Monday, April 26, 2010


Tonight as I knelt down, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Today--I have been sustained by prayers of others, in my behalf. I am indebted to earthly angels.

gave a great talk on prayer and shared some good insights! Thanks Al for sharing!

I don't want to pick my number #1 talk from conference, but if I had to come up with a favorite's list, Julie B. Beck's talk would be at the top of the favorite's list. :)
The ability to qualify for, receive, and act on personal revelation is the single most important skill that can be acquired in this life. --Julie B. Beck
What a quote!

Again, for the prayers that went up in my behalf, I felt them--and I have been sustained. Thank you!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Was led to listen to this talk today... Click here to read a message given to the Young Women of the church. That means--all women! :)
We all search for happiness, and we all try to find our own “happily ever after.” The truth is, God knows how to get there! And He has created a map for you; He knows the way. He is your beloved Heavenly Father, who seeks your good, your happiness. He desires with all the love of a perfect and pure Father that you reach your supernal destination. The map is available to all. It gives explicit directions of what to do and where to go to everyone who is striving to come unto Christ and “stand as [a witness] of God at all times and in all things, and in all places.”4 All you have to do is trust your Heavenly Father. Trust Him enough to follow His plan. - President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Timely message for me. This is the 2nd talk I have found from a general authority that has promised that you can have a "happily ever after". Awesome council!

It was raining on Friday and as I walked out to the parking lot I found our "pet" ducks bracing the cold rain. I can't believe I was allowed to run to my car and grab my camera--to get this shot. These two ducks are inseparable--even through a storm--they brace it together. Very inspiring.

Tonight I went to a movie alone. Never thought I could do that, but I was confident enough to do so. By the end of "How to Train up your Dragon" (One I highly recommend--probably not for little kids because the final dragon is pretty fierce) but I really love the message of the show. Mom and I left before praising God for whoever was inspired to write the story line. Awesome.

Anyway, right towards the end - I won't spoil it for those of you who have seen it - but the kid was needing to be saved. I wept, as a real application for me that I was in needing to be saved by my Savior. I am in need of his atonement, his mercy and his grace.

I see God's hand in everything! Ha--even a cartoon movie! :)

I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I LOVE the Book of Mormon, and the truths it holds for me. I love my Father in Heaven. I love my brother, Jesus Christ. I know, in whom I trust!

The church is true!

Happy Sunday--One hour in counting! Can't wait for a renewal.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


There is new life in spring!

When I woke up to go exercise I had the thought that I would want to take my camera. My camera was in the car and so with that I told myself I didn't want to go walking with my camera in hand. Well-- needless to say within 4 mins of my walking I found this beautiful patch of purple weeds! And of course I started chuckling over the fact that God was again right! (I know--I know! When is He ever wrong?! Just when will I learn to listen.) So I quickly jogged to my car to retrieve my camera.

It was nearly 10 mins of just having fun shooting the flowers.

I looked over at the morning sky and hoped that soon the sky would be filled with morning sun so I could have the light of the sun enrich the pictures I was taking.

I looked out to the west mountains jealous that the sunlight had already hit the mountain peaks. I was still in the shade of the east mountains. I decided to walk a little ways but not wanting to miss the first moment of sun, I quickly walked back to the patch of flowers and waited impatiently for the sun to flood the ground with color. Now ironically I had the priesthood session playing in my ears and I was listening to President Uchtdorf's message. Yes--his topic and subject matter of choice was, "Continue in Patience".

The very moments he was saying why we needed to be patient--I was impatiently walking up and down waiting for the sunlight to come. I just started laughing at how God was teaching me, that yes I need a little more patience. But my wait for the light was well worth it!

Lets just say that my exercise went to pot this morning but I really enjoyed basking in golden purple petals!

I jumped in the shower to get ready for the morning. I had a breakfast date with a good friend and I wanted to make sure I was on time. As I got ready, over and over I pondered on my morning experience on not being patient for the sunlight to reach the flowers and having President Uchtdorf teaching me that I Bryndi, need to have more patience. (I say Pres. Uchtdorf, but really it was God teaching me through his servant's words.)

The past few weeks and months God has wanted me to know about:
trusting in him,
leaving to him to order and provide,
cleaving to good things,
to suffer things to grow,
doubt causes a hard heart,
to remain faith filled,
not to complain,
how He wants me to remember now and for a while that "Patience is a process of perfection".

This morning was one of pondering for sure.

Right before I left for breakfast, not wanting to be late, but knowing I just needed something to help sustain my morning I said a quick little prayer that God would let me open up and read just one verse that would give me insight and a boost for the day. (This was a plead because I knew I didn't have time to devote any time to of studding before I left).

