Saturday, April 30, 2011


My heart is full. This morning was an amazing trip to the temple. An anticipated trip that has been hoped for and worked for. Choice choice people. As we sat in the baptistery I just wept and remembered the words from Alma:
And behold, when I see many of my brethren truly penitent, and coming to the Lord their God, then is my soul filled with joy; then do I remember what the Lord has done for me, yea, even that he hath heard my prayer; yea, then do I remember his merciful arm which he extended towards me.
Seeing them [anyone committed to living the gospel/turning their life over to God/trusting Him], then is MY soul filled with joy! Then do I REMEMBER WHAT the Lord has done for ME! Even that He hath heard MY prayer, and it is THEN (because seeing "them") do I remember His merciful arm which He extended/s towards ME. Choice morning this morning. Thank you Micarie!

Monday was sweet as I met the Ortiz's at the temple. Sister Ortiz could not remember the last time she and her husband were able to be in the temple together for a session. The spirit was sweet. My mom's eye was healed quite miraculously and she was able to come be with us as well. It was choice to be around people that I love. This life is about experiences says my wise sister-in-law Jinger. God will not force us to have "choice" moments. But my experience has been that He provides a WHOLE LOT, IF we choose to partake of such moments.

As I came into the locker room I felt impressed that I needed to make a covenant with the Lord. Interestingly, we are taught that a covenant is a two way promise. Something you promise to do and something someone else promises to do. I felt impressed to covenant something to the Lord--but I have no idea what His covenant was back--but it didn't matter. A covenant for me goes so much deeper than word. I may say I will do something, keep a commitment, and no excuses, but things may come up. I am going to study morning and night, get up by 5, sleep by 10, and although I say it, and intend to keep my designed schedule, stuff happens. (And I am SINGLE! I hear when you are a mom just chuckle at getting to "have" a schedule for "you".) With a covenant, at least for me, there is a greater mental effort to keep such a promise. So when the impression came to make the covenant, I knew that I was going into COMPLETE commitment. I knelt in my locker room, and covenanted to the Lord. I knew completely what I was fully promising to do. IMMEDIATE PEACE! The turmoil, the wishwashyness that I am too often good at doing with commitments/vanished. This amazing freedom washed over me. I covenanted. The Lord knew it, and I knew it, and I KNEW/KNOW I will not break such an oath. Pure freedom. Light! Like the kite that has the string attached that now can soar greater heights.

Yes, one may say, Bryndi, you made covenants when you were baptized. You have been through the temple you make covenants there. Every Sunday I renew covenants in the sacrament. Why was this random covenant different?! Well perhaps it shouldn't have been, but like someone captive in the chains of a sin, I felt to sing ever lasting praises to God. Freedom, I felt freedom. Perhaps, those other commitments are not necessarily things I fight and struggle with--so to recognize the significance of their sweetness, because I feel no bitter trying to keep them, makes them still sweet but... Oh the sweetness making a covenant over something that my natural man had before brought so much bitterness. My lack of keeping a commitment was great bitter. But with a covenant, I will not break it--so therefore the sweetness of knowing/having to be committed because of a covenant has filled my bitter with peace. With joy! I feel liberated!

Now, just because I am completely committed in what I covenanted to do, does this mean I get to escape Satan's temptations and all the wailing from the devil? Absolutely not, but like Sheri Dew once said that there is power in making covenants with the Lord. Spiritual Power. This week, I have tasted such power.

Well, my heart is full. I know in whom I trust. I have a somewhat new, profound, realization with what making convents with the Lord can do. THEY CAN MAKE ONE FREE! One doesn't need to guess with how they will react with the temptation comes, for the covenant makes them "sure and steadfast". Can, make them immovable. Thus--Freedom. Liberation. No longer held captive by the "chance" of being wishywashy/non-committed. Freedom!

Now of course to work on my daily one of taking His name upon me, keeping His commandments and "always" remembering Him....

ALWAYS a work in progress. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


"And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together." John 4:36
Now I must admit, at first I didn't think this seemed like the set up was fair. Why would anyone choose to be a sower over a reaper? Why would they rejoice together? Would one be jealous of the "work" the other was called to do? Why would a sower rejoice when a reaper got to "see" all the fruit/yielding of the sows work? A reaper must harvest and store/take care of the pickings. How profound the thoughts are of why both would rejoice together?

As I read these words last night, my mind was filled with beauitful logic..

If someone sows something, they have had to cultivated the soil/worked hard to prepare the earth for the seed: clearing weeds/grass/bushes/stumps, taking out the rocks. They would have to know the season and the time when the seed needed to be planted. After the seeds are planted, there is constant caring for the earth that holds that seed. Little by little, the seed may take start and grow. But the sower might not get to see the "fruit" for years to come. If they plant a peach tree from a seed, it will take some time to become a seedling, and then years for that seedling to become a young tree, then pruning, and finally years worth of time until the tree is mature enough to bare fruit. And often times the start of the fruit is just a few pieces on the tree. Not much to offer--all the young tree's energy goes to developing those few pieces of fruits. If that sower moves away or is taken down another path, often times that fruit will never be a reality for that sower who so tenderly planted and cared for the tree.


There is a time to reap. Pauly calls me over in the summer and tells me when the berries are on so I can come and pick them. There are times when I have reached deep into the bush of the raspberries and have found a beauitful ripe berry, next to a small, still growing green one, and even on the same vine I will find a handful of shriviled up dry ones. If one is a berry picker, for several weeks, in order to pick the berries at their prime moment, one would benefit from checking the vine morning and night. Reaping a garden is a constant effort. President Eyring talks about short havests and long harvests. Winter squash does not come into bloom in June, but takes all summer to develop and provide hearty squash that if kept somewhere cold and dark, can be stored up and enjoyed all winter. (I better stop here before I offend real gardeners with my lack of knowledge and before non-gardeners give me credit for being a "knowledgeable" gardener.) ! Uncle Paul and Marsh are the current garden growers in the family..! ;)

"...both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together." Doesn't say separately, but rejoicing together. I think I understand a portion of Christ's profound statement.

Adam, Noah, Abraham--all these wonderful prophets, who "sowed" seeds of truth--they all testified that Jesus Christ would come and would atone for all mankind. Nephi, and Lehi, Mosiah and Alma, also testified. Sowed seeds of faith. They, in physical earth life, yes through visions, but in their mortal life, like the sowers they were, were putting seeds into the hearts of men preparing them to believe on and in Jesus Christ. They were in the beginning dispensations of this earth life.

