Thursday, May 15, 2014


This touched me! God--preparing 17 from China to be leaders for that country when the doors are flung wide open!!

I am thankful for Mr. Dashing! He taught CPR to the WY last night. I was suppose to be his "dummy" but it was totally out of my comfort zone to lay down in front of any group--but he had so kindly helped with all of babysitting, set up and take down for the RS meeting this week so in so many ways I owed him the favor back.

I was dreading it. I didn't get to see him until I reached the church, pretty sure my face was already blushing from the thought of having to be the "dummy". To my GREAT surprise and HUGE relief--Mr. Dashing came up with and made a Mr. Wilson so I didn't have to be the victim.

Greater love have no husband than this!!

 Thank you my Handsome man and THANK you Mr Wilson. He even came with a bucket in the chest so that when the girls pressed down it sounded like they were working on a "real" CPR dummy.

Oh my smarty pants Mr. Dashing! Thanks babe for saving my cheeks HOURS of uncomfortable redness. :) Love you!

Happiness is living in such a day when the gospel is being preached everywhere!
I am grateful for ANYONE who assists God in His hastening. I have been witness of several amazing sisters this week who selflessly serve and give of themselves, even when it is not the most comfortable thing.