My Book of Mormon opened up to Alma 26 and my eyes went straight to verse 28. I laughed out loud, as you might too!
28 And now behold, we have come, and been forth amongst them; and we have been patient in our sufferings, and we have suffered every privation; yea, we have traveled from house to house, relying upon the mercies of the world—not upon the mercies of the world alone but upon the mercies of God.
Again--can God get any more direct to get the point across!?

After this patient scripture, I started asking, "Okay Heavenly Father, you are preparing my reaction for things to shortly come--aren't you?!" And so true. I felt order when life didn't feel like it was out of order. I felt cleaving to good things when I felt I already was, but didn't know it would be hard to continue. I felt that I would need to/had to suffer things to grow--at a time that didn't feel like suffering at all--but again in all of this, God is really good with "prep" work! Because little did I know then, but all the things He has been teaching me/impressing my mind with, have been shadows of the attitudes/traits I will/have needed to take on with current situations in my life. ALL of his counsel has come to pass--! (No shocker there!:) He always knows what is best.

With this fore-shadow of needing to know/understand and embrace the patience principle...I spent a good chunk of time by a river, walking alone with my camera in hand pondering over patience. As I walked I was touched at how at this time of year, everything is growing and changing! New life is springing up everywhere! And as new growth takes place--patience is the very principle that the new growth is having to practice.

Here is a taste of my walk by the river. All the quotes are from President Uchtdorf's Patience talk.

EVERYTHING in it's sphere of life, must experience patience! A tiny bud cannot cover a tree with beautiful flowers over night! Sure there are time for miracles, and I am a full believer/know that God is excellent at preforming miraculous miracles with no time at all.

With all the beauty that is taking place in this spring time--I am reminded that there are days when the mountain shadows cover us and we long for the "son"light to reach our outstretched petals. Sometimes we may have to wait all night, a day, a week, a month or even years--but this I do know--the "SON"light always comes! And patiently I will wait.

Notice the three ducks in this picture?

The small light colored female got out of the water by stepping on a rock and for several, several mins ran her beak through all of her feathers I am sure seaming them together. While she did this, the larger duck--which it was obvious was her mate-- swam down the river. One time the dark duck got too close for comfort and the Male lover swam for at least 20 secs in a fast manner beating it's wings up and down on the river. The scene was very impressive, I must say!

The darker duck never approached again while I was sitting there.

The female duck did not seem alarmed at all, but went on seaming her feathers together.

After the dark duck was shewed far away, the male duck seemed to give his bride her space to fix her feathers and he just swam back and forth in the river from bank to bank making what felt like was a wall of "back off". As soon as the female was done grooming herself she got back in the water and the two reunited and swam together upstream.

You could argue that it was just "habits of ducks". But for me, being able to watch this, I was deeply touched by the symbolism. Like the talk from yesterday's post--Adam, with time, had the the wisdom and contrast to fully appreciate Eve and all she had to offer and what she would mean for him.

The male duck, seemed to know his "Eve" and all she meant to him. And he was prepared to keep her safe and happy at all costs.

Well I better get ready for the Sabbath! I will be taking the sacrement looking at all the ways the Savior was patient with his own sufferings/timings. How He is endlessly patient with me.

The Church is true! God sure does love us! He loves me! (And I am not complaining! :))

Spring is another gentle reminder that new growth requires some awesome patience. Patience with ourselves and others.

I will--patiently--grow!

Friday, April 16, 2010


So, I just "happened" (you all know I don't believe in just happened stuff) :) find this talk today and listened to it. I cried. It was an answer to a lot of prayers I have never prayed--but only kept in my heart. Click A The Divine Nature and Destiny of Women to read. Amazing for all women--but also I gave all my brothers and my Dad a copy tonight asking them to please read and then to pass the talk on to their amazing wives.

I used to make screen savers for the computer at church. This one was the last one I made. Inspired off of the hymn, "Jesus, Savior Pilot Me". The definition of a pilot -- SOOOO profound! Makes the song all the more cool! (Click on the picture to get the bigger view.)

The other week I was in the temple, and I apologize I don't know if I have already blogged about this, but while I was in the temple there were a several events that led up to the thought process--but as I conversed in my mind/heart with God I decided that when I don't do something with my whole heart I am really not giving myself all to God. And it is either I am for Him 100% or I am trying to serve two masters. And I know that that can't work! So the thought was, "Bryndi, are you going to give me everything--including things that involve your heart, or aren't you?".