Christ is born, the law of Moses is fulfilled. Apostles and prophets on the earth. Truths rejected, seeds planted so long ago, remain dormant. Darkness, black abyss, no priesthood power on the earth... No way for people to receive the gift of the holy ghost. Beautiful light, Jospeh Smith, in the woods, two members of the God head seen and surely the third member ever present testifying to Joseph Smith's heart. Glorious light and truth. We have a father in Heaven, and He sent his son Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son--he sent Him to live, atone, die, and live again so that we might all live. The fullness of the gospel here on the earth.

Rejoice TOGETHER--!
Those sowers, who worked so long, who kept scroll, who etched on plates of gold, on plates of brass. Seeds planted, a hoped for, prayed for harvest to come in the souls of men. So many sowers, so much faith. Now a field of white. Berries, ripening. Fruit and vegetables can and DO mature--and there is a prime time for cultivating and harvesting. And once something is harvested/reaped, there must be time in preserving. Something left on the vine/branch/stem/dirt, kept as long as the root source can keep it, but if not reaped/harvested--will fall, will be eaten by bugs, will decay and wither. The Sowers truly have planted and have worked the ground work for a magnificent harvest! What better, choice nutrients given then the Bible and The Book of Mormon, prophets, apostles, priesthood, temples... etc! Never in the history of the earth has the ability to nourish sowed seeds been so great. Never has there been a great time for reapers.

I rejoice in those who sowed with never seeing. Who sowed with an eye of faith, keep that eye single to God's glory. For sowers, who so depend on reapers to do their part. And for reapers, who day by day check/search and seek out the ripe and ready. They pick, they harvest, and diligently prepare. When they see a "fruit" still in "ripening" process, they wait, they watch and tenderly look over, pray for the day when the fruit will be fully ripe, and if God is willing, pluck a sweet, choice fruit.

Oh the rejoicing--for the reaper needed(s) the sower and the sower needed(s) the reaper. And both.. "rejoice together".

My heart is full.

My ultimate goal is to help others partake of His fruit... the tree of life, one who's fruit is most desirable above all things, most joyous to the soul (1 Nephi 11:22-23), which fruit makes one happy (1 Nephi 8:10). Oh to the Lord of the harvest... "Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee--how great Thou art...HOW GREAT--THOU ART..!" (Marshyl's family night sketch of the Tree of life."

"Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.

"Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.

"And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together." John 4:34-36 (emphasis added.)
...What is your "meat"?...

Jesus is the Christ.


Saturday, April 9, 2011


So I LOVE President's Monson's autobiography, "To The Rescue"! Besides just being an amazing book truly through example of the Prophet's life one is taught "how" to become like Christ... there was/is an underlining theme... When God teaches President Monson through life experiences President Monson notices/observes, contemplates, learns, and applies. He talks about how the "lesson" (whatever God had him observe) was not lost on him.

I try to take a picture when God has allowed me to learn something. Not always do I document them, but I sure try to take a picture of why that moment meant so much to me/and what God taught me through it/with it.

These are just random, not in any order, lessons that have not been lost on me.


After several years of my dad seeing that I would have a towel on my counter to dry items--he bought me a drying rack for Christmas.

After a good month of using the drying rack I made my breakfast shake, which has been a year long habit, and rinsed out the blender and placed it upside down on the counter top--! (Notice that there is plenty of room in the rack but out of habit, I placed it next to the sink where it could dry out a little.) I laughed that even after a month of faithfully using the rack, out of a quick habit/not thinking I went back to the way I used to dry my blender. How often does God provide me something better in life--insight, direction, friends, tools, drying rack/whatever, and me in my quickness and hurry revert without even thinking to past habits/forget the tool?

The other day I was in my mom's bathroom and noticed this box of Denture "stuff". I did a double take because no one in my family has dentures. I pondered why my mom might have the box, and then the thought of her retainers that she wares at night came to my mind. Over time retainers can become crusty white from the saliva in the mouth, and it dawned on me that my mom was using the Denture cleaner to clean her retainers! How brilliant she was/is! God provides unexpected means to accomplish tasks. I know this is a duh-, but truly who would have thought to buy denture cleaner!?!


While staying in New Jersey with Sister and Brother Ortiz, on the second morning, I was quite in a hurry to get out the door to meet Marcel. There was a knock at my bedroom door and there was Sister Ortiz with a homemade shake ready for me to drink. I thanked her and she left the room to allow me to get finished getting ready. How thoughtful--I didn't ask, and yet she perceived that I was in a hurry and so made me something that I could eat/drink quickly. What a sweetheart!

As I was walking into a hospital, I notice what appeared to be an adult daughter, tenderly helping (who I assume was her dad/relative) to sit on the park bench. She assisted him very carefully and then told him that she would be back. This man was smiling from ear to ear.

I pondered over what it must be like to be older, and have to be cared for--having lived a life of choices and whatever level of independence, and then in the older years and for whatever reason(s) one finds they are depended on the service and kindness of others. This man could have been grumpy. He could have told the girl that he was find to wait and ask her to not treat him as a child, but here he sat--beaming in the crisp, pretty cold air. He had no idea I was watching. When I approached him I thanked him for his smile and asked if I could take his picture. He told me to call him George. I left his presence, only have a 40 sec encounter, determined that when life gets older and my body falls apart, or whatever comes, I will choose to be smiling and strive for kindness for those who serve me. Prime example of Elder Worthlin's "Come what may and love it".


This is Davey holding up his Baptismal certificate and his Aronic Priesthood Certificate. His proud, loving and supportive wife Mandi and cute daughter Sammi are standing equaly pleased. This little family has overcome major obstacles, but is remaining focused on Jesus Christ. Since that picture Davey has been ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood and they all are preparing to be sealed in the temple this July!
Satan rages--but they heed him not! How sacred Davey feels about his membership to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He read the Book of Mormon, he prayed to know if it was true, he received his answer from God. This family makes me want to better keep my commitments to God and to better follow Jesus Christ.


