Sunday, March 24, 2013


To the woman who helped me learn to love sunsets and seek for morning light.... To the woman who is the example to all angels on how to be a cheerleader for those they love in the race of life....

 To the woman who loves and loves, and then loves some more without ever expecting anything in return.... the woman who will do anything to make you smile... who loves laughter--and when she laughs the heavens must rejoice with such an angelic tone...

To the woman who is constant and has a sure foundation.... a woman who's faith does not waver.... to the woman who taught me how to say my prayers and believe in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ... to the woman who is a role model for showing Christlike love... who taught me to care for the one... the woman who encourages, lifts where she stands and reaches out to those who are in despair... a woman that gives all and expects nothing in return...

A woman who's ears can come up with any part to any song... ears that although none of her family can quite do music in perfect pitch like she can--she still encourages us to sing and to rejoice in God through music... to the woman who had her love for baking, but graciously steps aside to be a sew-chef to the dreamboat in her life.... to the woman who bares with patience what the Lord entrusts her to do.... to the woman who could move a mountain, if she was asked to... 

To such a woman...

 She is my hero. She is my example. And I am striving to become more like she is.

(You now can't say, you haven't not seen an angel...
                                          for I have just showed you one!)

I  am grateful for mothers who know!
Happiness is being with YOU!

Thursday, March 21, 2013



(Isn't this bird awesome!?! I didn't even dare look at the price tag as I was just taking a shot of it for Bishop Madsen to see as it reminded me of an illustration he did once (see here) ... but I wish I had looked at how much it was! I am back in the AZ airport come Aug, and I might just have to see if this beautiful fellow is still there and if I have saved up enough to buy it! IN LOVE!)

Studied President Erying's Pavilion talk. I have listened to it several times, but actually reading it again for this time around, I was impressed with some new ideas. For me, this was deep.

Q: What did he mention was the reason why the Lord had allowed him to stay longer at BYU Idaho?  (I freaked out as I caught this) 

He said: 
"He [the Lord] let me seek counsel and gain His permission to stay at Ricks College. He knew all the reasons that my service might still be valuable at the college and in Rexburg. [Just 30 days after he declined an enticing career offer, the Teton Dam burst]...I was there [Idaho] to ask Heavenly Father frequently in prayer that He would would have me do those things that would help the people whose property and lives had been damaged." 

A: !!!!!!!!!!!!  God used/in part, had him serve longer at BYU Idaho, because of his ability to seek (asking) the will of the Lord/His council in frequent prayer--TO BLESS THE LIVES OF THOSE AROUND HIM. What a complement! And among the Leadership skills and other things President Eyring offered, like the bird at the top, one of his "gifts/things" to offer--was that he, president Eyring, seeks the Lord's council in frequent prayer. Seriously, this concept as a principle of leadership, influence, career, WHATEVER, is a crazy insight into how one should manage/attend to all their affairs. 

!!!!!!!! :)

Can the Lord say such a thing of me? Would/could I be used as a tool in the Lord's hand in a like manner because He knew I would seek His will/ask Him/council with Him frequently? Jared obviously knew someone who would council with the Lord for the benefit of others in all things when he kept going to his brother "the Brother of Jared" (as the book of Ether states). Is this not a timely reminder of how my communion with the Lord should be, on a daily basis?!

Sweetly, at the end of his talk, (there is awesome stuff, I can't begin to scratch the surface- you can read it for yourself here ) he says: 
"...if you go for the Lord to bless others, He will see and reward it. If you do this often enough and long enough, you will feel a change in your very nature through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Not only will you feel closer to Him, but you will also feel more and more that you are becoming like Him." 
If we "GO FOR THE LORD" (in our every day lives, work, home, family, simply breathing/living) to bless others often, we are promised: 
  • He will see what we do and reward us. 
    • Q: Reward us with what?
      • A: A change in our very nature-through the Atonement of Jesus Christ
      • We will feel closer to Him
      • Find ourselves becoming more and more like Him
      • Not to mention, in serving we can become what Nephi states as a declaration of his soul: "I have charity for my people and great faith in Christ that I shall meet many souls spotless at his judgement-seat."--2 Nephi 33:7. (How would it be to say "I HAVE charity...! Not just striving for it, but actually saying I have it...?! What an amazing thing to be able to say...)

