has run the path, biked the way, and has swam the course- He too knows He can't take our place. Getting through this earth's course has to be done physically ourselves... He cannot vicariously do it "for" us, but the Savior, knowing we can do it cheers us on and prays for us and not because He doesn't think we can't make it, but rather because He knows we can and we will. He is there to strengthen us in the hearing and in the doing.

I have been studying about Christ's words about the hearers and the doers of the word. It is one thing to hear, which lets face it, sometimes we don't want to "hear" want we need to hear. Whether commandments to keep, commitments to start, habits to break or actions to take--hearing is one thing. And the actual "doing" of what we hear/know is entirely a whole other thing.

Right before the Sermon on the Mount - the Savior "...went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him" Matt 5:1. The account then goes into Christ's beautiful teachings. Luke's account before the sermon on the Mount gives some more to chew on...
Luke, 6:12-13, 17.
"... he went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God.

And when it was day, he called unto him his disciples...
And he came down with them, and stood in the plain, and the company of his disciples, and a great multitude of people... came to hear him, and to be healed of their diseases"
Christ went up into a mountain. He prayed all night long. He called his disciples to him. They heard and doing, must have gone because it says "he came down with them and stood in the plain" (emphasis added.)

Perhaps, when we decide to follow Christ, to give up our wills, not not only be a hearer, but a doer of whatever is required... When He calls--we make the journey to "higher" ground. We make covenants, in the temple, we commit to give up our very natural man. Surely being on top of the mountain with the Savior was a choice experience. He had just been praying all through the night. How the atmosphere must have been! But then, seeing others who have not yet climbed the mountain, but have at least trecked to a plain--we go to the plain where they are at. To be tools for God, agents to help them be made whole. But we don't do that work alone, for Christ, goes "down with [us]".

Everyone must start somewhere. To hear the word--just opening up their scriptures, saying a prayer, or checking out church. They "come" to a plain. They still had to make the treck that far. How merciful that God lets us start in the "plains" of our commitment to Him. He doesn't make us go to the top of the mountain in order to be healed! He meets us on the plains of life! He condescends to be with us. And why? Greater love hath no man then this!

How beautiful to experience what we do in the house of God, and then, come down to the "plains" of mortality and walk with others hand in hand as we ascend back to our Maker together! Christ allows us the taste of sweet heights, but expects us, endowed with those heights/covenants to walk the plains with others and help them come to the mountain's top!

...He can't swim the course for us, but He who has swam the course before, reassures us we can and will do it!

There are lots of thoughts that go with this--but for another time.

Thanks Sam for your determination and for finishing the course! I have new admiration for Ali and Meg and all those who do triathlons for "the fun of it". I still think you are all crazy, but what you accomplish and don't quit in the process-- is amazing!