So Nyk says that this picture isn't even bad--but when I saw her hand I FREAKED OUT. So raw, so yuck. Nykki wrote in her journal what happened to her hand. (The bracketed items I added from what she shared with me.
January 31, 2011

I witnessed a miracle yesterday. It was a Sunday and I was making dinner to put in the crockpot before church. I had put olive oil in a pan to heat up to sear some meat, and I accidentally let the oil get so hot it started smoking up the house. I dropped the meat pieces in one big clump [into the pan] and a big portion of oil shot up and scorched my hand. It literally melted the skin on 4 of my fingers. I have never been in such excruciating pain from a burn. As soon as the ice was off for more than 5 minutes, [the] burn and sting [were] worse than I had ever experienced. I took a frozen gel pack to sacrament with me, but half -way through [the meeting the gel packet] was warm and the [warm plastic from the gel packet made] my skin feel like it was about to rip off when I touched it. All of the sudden the burning sensation came on so strong that I didn't know what to do-- other than to tap my feet and shake my hand. I told Carson [husband] I couldn't handle the stinging and I needed to go to the kitchen to find ice. However, I didn't want to be rude to the missionary who was speaking. The pain was so excruciating that it would rival giving birth for me. The only thing I could do was to pray in my heart in Jesus' name that through the atonement, He could remove the pain. I told the Lord I had faith He could do this and I had been studying regularly to try and keep the spirit with me, and I really believed He could. Then I witnessed a miracle. All of the sudden the pain was numbed and I could tell it was still burning and stinging, but the feeling was numbed so I couldn't feel the pain. I couldn't believe how fast the Lord answered my prayer. The next day I woke up with no pain, not even to the touch. The Lord truly had blessed me and produced a miracle in healing my hand. I believe in the power of the atonement and sincere prayer. I know the Lord still produces miracles, even today.
I was deeply impressed with Nyk's faith! And the fact that she recognized that the atonement is not just for our sins/the sins of others, but that the Savior truly did suffer and bleed for our infirmities, all heartaches, heart breaks. He suffered it all! And tenderly reminded by President Eyring said about the Savior's suffering that: "He [Jesus Christ] could have known how to succor us simply by revelation, but He chose to learn by His own personal experience." They Savior suffered for all that we go through.

Now why would you ask for the pain to be taken?! Was it a life/death situation-no. Was it to help with her eternal salvation? No. But she had faith enough to ask, and it wasn't against God's will--therefore her fingers became numb! What things do I miss out on with the Lord making my burdens light even to "numbing" them, simply because I have not asked!?!

The Savior... is the utlimate healer of mens'/womens' souls!
The Ultimate healer of me!

MUSHROOM Birthday and Date!
"Ding Dong"
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Aunt Brynni, Happy Birthday to you?"
(GRIN and then a sequel at seeing...) "A Birthday Cake?!"
"Make a wish!!"
So this really happened for my 28th birthday. Jinger, knowing I can't do any dessert--but still wanted me to have a birthday cake for my birthday. My eyes became wet with such a thoughtful action. Yes I know they are mushrooms with the candles placed in them, but my family knows that I am a MUSHROOM FREAK, and Jinger had already been over earlier in the day to wish me a happy birthday. There were several other little gestures like this from others that really touched me. Oh to be remembered is a beautiful and powerful thing.

So Thaynermack and I have been on some awesome dates. And for months whenever I pick him up he always has something to give me. Thayne is a giver. I always thank him and then try to get out of explaining/reminding why I can't have the treat. Well, last month we went to go see the Young Ambassadors. When Thayne called up to verify I was coming when he announced that he had a surprise for him! Not wanting to turn him down yet again, I told him there was no need for that and reminded him that I can't eat most things anyway. To which he said, "I know."

Well I pulled up and he excitedly gave me a grocery sack. Before opening it I told him I was sorry if I could eat it... to which he assured me (like he has previous months) that this was a treat jut for me. I opened up the sack to find a box of mushrooms!!! I was floored!! Thayne doesn't buy mushrooms!! I asked him if mom told him what to get me, but he said that he remembered me saying I loved mushrooms. He went to target just to pick me up some mushrooms as a gift for our date. I know, again it is just mushrooms, but my eyes were wet. What a thoughtful, out of the way, kindness. I told him he trumped on best date surprise ever!

I had better get a move on this post or else I will never get to bed. Don't worry, I will try to only give basic details!


This picture is the morning Kristina received her mission call. This girl completely changed her life. Was basically a 4.0 student going into nursing and was not accepted into the program. Before applying she told God if he wanted her on a mission, to not let her get in the program. PRAYER ANSWERED! She changed her whole life. Gave up all her friends, became alone--because she refused to hang out with past crowds, she told God that if he would help her get on a mission, she would give up her music and listen to only good things in her room. She would pray every day, she would study her scriptures, write in her journal and attend church whenever she could. Her list was even more intense. When she shared it with me I just smiled from ear to ear and told her that she had just covenanted/committed to becoming an AMAZING missionary!

This call represents a woman who gave up everything, willingly, for God and has so much joy that she can't be stopped or her testimony quieted. I love her example.

I can't even express all that I feel at looking at this picture. You can not tell, but I can, that Kat's eyes are moist... something I was not accustomed/privileged to see ever. This picture represents a girl's quest of not giving up on God even after years of not feeling an answer to any prayer. This picture represents months of sincere fasting and praying and pleading and trusting that God would make a way for a friend. After this picture was taken, later that evening as I drove back from Salt Lake City, I cried the whole way thanking Heavenly Father through great sobs for one, letting me drive and not crash as it was difficult to see through my tears and the added rain outside, but for allowing me to witness such a miracle in the life of a friend that I care deeply for. This picture is a reminder that God does grant unto us the desires of our hearts and that we can put our faith and trust in him. I love you Kat... I love you!

"PLEASE COME" A friend's mom passed away yesterday morning. She was only 49 and my friend found her mom laying "asleep" in her bed. In speaking with my dear friend I asked if she had someone to give her a priesthood blessing, or if she would like me to bring someone, to which she responded that it would be best for me to bring someone. I followed the chain of command and tried calling her bishop, no home teachers that she knew of, the EQ president was stuck in the library... so I felt it was okay/right to ask my dad to help. He was living for a 1 AM flight out of the country, but when I called him he said that he would come. I met with my friend and we sat on the porch and cried some together. My Dad had just made soup for my uncle and cousin and I knew he wanted to be with them. After being with my friend, I knew it was important that my dad come right away. I texted him, "Please come". 10 mins later I called him to which he said he was just getting off the exit. He sped through his soup and his sacred time with his brother, whom he loves, and when the text came from me, he did not argue, he did not question, he just came to serve my friend.

The blessing was a great comfort to my friend and she felt that she would be able to sleep. As I drove home tears fell for gratitude that God has a plan for all of us. That families can/do live after this life. Jesus Christ has given us away to live again! As stated in Alma it says "...he [Jesus Christ] breaketh the bands of death, that the grave shall have no victory, and that the sting of death should be swollowed up in the hopes of glory..." The sting of death should be swollowed up in what? The HOPES of glory. Of what Jesus Christ did. He overcame death--! And we will officially celebrate His triumph over the tomb in a few Sundays. ...I was comforted by what was said in the blessings. Surely my friend has a long road ahead of her, one of pain and grief but also one of hopes of glory.

