Saturday, October 5, 2013

THE WORD'S OF A MOTHER with three little ones...

Bryn & Nyk and  our awesome "hearts"! I am about to show you 24+ years later.. of what is in the little girl in yellow's heart!

     "YES" !!! it has been a LONG time since I blogged. And I have so much I want to blog about, but it will have to wait--because this is just TOO good to wait!!
      Nykelle (whom I call "Chick"--long story of full nickname) sent me an email of an experience she had this week. It is the story of a Mother of three young ones--and what she discovered in a moment of deep frustration and exhaustion. It is a story of a mother who turned to God and found that God's hand was ready to supply her with the inspiration/impressions she needed.
     As I read her email and was filled with so much emotion. I don't even have kids yet but I felt I could relate... I saw myself in this story. Where I DID NOT see myself, and I wish I could say I would have done what she did, was what she did with her agency and thoughts after she heard her husband's prayer. Truly an inspiration! I loved what she did when she discovered where she was. LOVE the revelation and impressions she received....
   To any mom or (non-mom) that has normal frustrating life moment's but is still seeking to have God and charity about her, this is a MUST READ! Plus not to mention the impressions she has with the scriptures-- are profound!!
   I love you Chicky! Thank you for sharing this with me. (And yes, I have Nykelle's permission to post on here--because she is just so cool like that!)

From an email entitled: What I learned this morning...
                                   Date: 10.3.13
                                   From: Nykelle Pollastro
"Cade woke up at 8:30 pm screaming in pain... he just had his 6th poopy diaper for the day. It was official. He had some sort of diarrhea bug going on. I wasn't too surprised, considering 2 days ago he had picked up the broom in our kitchen and put the sweeping end in his mouth repeatedly by the time I got to him. It seems he is always putting the most germ-infested substances right in his mouth. He is also drinks bath water regularly... so having this many poopy diapers wasn't too alarming, although his screaming did happen to wake up Abri, so she started to cry as well. Carson was gone at YM, so I was on my own to get the 2 kids under control.
"Abri woke for a feeding about 1:30 pm, and then I was awakened again at 5:25 am, but not by her, it was by Cade and Mia. Cade had climbed up on top of the dresser and was flipping the light on and off, and Mia was hiding in her closet with no panties on... she had just peed the bed... sleep deprived and frustrated, I went in there and told her to get her panties on, be quiet, and get back in bed, and if she made so much as a peep, she would go to the garage. I put Cade in bed and told him it was the middle of the night and he needed to go back to bed. I wasn't too kind on either approach, and was quite edgy in my tone of voice, since I couldn't "yell" with the baby asleep, I was still pretty loud and about as mean as I could get with my words. 
"I went back to bed, but couldn't sleep, considering the 2 never went back to sleep either. It was in and out trying to put them back in bed and tell them to be quiet. I was clearly annoyed and frustrated. Carson was leaving for work, and we had our typical morning prayer. In his kind and gentle way, he taught me a great lesson. In his prayer, he asked that we could have the Spirit in our home and that Mia, Cade, and Abri could be taught how important it is to have the Spirit here, and then he prayed that they could feel it in our home. That's all he said and left. Of course the prayer went right to my heart and I knew that prayer was for ME-- every word was for me to learn and change my heart. I could tell the Spirit wasn't there, because frankly I was too frustrated to feel it. I was tired and cranky from the newborn and 2 others not listening, and I let that emotion come out in a negative way. I pondered a few minutes in my bed, repented in my heart, and asked the Lord in my mind how was it done? How do I raise little kids calmly and keep the Spirit here when I'm so tired and so frustrated?! 
"Right after that Abri started crying, so I went and fed her and decided I needed to read scriptures while I nursed her. I told Cade and Mia to go ahead and color in their room since they wouldn't be going back to sleep. As I read, I just happened to be on the chapter of Lehi's dream, but this time I learned some new lessons. The first learning glimpse was when Lehi was following the "man in a white robe" and as he was, he beheld himself in a dark and dreary waste. The next verse then says that he had traveled for "many hours" and then he began to pray. I thought to myself, why did he wait so long to pray? He should have prayed right away, and he would have been given light sooner! Then it dawned on me that this is what I have been doing, I will allow myself to "travel in darkness" or in frustration, irritation, or anger with how the kids are acting for several hours before I pray to the Lord... Lesson #1 LEARNED.
"The next lesson was what happened right after the prayer. Lehi prayed, and then he saw a tree whose fruit was "desirable to make one happy." We know from Nephi's interpretation that the fruit represents God's love. This dawned on me that if we can train ourselves to pray right away in times of darkness, the Lord will respond by showing us how to feel Godly love! Isn't it amazing that out of all the things the Lord could have done, he chose to show him the fruit. This taught me a great lesson on the power of God's love and how it is just a prayer away, and I now realize that most of our prayers are answered in some form of "fruit," meaning that the Lord is trying to show us how to have Godly love, because that solves most, if not all our problems! Lesson #2 LEARNED. 
"The last lesson from reading this morning was that Lehi saw his family at the beginning of the path, and they saw him at the end result; the tree of life. They SAW their father in the place where they wanted be. This means that Lehi had set the example for them! He didn't stand by the river, or in the Great and Spacious building, or off in the fields and yell to them, "Hey! Look over there at that tree! That's where you want to go!" Instead, he was THERE at the base of the tree with the fruit, setting the perfect example of where to go, and showing the end result because he personally had partook of the fruit and made it to the tree. This teaches me that I have to SET THE EXAMPLE for my children. They will do as I do. They need to see mommy keeping the Spirit in the home. I can't teach them to feel it and have it's presence, if I am getting out of control in raising my voice at them, or disciplining in a way that makes me lose the Spirit..... Lesson #3 LEARNED. 
"This was such a powerful and humbling lesson for me, I wanted to share it with you. I'm grateful for this inspiration this morning! I hope you have a great day! LOVE YOU!!!"

AMAZING hu?! And I get to be the sister who received that type of email! Don't be jealous or hating! ;) There is enough of my Chick to share! :D
Still a blond and still a brunette -- More sister love than can be imagined!

I am grateful for Mother's who know & act on what they know!
Inspired sisters make the world better!

P.S. My FIRST General Conference as a married woman! Two GREATS that I am in love with! Best time of year! In just two hours we will be listening to a living Prophet of God--right in the comfort of our home! You can join us if you would like! What to know what God wants us to be doing with the days like they are? Watch conference! What to know why we are here and what is the purpose of life? Watch conference! Lost and confused, feel little or no worth, YOU are not alone! Watch conference!  

(It is going to be incredible!!! You just wait and see! Answers to prayers, revelation, direction for life. Test the Lord! He won't fail you. There is a purpose to this life. You lived before you were born. And we ALL will live again after this life! You are important. God has a plan for you! Don't believe me, that is okay. You can ask God for yourself. I promise in His way and timing, He will answer your every sincere prayer!)