From that day on I promised God that I am His. I am done fighting. I am done being a stink when I get a prompting that is more difficult to follow. I try to always follow, but sometimes my heart is pretty rotten. And if we don't give a gift with all our heart, it profits me nothing. So I promised God I was done being a brat. No matter what, at all costs, my heart involved or not, I am His and I will Do, I will Go, I will Follow.

Well today, after a conversation with Kiss, it dawned on me how much I admired once hearing Elder Scott talk about he had never heard his wife complain. (And he is an apostle! So that had to meant lots of nights alone, with the kids, being the mom and dad.) It dawned on me that when I am going through situations/impressions I don't understand sometimes I am a complainer in my lack of understanding. Really, when I complain/questioning why, I am really just showing an awesome lack of faith.

--But NO MORE--!

I promised Heavenly Father a long time ago that if He would bless me with a righteous priesthood holder for a husband, that no matter what was required of my husband and our lives, I would not complain. Well--husband or not I am committing that I am done showing my doubt through complaining.:) I know, easier said than done, but I truly feel it. We are always setting an example of how we react with the different situations/circumstances in our lives....I am done setting a less then worthy example. :) This means, I am to be faith-filled!

Sam sent a very inspired text to me last night out of response of me reminding him to go to bed. He sent me, as his answer Mosiah 1:17. I read it was convinced he sent me the wrong scripture. But he later called and explained what the scripture had meant for him--when really it was an answer--revelation from God to me!
Therefore, as they were unfaithful they did not prosper nor progress in their journey, but were driven back, and incurred the displeasure of God upon them; and therefore they were smitten with famine and sore afflictions, to stir them up in remembrance of their duty. (Mosiah 1:17)
Sam had very amazing insights about the remembrance of our duty. For me God was/is saying, "Bryndi, the journey I have you on right now can not prosper or progress without faith". And I felt without MY faith.

Sooo--my conclusion for the day--I am not a complainer, but I AM a faith-filled daughter of God. One who is trusting where the Lord is guiding me. And using enough faith that if He wants/needs to preform miracles along my path he can--because I am choosing to be faith filled and believing!

(Note: I am sure I am going to crash and burn with this commitment at times. And I will forget "my duty". But please, if you catch me complaining over not understanding why God is having me walk a certain way, simply say, "Elder Scott's Wife" and that will be a gentle reminder of what example I too want to set.) Thank you in advance. And yes we can still be friends after you rebuke me kindly. :) ha ha

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Ha, Heavenly Father has been leading me constantly to read accounts in the scriptures about having/gaining a hard heart--and all the things that lead up to having a hard heart. It is amazing what having a hard heart will do--you forgot your god, you forget promises that have been made, you reason out miracles, personal far as I can see there are no perks for having a hard heart other than you get to be totally self deluded and self involved. Never seeking and serving outward but always focused on yourself.

Hel chapter 6 is what I have found to be the out line for the cycle of the heart. How is it after so many revelations, that the temptation to doubt is so strong? I speak only for myself.

This morning as I was reading in 3 Nephi chapter 1, RIGHT after the miracle of the day and night and day without any darkness and the new star appearing vs 22 says, "And it came to pass that from this time forth there began to be lyings sent forth among the people by Satan, to harden their hearts, to the intent that they might not believe in those signs and wonders which they had seen..." and I might add "felt".

Such an outline for my life. The last few weeks have been filled with a crazy amount of direct revelation for me. Revelation that although right now has no immediate pay outs--I cannot deny what I have felt impressed to do. And yet, right after the sweet impressions come, Satan "from [that] time forth" is out to destroy. My logical/worldly brain sets in and the temptation to just be hard hearted=giving up on the impressions I have had--is great...however this girl is not giving in! I have come to the conclusion that a hard heart is one that has no faith.

For me, as I kneel down and pray, trying to cry mightily as Nephi did the night the nephites were going to be destroyed, I too have felt, "Lift up your head and be of good cheer..." (3 Nephi 1:13). I find it so interesting that Nehpi was given permission in a sense to stop praying/worrying over his and his people's current situation because he was told to "lift up" his head. And the scriptures tell us he had been in mighty prayer all day long.

I still am at the conclusion that God has many mighty miracles to preform in my life. He is constantly! Focus on facts and what is or isn't visibly tangible in my life, but every little prompting/insight is a snowflake on my window! There are so many, I can not deny what the Lord is trying to tell me! And I will trust! I am filled with again, with a determination to serve Him, trust Him, follow Him--at all costs. And I will not allow doubt to harden my heart! In all aspects of my life. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010


Conference was amazing for me. As soon as I can get the actual notes I will have to share my thoughts. Saturday morning session was balm of gilead to my soul. Everything i have been pondering on and questioning seemed to be answered through those first two hours. And with a hundred little amazing things in between, President Monson capped off the whole conference by quoting Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
and then he finished the scripture saying that that has been the story of his life. I wept at his statement for it is so true for how I feel about my life, and I want it to continue to be true.