I drove home and pondered as the tears spilled down, how thankful I was/am to have assess to the priesthood of God. To have a father, that would not question/make me justify why I was asking him to give up his cherished time with his brother, again, whom he loves, to come quickly to offer a blessing to my friend who was in need... Oh I must marry such a man. One that is willing to use the priesthood to serve. One who will not make me justify/beg/convince as to why a particular blessing needs to be given.

Recently a friend asked her husband for a blessing. She had had a pretty rotten day and had felt bad with how she reacted to her child. In asking her husband for a blessing he gave her quite a hard time and basically came off with the attitude that what she was asking a blessing for was silly and that she was being too sensitive and that prayer would be just fine for the situation. This is the same friend that another time when feeling impressed to receive a blessing for a business trip, asked her husband for a blessing and he told her she did not need a blessing for such a thing and that she could pray. Rather than go around her husband, she respected him, and took her concerns back to the Lord. She told the Lord that she could not get a blessing and asked him to sustain her through her event--which the Lord did honor.

Regardless of the intent behind why the husband was giving her a hard time about getting a blessing, my friend felt guilty for asking... but again, that night before she went to bed she asked if he was going to give her a blessing. To which he started with the same tone of voice and the looks like she was being ridiculous/not a good enough reason to ask for a blessing. My amazing friend, with kind but firm boldness told her husband that it was not his right to judge whether a stated reason "justified" for getting a blessing, but that as a priesthood holder, it was his duty to serve with the priesthood for and in behalf of others. (I was so proud of her--for when she told me the language she used, the spirit filled me, for she spoke with the tongue of the spirit.) Being so bold, she feared her husband would just become angry and allow his pride to overcome him with hard feelings, but the opposite happened, and this good man did not resist her any more and he agreed to give her the blessing. She was worried how his heart would be, and if anything would flow, but he submitted to the truth that was placed before him, and he was a wonderful mouthpiece for God that night.

My friend was filled with answers that she needed and peace and comfort came through the blessing.

My friend's husband is a good man--and I do not want anyone to point a finger grumpily. Believe me, I already did, :) teasing, but what great lessons learned! We all are learning... we are all on our own paths of progression. And where a truth is learned--conversion can happen.

Oh to the husband who is willing to serve with the priesthood! Last night I wept over such willing men!


Lloyd bore his testimony a few weeks back. He held up his hand and said compared the talks we hear at General Conference to his hand. He said that from the congregation's view, his hand (palm fasting the congregation) just looked like a hand. But from his view, if he had a smiley face on the back of his hand--his perspective/the angle he was able to view his hand, allowed him to see what was on the back of his hand. He then could testify that he had a smiley face on the back of his hand. He shared that although the congregation could not see the smiley face on the back of the hand, did not change the fact that the smiley face/or whatever was on the back of the hand. Simple principle-but then Lloyd expounded the truth, that at General conference, we might hear the same message over and over, but new speakers have different perspective/insights on the topic they are sharing... and can help us "see" what we cannot see, but yet nonetheless whatever we are taught to see, is really there.

I think I am botching up this amazing thought! Seek out Lloyd and he will share it with you, but I was very impressed with the truth he testified of. Thank you Lloyd!

IMPRESSIONS This picture represents a wedding that was very important that I be at. I was at a funeral all day and could not remember the time I needed to be at the wedding. At the luncheon of the funeral, the spirit whispered that I needed to go to the wedding. In my mind I thought I would be an hour early, but perhaps I could help set up. I drove around for a bit until I found the wedding. As I parked I noticed the bride and groom outside the barn where they were going to be married. I thought that was odd. There were many many cars. I quickly walked over and asked the bride what was up and she said I had just made it. That they were late starting. I literally walked into the barn and 30 secs later the wedding march started. And here I thought that I was an hour early!! It was just a wedding, but it was important to me that I be there-- God made a way.

Okay coming out of the closet--I have a THING for earrings. Confession 101! ;) That being said, I am extremely picky/choosy with earrings. I don't lose earrings. I have several pairs from jr high and high school--still! I do not do gold, and I only do mostly silver and black. Because I am so picky, my family knows better than to pick me out earrings. (Told you I have a "thing" for them! ;))

I have always pondered over how to keep/organize the masses! :) Several years of wondering/never having an ideal set up. Well one day I was in JcPennys and saw this earring stand--that DID hanging earrings! Oh I LOVED it, I wanted it... but could not justify and would not justify the $50's for it. A month later every time I was in JCPenny's I would gawk over a piece of metal that could bring such happiness to my soul. Well around the third month I figured that I had spent enough time thinking about the thing, that I should buy it. I went to buy it--and sadly I found that they were gone. Interestingly enough even after I knew they were gone, I would keep going by the department to reminisce over the earring stand. (This is an amazing story in its self because I HATE to shop, and I don't do a lot of "things".)

One day, with a few coupons/save 15% and 10 bucks off here, I felt impressed that I need to go into JcPennys. I obeyed and went in and literally wondered the store for nearly an hour. Why was I there? I picked up a few items and went to the check out. The sales clerk informed me that I if I bought 8 dollars worth of stuff, I would save 15 dollars and pay less then if I didn't buy an 8 dollar item. So back to the store I went. yes I did go over to the earring section to see if there was something there. NOTHING! I know, for a normal girl, 8 bucks would be used up in mins. It is not that I am indecisive, I just really wasn't in the mood to spend money, but really didn't see anything I wanted. Over and over I looked, until finally I picked up a black bracelet that I felt "ehh" on. I then thought to walk by the jewelry stands area. (I had already passed it several times that night) and as I did so, right there in front of my eye was the sign that read 40% off the earring stands... and there in a slightly damaged box was the stand I LOVED!!! As if a clerk had just put out a returned item. I grabbed the box, filled with a lot of thankful emotion--i put down the bracelet and other garb and went to the check out stand. With the sale price, discounts, and coupon, my 50 dollar Perfect earring stand was about 12 dollars!! Seriously, I bought the stand and went right out to my car almost levitating in pure bliss! (I told you this was a confession.) And yes, I know it is just a piece of metal. But one that suited my wants/needs ( ;) ) PERFECTLY! And did you notice, it came with a bird on the top?!!! And the stand was NOT GOLD! (Told you I strongly dislike gold.) :) It was as if the angels in heaven said, "Let's inspire the perfect earring holder for Bryndi" ... AND THEY DID!!! But not only that--again my eternal salvation is not passed on a bird/earring swirling stand. But God, being my father, knowing the little pleasures I take pleasure in, just decided to spoil me! OH thank you prompting to go into JCPenny's!