So I Bryndi K, am and want to/will strive...

in all things.

Can't wait for General Conference!

I am so thankful God has "let" me stay teaching Mission Prep, a little longer. 
I love my students.
And like Nephi, I too can say, I glory in my Jesus,
for He has redeemed my soul
from hell.
Happiness is placing one's faith in Christ.

Not only can we "go for the Lord" with our actions and our very wills in serving Him... but when it comes time for picking where we will stand, whom we will believe, where we will put our faith and trust... 
GO FOR [meaning CHOOSE] the LORD!


Friday, March 8, 2013


What do you seek?

This past Friday, I was given the day off. It is not very often that I take a day off, for lots of reasons, but when I do, boy they are sacred days! I felt impressed that I need to "go to Salt Lake". But that was the extent of the impression. So after getting a few things off my plate, I set off to Salt Lake with no idea why or to where. All I knew was that I was to go.
    As I entered the city I felt impressed to hit the building east of the Conference Center. I could see it in my minds eye, but could not recall what building it was. I guessed it may be the genealogy building ?? Turns out it is the Church Library.
   I took a tour and for two hours (the allotment of the parking space I had) I had a crazy enjoyable time! The spirit was rich and as I took a tour of the Library I was overwhelmed with the reminder that I did not want to/nor did/do I have time to idle away any time. There is SO much to be learned/taken in, appreciated, loved in that building. Outside of service, I found myself wanting to serve my mind and heart by soaking in whatever goodness others have recorded. Seriously, it is moments like that when I wish I was a speed reader and didn't have some of the limitations I do. BUT God is the one that blessed me with such weaknesses, and I am to be grateful (and I am) that I even know how to read and write.
   While in the building my awesome Sr. Missionary Tour Guide pointed out the picture up above. She said that the man that painted it was from Chile and was not a member of the church, at the time. The picture depicts he and his family in a field with their eyes/faces towards heaven--seeking further light and knowledge. The spirit of the painting, was consuming. A year later or so after he painted the picture, the man found what he and his family had been looking for. He became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Did you notice the date of the painting? '90! So recent! So many seeking for truths about where we came from, why are we here on this earth, where will we go after this life...? All those questions have answers, for which one can know for themselves! Click here for answers to such questions.What do you seek?
   The missionary then showed a small little clip of one of the journals in the Library. The story, deeply touched me and I could not hold back the tears. Thanks to a friend for finding this, Pres Packer shared this story in the 1980 April Ensign.
 … Joseph Millett, with his large family, was suffering through very, very difficult times. He wrote in his journal:
“One of my children came in and said that Brother Newton Hall’s folks was out of bread, had none that day.
“I divided our flour in a sack to send up to Brother Hall. Just then Brother Hall came.
“Says I, ‘Brother Hall, are you out of flour?’
“‘Brother Millett, we have none.’
“‘Well, Brother Hall, there is some in that sack. I have divided and was going to send it to you. Your children told mine that you was out.’
“Brother Hall began to cry. He said he had tried others, but could not get any. He went to the cedars and prayed to the Lord, and the Lord told him to go to Joseph Millett.
“‘Well Brother Hall, you needn’t bring this back. If the Lord sent you for it you don’t owe me for it.’”
That night Joseph Millett recorded a remarkable sentence in his journal:
“You can’t tell me how good it made me feel to know that the Lord knew there was such a person as Joseph Millett” (Diary of Joseph Millett, holograph, Archives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City).
The Lord knew Joseph Millett. And He knows all those men and women like him, and they are many. Theirs are the lives that are most worth recording.
   The movie, I felt like, caught the emotion perfectly. What a man brother Hall was! To go out seeking door to door for food for his family. And finding no success, he went and had the faith enough/humility to pray and asked God what he should do, and then had the humility to go knock on one more door! Surely, he knew that others were in "tight" situations with food just as he and his family was, but isn't it in loosing our lives to God, is when we find our lives! Then--also--in the sharing of what we have, it is magnified. Not meaning we will never run out of food, but didn't the widow, who gave what she had to the prophet first--have her very meal and oil increased!?! The spirit of adding a little more water to the soup, is the very spirit of giving all that we have...