I knew that today was going to be a long day getting ready for Dream Team. Last week, while playing lazer tag I played maybe a little too aggressively and my knee that I had annoyed with some oversize exercise movements the week before decided that it hated lazer tag. By Thursday morning I was in some awesome discomfort with my knee and for the past 4 days I have been hobbling around.

This weekend with conference I felt it would give my knee the break it needed to heal right. But even yesterday as I knelt on the dance floor to take pictures of Brynnlee I sure paid for kneeling for the next several hours. This morning, knowing the amount of bending I would need to do in the bathrooms and up and down the stairs I agonized a little bit over the fact it will take yet another week after these few days to get my knee back healthy. The worst position is the kneeling position, for for whatever reason I am completely crippled for a long time after straightening my knee.

Well--knowing the week ahead of me, I pleaded, on my knees, this morning asking that the Lord to heal my knee so I could better serve my family and my work. My knee felt tons better. I noticed that it was not fully happy, but I didn't feel like crying.

Then, a miracle happened!

I was in the dance room with Dad working with the internet and the projector when I moved a certain way and heard, yes heard and felt a huge "POP" with my knee. It was so loud and I am not used to my body making popping noises in my knee area that I dared not move. I did let out a little yelp, not in pain but in horror of what that popping noise meant. Can I tell you what?! My knee is amazing!! I have knelt down several times since, I have been up and down stairs the rest of the day and although it is slightly tender, I am not acting like a cripple old woman anymore! It is a complete miracle! I have no idea what the "POP" was, but I am sure grateful for it!

Ya, so I don't do blood--during the meeting, I notice my mom come into the back of the room. She got my Dad's attention, and because I was "time keeper" I just went back to moving the consultants along. My dad came over to me and with concern asked me to go help my mom. I figured she needed help with the dishes, but when I got to the kitchen, she was not to be found and most of the mess was cleaned up.

I saw my mom coming out of the bathroom with an awesomely long cut on her arm. She very calmly asked me to help. Apparently something with the downstairs fire had attacked her arm (she still has no idea how she it) and it left a 3 inch cut across her fore arm. Because of the way the cut happened the wound was more long shallow than deep. I don't know if that makes sense.

She had been trying to wash out the cut. We grabbed the first aid kit and I kept telling myself I was okay--while verbally asking her if she was okay. The blood was coming out and got on my fingers and I had to tell myself if I were a "mom", I could not freak out on my children. My sweet mom just laughed and almost played with the blood coming out of the long wound. Not to be morbid, but just to put me at ease. I asked her if she was going to pass out, but when really it was me that was thinking I would hit the floor at any time.

She will be just fine yes, and yes I did survive but I could not help but praising heavenly father and thanking him for keeping my mom safe. Had her wound been more severe--she was in the basement and Dad and I with all the consultants were clear up on the 3rd floor in the dance room. We would have only known to go find her with a prompting. Not that God would have not prompted us, but as I looked at what could have been the different story with my mom's arm, I was deeply moved with gratitude to God.

I know we don't need/should not play the what if game, but I know and witnessed several miracles today! God is so kind.

He really is our loving father in heaven, who wants to bless us and help us. He is so willing.

A dear friend emailed me a letter that basically told her "honey" that she was not giving up on her dreams and her future. That although the road is difficult she would remain true to staying positive with whatever life brought and that she would continue in prayer and scripture study daily. The temptation to be complacent is a real one. To just give up because we can not see what the benefit is. But where is the faith practiced/exercise in a path that is completely clear of distractions/heart-ache/and disappointments? Like President Monson quoted so Proverbs--God will direct our paths - HE will! We just need to put our trust in Him and lean not to what our understanding is. He has the big picture--and we are just a brush stroke in His hands.

I just want to be a "truster" in Him!

Happy conference! The church is true. Small and simply things - just reading the Book of Mormon and praying consistently/daily brings happiness! One can't deny it! If you haven't tried or tasted of those blessing in a while, it is never too late to and the effects/harvest of such actions in your life are instantaneous! If we keep the commandments He does immediately prosper us Mosiah 2:24.

Well my battery is dead and early at Dream Team comes early! ;)

I sure do love God... a lot! Hope I can prove it/show it to Him daily.