I was running late to get everything accomplished for a night out with Micarie and a sister we visit teach, when I felt impressed to go into Shopko. I know better then to ignore impressions although sometimes I am dumb and still do(!) but this time I went in and ended up walking the almost the whole store when I shamefully a little grumpily questioned the Lord as to why I was in Shopko. At that time of making almost a full circle of the store I came to the electronics department. I thought it couldn't hurt looking for an alarm clock that may work with the iphone 4. No luck at TJmax, Ross, Walgreens, or Walmart. What would be the luck shopko would have one. Well... look at that box!!! Notice the sticker! the alarm clock was on sail and I saved 15$!! It was even the look and size I was hoping for in my mind.

Seriously, God loves us, ME!! Again, he is our Father in Heaven. It was just money spent on a piece of plastic--, but he knew my search and that finding the right machine would be a very happy spot for me. Oh to follow whatever I am told to do.

LORD, HOW DO I MORN WITH THOSE THAT MORN? When sweet Becky was in the hospital and we all were trying to support Paul and kids--the longer I was there in the hospital that night, the longer I just simply did not know how to give comfort or to be a support for my cousins and Uncle who were rightfully so grieving. So disturbed and concerned was I that after the first night in the hospital, I went home and pleaded not only for their family and Becky's life, but I asked the Lord to teach me how I was to be.

On Sunday, God's beautiful answer came as I observed two people who are great at morning with those that morn. I watched Connie, Becky's best friend, quietly go and give one on one support to each of my cousins. And then Paul's Bishop who's heart was so tender, and in quite dignity, stayed to support the family. Ask and it shall be given...! I was deeply touched by their quite examples. They didn't know that the Lord had me view them as they quietly went about doing good, to my cousins and Uncle that I love so much. I was grateful for their examples.

And the food provided at the funeral. Not asked, just sweet sisters providing a meal for a HUGE family. These woman made sure the tables were dressed, the food stayed out, and cleaned up all the mess... choice people that serve and love god--always end up serving me.


I love this picture of my mom and Becky's mom! At the funeral, everyone was busy doing everything, talking with old friends, speaking kind things... and I look over to find my mom, sitting with Becky's mom Jeanette. Here her daughter is gone, and although she is a little forgetful and worried in her older year, she was all alone. But my mother, not saying a word to anyone else, left the acquaintances she knew and went and sat by Jeanette. My mom is not a spotlight seeker, but truly notices, like President Monson, the one. This picture moves me.

This is the beautiful tribute displayed that Kiss put together for Becky. My sister has an amazing ability to make things come together in order and beauty. A talent I try not to covet. :) My sister lovingly placed each flower and ribbon and put her heart into the display as her gift/contribution to not only Becky's wonderful life, but also to the life of our wonderful uncle Paul. Selfless service. To make beauty, is a gift. To make beauty that is shared... is a gift.

Looks like the system things my post is too long, probably truth... Continue on

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Monday I was driving by a field behind my place, and even with my car running and the windows completely up, I heard a Meadow Lark sing. I quickly rolled down my window to hear it's song and found it standing on a post. I pulled my car as close as I could and you would think that it even posed for me! :) Oh I love what birds do for me, or rather what God, through birds, does for me. The song of the Lark is out! Even with threatening weather/situations/hard times, I took can be joyful in singing praises.

Visiting with Uncle Paul the other day, he mentioned that he had baby lambs. I asked him to show me, which he graciously did. I love black sheep! Perhaps that I feel at times in my rebellion that I am a black sheep and even with all my weaknesses rebellions, God still loves me and believes in me.
It was amazing to see Pauly pick up the lamb and love it so much. And then such a contrast of the feelings you have towards the lamb, and then see the large adults that act quite dumb. They smell, they act at times like their brain is quite not there. Adult sheep are NOT my favorite. And yet as I looked at the sheep, back to the the lamb, and from the Lamb back to the sheep I was impressed with how God views us. How could he love such "dumb at time sheep? I had the thought that like me loving and seeing the lamb as not a sheep, but precious and tender, that heavenly fahter views us, each one, as a lamb, precious and tender. I love the analogy of the Savior going to find the one that was lost and when he did find the lamb, he placed it on his shoulders rejoicing. I heard someone in church once state that if we are placed on someone's shoulders, as a lamb is, that lamb/us now sees the same view/perspective that the Savior sees. So much truth and symbolism in lambs. You could not ask for a greater care giver then my Uncle Paul! He is a man who's well runs deep and who's water springs for pure water. He is a great shepherd over those whom the Lord has placed in his path and under his care.

After a long labor and a change over to a C-section, Meadow and Austin's little girl Capri joined them. Austin shared with me that that evening in the hospital he told his wife that they needed to start going to church and that he would like to be baptized, so that he could take his family to the temple to be sealed forever. How is it that a baby, that can not speak can do such great things to the human flesh? Truly families are forever, and this little family is taking steps to move forward on God's path.


I love this picture for it was an evening when Jenny, Jing, Kaiden, and I went out to a play together. OH Seriously, I have the greatest inlaws ever! Obviously I have the greatest brothers in the world too, for hooking up with such choice daughters of God.(!) I love them and count them as my own sisters.

In Feb/Jan-Ha I can't remember the month we went on the Oasis for HM's top achiever cruise. Jinger left Ironman with Marsh and Jenny. Little Ironman is awesomely allergic to peanuts... so for days before Ironman came to stay, Jenny didn't allow the kids to have any Peanut butter. But when Ireland came over to the house, his eyes immediately became puffy and swollen. So Jenny administered the benedril and hoped that he would be okay. Again the second day seemed to be worst. Jenny said she had prayed that God would send angels to clean up the Peanut butter/oils that she could not possibly find. I questioned Jen asking her if she "really" did pray for angels to clean up the peanut butter--Here is her reply to my question:
To answer you question, I did literally pray for [Heavenly Father] to send angels down to clean my house of the peanut butter. I knew that I could never find it all and that Ireland would be miserable all week if something wasn't done. There must have been a lot b/c it took those angels 2 nights to do it! :)

I learned a couple of years ago from my friend about "laundry angels" as she calls them. It all started with her and the laundry. It was overwhelming her. And in a large family, there was nothing she could do about it. There was just laundry. But she was getting discouraged and depressed and overwhelmed and ready to give up. Then she started praying for HF to send angels down to help her with her laundry. Such a simple request, but so specific. and He did. Somehow she was able to work her way through the pile. Of course she was still doing it, she didn't just walk away and expect the laundry to be done when she came back, but she knew she was getting help. Things were able to move faster and it wasn't such a burden anymore. Just like the pioneers that had angels take the bulk of the burden pulling their handcarts up Rocky Ridge.