   And this Joseph Millett... I believe if I had had the prompting to, I would have shared my flour. I would like to think I would have divided out my sack, but would I have just been tempted to say, "that is sad" and carry on without another thought of how to help? I hope it is not the latter, but how often do I say a prayer without a thought of being the hands?
   Jospeh's very character/nature was that he gave without prompting or being asked to give. And GOD KNEW he would share and sent Brother Hall to him. This has to be among the choicest of all complements and testimony, that the Lord knows us and will use our very strengths/natures to bless the lives of others.
   I was moved by this story and filled with a determination to seek for greater charity. I want a heart like Jospeh Millett. And I want the courage and the humility Brother Hall showed.
   My journey did not end in that building, as all those pieces were just blessings God wanted me to be showered with. And showered I was!
   About 20 mins before my parking spot expired, I decided to run over and see the Relief Society building. I have never gone inside before.
   A sister met me and suggested I go down and view the Relief Society, Young Woman's and Primary exhibits in the basement first. I was the only visitor in the whole building! The Sr. Sister Missionary that was with the exhibit let me walk around by myself. I found myself starring at the wall of all the Relief Society Presidents since the Restoration. I could not contain my emotions--and the flood gates let loose. Because I was the only visitor, I became very aware of how loud my sobs seemed to be and I tried to shush my tears. Oh how I love being apart of a society that seeks to: Increase faith and personal righteousness, strengthen families and homes, and seeks out and helps those in need. Don't tell me that God is not behind an organization that is so choice and beautiful. One that allows woman to fully use the attributes that shape and define womanhood--to the fullest capacity. I LOVE Relief Society and the woman associated in it!
   My mins winding down on my parking space, I walked quickly through the rest of the exhibit as some precious reminders/insights stirred my soul.
  I was getting ready to leave the basement when I met a volunteer sister missionary who is currently serving as her Stake's Young Womens President. Without "reason" she started sharing with me all the ways she was plagued/attacked with debilitating anxiety as a young mother of six and what she did to combat/fight/overcome her anxiety. As she spoke to me and told me her story, I had to make sure my jaw was not hitting the floor as I had been seeking and praying to know how to help a friend who is battling such a storm. (I found the "full" reason why God has prompted me to go to Salt Lake!)
   All the words/stories/experiences this woman was sharing with me of what fear and anxiety had done to her, were the exact tear-filled words of a choice friend. God sent me to Salt Lake, to gain further light and knowledge, from a volunteer missionary that just happens to only be in Salt Lake once every two weeks on Friday afternoons- in the basement of the Relief Society building!
   God knew that my friend could not make it to Salt Lake with her current life situation, but in answer to much prayer, He allowed me to go--for her!
   Chalk it up for Him again! GOD--IS AWESOME!
   And in case you are wondering what this Missionary did to overcome her consuming anxieties... she studied/did Personal Progress as an adult (over six times)! What a testimony/tribute to that inspired program.
   What does this look like to you?
  Iron Man excitedly showed me what he had made for me... a temple! He apologized that the angel was not white as he only had a Darth Vader Lego guy, but he was more than happy for him to be used as the angel Moroni! I will tell you what, this Proud aunt has this awesome temple sitting right in front of her computer screen!
  I totally can see the temple! Can't you?! (*Yes, Darth has a face, but his beady red eyes and white monster mouth staring up at me just couldn't compete with THE angel Moroni, so yes the head is turned around! ;))
   Oh the creation of a seven year old! Whom I love.

I am grateful for inspired days off!
I am grateful for those who seek for something better.. 
Happiness is my Mission Prep class and students.