I knew that with the PB I could clean all day and all night and still not get it all. I'm sure it was the carpet, ground into the couches, in so many nooks and crannies. I couldn't do it alone. [Garrett] wanders around the house with PBJs and gets it everywhere.

I was taught last year by the Brother of Jared that we have to be specific in our prayers. And I realized that going through my life praying "HF, please help me" wasn't specific. He was helping me, but I wasn't recognizing it, b/c I didn't know where to look. Or He is standing there asking "What do YOU want me to do to help you." I am trying to be specific so that I can see His hand. And He always comes through for me. You are going to laugh, but I also pray for traffic angels. When ever I come to an intersection where I have to cross traffic w/o a light, I pray for HF to clear the road for me. Or if I am in a hurry, I ask Him to change the lights to green for me. Sometimes He does and sometimes He doesn't. But I know that if He doesn't there must be a reason for it, and I am at peace and patient. Trusting Him to know what is best. Even if it is for me to sit at a red light when I am in a hurry.
Amazing faith! After reading Jenny's logic I told her I would start praying for dating angels!! Ha, maybe we will skip the dating ones and just ask for the "Find Eternal Companion" ones! ha ha.

I sent Jenny's comments over to Ali. She told me that with the delivery of her sweet Rachel, she prayed for "delivery" angels to attend her in the hospital and she felt that angels were there. Ali shared with me that she felt impressed to teach on angels for RS and was inspired to find/give a lesson on the following talk When Do the Angels Come?:
When Do the Angels Come?
By Bruce C. Hafen

The ministry of angels in the lives of ordinary, devoted people often goes unrecognized.

At certain sacred times, God has sent his holy angels to instruct and minister to his children. Think of the angel who first taught Adam about the Atonement; the angel who announced to Mary that she would bear the child Jesus; the angels who sang glories to God the night of Christ’s birth; the angel who comforted the Savior in the Garden of Gethsemane; and the angels who brought the keys of the Restoration to Joseph Smith.

No wonder the angels came at such times. These were history’s crowning events. But angels have also come at times that were significant mostly because of their personal, spiritual meaning in the lives of ordinary but faithful men and women.
Personal Manifestations

Some of these personal visits were dramatic and powerful. Think of the angels who ministered to the Nephite children in the account of 3 Nephi 17 [3 Ne. 17], or the angel who chastised Alma and Mosiah’s sons in answer to a father’s prayer. (See Mosiah 27.)

Other personal manifestations have been so quiet that those who received them were unaware of the angelic presence. The ministry of these unseen angels is among the most sublime forms of interaction between heaven and earth, powerfully expressing God’s concern for us and bestowing tangible assurance and spiritual sustenance upon those in great need.

Think of the angel who came to comfort the sleeping Elijah when he was in such despair that he wished to live no longer. (See 1 Kgs. 19:4–8.) Or recall when Joseph Smith “saw the Twelve Apostles of the Lamb, … in foreign lands, standing together in a circle, much fatigued, with their clothes tattered and feet swollen, with their eyes cast downward, and Jesus standing in their midst, and they did not behold Him. The Savior looked upon them and wept.” (Joseph Smith, History of the Church, 2:381; italics added.) The Prophet also “saw Elder Brigham Young in a strange land, … in a desert place, upon a rock in the midst of about a dozen [hostile] men. He was preaching to them in their own tongue, and the angel of God standing above his head, with a drawn sword in his hand, protecting him, but he did not see it.” (Ibid.; italics added.)

For an unforgettable picture of unseen angelic armies, think of Elisha’s young servant, who cried when he was surrounded by an ominous army, “Alas, my master! how shall we do?” Answered Elisha, “Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.” Then Elisha said, “Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.” (See 2 Kgs. 6:15–17.)

President J. Reuben Clark eloquently captured the blessing of unseen angels in the lives of ordinary, devoted people in his masterful sermon, “To Them of the Last Wagon.” President Clark recognized the “mighty men” who led the early Saints, but he reserved his most reverent tribute for “the meekest and lowliest” found in “the last wagon in each of the long wagon trains.” Out in front of these toiling caravans were “the Brethren,” for whom “the air was clear and clean and … they had unbroken vision of the blue vault of heaven.” But, in contrast, “back in the last wagon, … the blue heaven was often shut out from their sight by heavy, dense clouds of the dust of the earth … [which made] the glories of a celestial world [seem] so far away.”

Even though some of the early brethren had seen “in a vision, the armies of heaven protecting the Saints in their return to Zion” (History of the Church, 2:381), President Clark mentioned angels only once. After describing the grinding frustrations of lame oxen, broken hubs, and sick children in the last wagon, he spoke of a pregnant mother trying to breathe through heavy, choking dust. “Then the morning came when from out that last wagon floated the la-la of the newborn babe, and mother love made a shrine, and Father bowed in reverence before it. But the train must move on. So out into the dust and dirt the last wagon moved again, swaying and jolting, while Mother eased as best she could each pain-giving jolt so no harm might be done her, that she might be strong to feed the little one, bone of her bone, flesh of her flesh. Who will dare to say that angels did not cluster round and guard her and ease her rude bed, for she had given another choice spirit its mortal body that it might work out its God-given destiny?” (New Era, July 1975, p. 8; italics added.)
Discerning the Light

The veil between heaven and earth usually hides the angels from our sight. Yet often in the early stages of our spiritual development, we may experience unmistakable contact with the angels of the unseen world. These experiences may move our sense of belief to a sure sense of knowledge, as we exclaim with Alma, “O then, is not this real?” And Alma replies to us, “Yea, because it is light; and whatsoever is light, is good, because it is discernible.” (Alma 32:35; italics added.)

Yet our discerning this light does not yield perfect knowledge. We must nourish the tree of faith to “get root” against the day “when the heat of the sun cometh and scorcheth it.” (See Alma 32:37–38.) As we wait for additional flashes of spiritual light, our days of nourishment and testing can last many years.

The early manifestations of “discernible” angelic contact in our spiritual development frequently occur in youthful conversion experiences, missionary service, or times while we are attending college. These crucial, formative periods of spiritual breakthrough in a young person’s life may be compared with the Kirtland period in Church history; and the years that follow may be compared with the period of Nauvoo and beyond.
Youthful Kirtland Years

The early years of Kirtland were an unusually happy time for Joseph Smith and the Saints. What wonderful events had blessed them in only a few years: the Vision in the grove, the publication of the Book of Mormon, the formal organization of the Church, the optimistic launching of missionary work, the school of the prophets, and mighty revelations outlining a glorious future. It was a youthful, buoyant time. The Saints had no inkling of what waited for them, coiled like a deadly snake barely around the corner of history: mobs, persecution, apostasy, and martyrdom.

But first the angels came. Indeed, the dedication of the Kirtland Temple in March of 1836 represented the greatest spiritual outpouring in modern Church history. Joseph wrote that, shortly after the dedicatory prayer was offered, “Frederick G. Williams arose and testified that [during the prayer] an angel entered the window and took his seat between Father Smith and himself. David Whitmer also saw angels in the house.”

Later, “Brother George A. Smith arose and began to prophesy, when a noise was heard like the sound of a rushing mighty wind, which filled the Temple, and all the congregation simultaneously arose, being moved upon by an invisible power; many began to speak in tongues and prophesy; … and I beheld that the Temple was filled with angels. … The people of the neighborhood came running together (hearing an unusual sound within, and seeing a bright light like a pillar of fire resting upon the Temple,) and were astonished at what was taking place.”

Of one of the concluding meetings, Joseph wrote, “The Savior made his appearance to some, while angels ministered to others, and it was a Pentecost and an endowment indeed, long to be remembered, for the sound shall go forth from this place into all the world, and occurrences of this day shall be handed down upon the pages of sacred history, to all generations.” (History of the Church, 2:427–33.)
Dark Nauvoo Years

Now contrast those glorious experiences with the dreadful conditions under which the Nauvoo Temple was dedicated less than ten years later. Joseph and Hyrum had been slain. The Church was racked with dissension and apostasy, and the dark spirit of the martyrdom hovered over Nauvoo like the destroying angel of death. The Saints knew they could not stay. They worked frantically to finish the temple, even as they also hurried to gather provisions and prepare wagons for their plunge into the great unknown trek westward.

Part of the Nauvoo Temple was dedicated in October 1845, even before it was finished, and in December Brigham Young began to administer the temple ordinances day and night. Within two months, the first company of wagons crossed the frozen Mississippi, never to return.

The story is told of a blind convert named Brother Williams who came from Massachusetts to Nauvoo in time to help complete the temple. Brother Williams had heard the stories of Kirtland, and he believed fervently that when the Nauvoo Temple was dedicated, the Savior and even the resurrected Joseph would return. He anticipated great spiritual manifestations that would heal his blindness. He believed that each stone they were laying brought him one step closer to the Savior’s healing hand.

But the Nauvoo Temple dedication was no Kirtland. As far as we know, there were no visible manifestations, no angelic ministries, no Pentecost.
We Lived Once in Kirtland

Our youthful years as missionaries and students are, despite their typical growing pains, frequently a kind of Kirtland for us: a simple and beautiful time, filled with intellectual breakthroughs, private spiritual moments, and emerging idealistic convictions. Those years may lift us for a time above the noise and smoke and confusion of worldly valleys to a high mountain peak, where we develop a growing closeness to the Infinite.

But the day always seems to come when we must leave our Kirtlands. When we do, sooner or later, we may have our own kind of Nauvoo, perhaps more than once. We will have our own frozen rivers and parched deserts to cross, a moral or financial or intellectual wilderness to tame. It will not always be fun. Perhaps we will feel bewildered and disappointed, and we may look back longingly to those youthful years, wondering why we cannot recapture the way things were in our days of Kirtland.

When our Nauvoo comes, we may find ourselves living in a culture that offers little reinforcement for our belief in the ideals of family life. The surrounding environment may even discourage and attack our devotion to marriage and children. Some of us may begin to feel a growing sense of distance in our marriages, as those around us take for granted that modern men and women should not feel bound by unconditional family commitments. But we will know better, for we lived once in Kirtland, where the Spirit whispered to us that the doctrine is true: marriage is sacred and love is forever.

After leaving our Kirtland, some may feel the waning of their sense of spiritual wonder, as the accumulating pressures and pollutions of life seem to cast doubt on the reality of inspiration or the worth of the institutional Church or the value of giving ourselves unselfishly to others. Especially in that kind of Nauvoo, some of us may turn away bitterly and say that the stories of Kirtland were not really true.

“How could they be true?” some will ask. “We see no angels here, not now, when we need them most. What happened at Kirtland must have been the foolish imagination of our youth.” We will feel pressure to see things this way, for we may be surrounded by unbelievers who whisper tauntingly in our ears as did the enemy in Nauvoo: “Your Prophet is dead. Wake up—it was all a childhood dream.”
Our Nauvoos Must Come

When our Nauvoo comes, it will neither surprise us nor throw us off course if we have kept the image of Kirtland burning brightly in our memories. “It is all right,” we will say. “We understand. We receive our full witness only after the trial of our faith. After much tribulation come the blessings.” And we will pick up our wagons and our families and head west.

As we do, we will sense that Kirtland was given to us as a first witness, to be told to our children and their children’s children, that they may know that God is the Lord. He slumbers not nor sleepeth. We will know that, always, for we were there, that season in the Mormon village of Kirtland.

I still think of Brother Williams, his blind eyes glistening with hope, waiting for Jesus and his angels to come to the Nauvoo Temple. I don’t know what happened to him after Nauvoo. Did he find the healing he hungered for? Did he find his Savior and see the face of Brother Joseph? I suppose that he and the other faithful ones of Nauvoo did find the enlightenment and the peace they sought—but later, perhaps within the last wagon along some dreary prairie trail, or in struggling to build a new life, far away in the West.

I suppose that Brother Williams made the same discovery as did the Saints in the Martin and Willie handcart companies, which were trapped by heavy, early snows on their way across the plains. In a conference address, Elder James E. Faust shared the feeling of one company member:

“‘Not one of that company ever apostatized or left the Church, because everyone of us came through with the absolute knowledge that God lives, for we became acquainted with him in our extremities.

“‘I have pulled my handcart when I was so weak and weary from illness and lack of food that I could hardly put one foot ahead of the other. I have gone on [to some point I thought I could never reach, only to feel that] the cart began pushing me. I have looked back many times to see who was pushing my cart, but my eyes saw no one. I knew then that the angels of God were there.” (Ensign, May 1979, p. 53.)

Such unseen angelic manifestations in the “extremities” of our lives may, over time, have more profound meaning than the more visible outpouring of Kirtland. The Lord has promised that if you are true and faithful, the Lord himself may be “in your midst and ye cannot see me.” (D&C 38:7.) Even if you do not see him, he can “be on your right hand and on your left, and [his] Spirit shall be in your hearts,” and the angels who came to Kirtland will be “round about you, to bear you up.” (D&C 84:88.)

Moreover, our memories of Kirtland can be enriched by our later, perhaps more turbulent, experience. The very meaning of earlier witnesses may well grow richer with the perspective of time. It is because of what we saw in Kirtland that we ventured to Nauvoo. That we have once seen so clearly is our witness that we can again see clearly, with greater depth, even in the very midst of our afflictions.

When do the angels come? If we seek to be worthy, they are near us when we need them most. The mountain might even be full with the horsemen of Israel and their chariots of fire.
Seriously, an AMAZING life changing talk for me. Thank you Ali for sharing it!! And thank you Jenny for having faith enough to pray about angels and teaching me such a beautiful faith.



So last winter, right after starting my jog program, I started having ipod challenges. My ipod started acting like it was too cold for it to be working in the morning at 5 am with the world covered and most times still falling with a blanket of snow. After two weeks, my ipod bit the dust. So I borrowed my mom's. After six weeks, her's ended up biting the dust. Two ipods in less then two months--you can just call me Ms. Ipod Killer! At least I was feeling that this was going to be a start to that reputation.

Right before Christmas I went on KSL searching for ipods. I didn't care if it was used, I just really wanted an ipod to help my mind not focus not giving up on my goal/but rather the music/whatever I listened to would distract me enough that I would keep going.

I also really wanted the ipod that clipped on to clothes. I have an arm band, but for lots of reasons I won't go into, I am not a fan of the arm bands.

So there on KSL--I found a pink clip one that was new and barley used, and then I found a brand new one still in the box blue ipod. I felt not to contact the pink one, and impressed to contact the seller for the blue one. He was selling the new ipod for 135--which in the retail world, brand new ones were going for 149. So I was happy to be saving nearly 15$. I contacted him and he said he would sell it to me. He was away for Christmas break but we could meet up right after he came back.

I told my dad, excitedly about the ipod. And hoped that I was justified in spending so much. My dad scolded me a bit and said not to pay more than 100$ for the ipod. He said that the kid had gotten it as a gift from work, and was not out anything, but only had money to gain. I pushed aside his counsel because I was happy with the savings I was already going to be saving. My dad then said, "Bryndi, you have not because you ask not" and then he left it at that. I smiled and inside decided I was till okay with the 130.

Well the morning of meeting the kid, I will call him "Chris" I woke up and went outside to jog. All morning long the only thing that played as if on repeat in my mind was "You have not because you ask not--you have not because you ask not." I could not get these words to settle, but felt more and more impressed that I needed to at. So, I pulled up to the bank, and text Chris and asked if I had cash, if he would take $105 for the ipod instead of $135. (Yes I was too chicken to offer just $100.) I thought for sure he would laugh in my face, but moments later a text came back with "Sure, I can do that". I about died!! Yea have not because yea ask not...!

Well after the exchange with this kind kid from BYU, I sent him the email below. He responded back...:
Jan 3, 2011

So [Chris], Not that you even need to know this---but you are part of the miracle so I thought I would share.

I started a jog program about 5 weeks ago. I was using a ghetto old Ipod as a timer/music no worries. Well about 2 weeks into the program, it bit the dust. Thankfully my mom had the same ghetto ipod I did and she let me use hers. Her's bit the dust 2 weeks ago. I didn't know how I was going to afford a new ipod, but just at the start of jogging pretty much thought I might go crazy not listening to something. I usually just listen to conference and the ensign. Well--it was a good time just to be with God in the morning. I did however pray for a way to open up to get a new ipod. There were two listings--yours and another girl's. I know it might sound crazy but when I prayed I didn't feel like I should contact the girl. So I contacted you. And you were true to your word.

I know you were selling just because you didn't need it--but I was praying because not that I "needed" it, but I felt to get through this jog program, I "needed" it. :) God is amazing. Thanks for letting him bless my life with an ipod, through your service and kindness.

Well that is for your random email of the day. I just drove away in a lot of gratitude, and wanted to thank you for making this possible for me and my program. Thanks!!

So moral: God answer's prayers! Even ones about ipods. :D


Jan 18, 2011


I hope your program is going well! I understand how big a difference an ipod can make when working out. I know I could hardly do it without something to listen to.

It's funny that you mentioned how you felt like you needed to contact me in particular for the ipod. I had been contacted by several people before you who were interested in buying it, but I didn't feel like I should sell it to anybody until you contacted me. I don't know why (I guess...I didn't know why) but I was about to take down the posting because I kept feeling like I shouldn't sell it. God really does work in every aspect of our lives, doesn't He? He cares about all of His children, even down to the smallest details. I'm glad that I could be a part of that with you.

Take care, and have a great day!!


Again, does God really care about whether I got an ipod or not?!! It was important to me, and I am important to Him...! I am reminded again of the truth on God helping my friend's friend find a gold ring in the sand in the beach (click here).

My heart is full. This morning I was touched by the brilliant/profound question Ammon states to his brothers, "Who could have supposed that our God would have been so merciful..." Alma 26:17. Ammon is referring to the awful state he and his brothers were in when trying to destroy the Church. And a few verses after that Ammon states that God could have exercised his justice on their polluted and sinful state-- "but in his great mercy hath brought [Ammon and his brethren] over that everlasting gulf of death and misery, even to the salvation of [their] souls." Alma 26:20. As I read these words this morning I was filled with amazement at God's GREAT mercy on all of us... on me... Oh the greatness of my God. Who could have supposed that he would let me learn such deep truths and bring such choice people/experiences into my life. I surely feel like boasting in God and his great goodness and everlasting kindness and mercy.

My heart is full.

I could post a handful of other amazing life long lessons, from so many people who have touched my life or leave me different/for the better.

Jesus is the Christ. Heavenly Father does listen and answer prayers. Families can be together forever!
The natural man can be conquered. Jesus's is merciful and his mercy does save!

My heart is full. Lesson, not lost on me!