Monday, May 28, 2012


So... the insurance company deemed my car as totaled. WONDERFUL was not the word of choice I would describe how I felt/feel about this. More like UGGg! But the process has not been void of Heaven, for which I am very thankful.

I went to the DMV a few weeks back to get a copy of my car title. Apparently when I paid off my car in 2006, I never got the title from the bank. So the DMV showed that the bank still had a "lean" on my car. Again, "wonderful" is not the word that came to my mind. :)

I called the bank and asked them to fax the DMV a release on the title. As I walked over to a bench to wait for the fax to come through, I could not hold back the tears of frustration. It had been a long week, and this little "title" detail was not the last straw on the camels back, but rather a puzzle piece that seemed to link all the other bad ones more closely together. Working with the auto body shop was far beyond NOT desirable, the insurance guy was nice but way to smooth with his words. The amount I was receiving for my salvaged car, wasn't even half of what was paid for the car 6 years ago. ...

As I bowed my head to stop anyone from seeing my tears, ever so gently, a scripture was placed in my mind, "...all things shall work together for your good." What a sweet reminder. And with that, I bucked up my shoulders, took a deep breath and seriously had the mind set of, "Okay, bring it on." (I WAS NOT looking for more opposition in my current battle, but in a way, the reminder of Christ's words allowed me to square up my shoulders.) About 3 mins after the reminder scripture, a friend from work, called me on her drive home, and that too, lifted my spirits and seemed to help infuse me with a little more faith in the current situation.

The accident was three weeks ago. Bless the kindness of my folks with juggling around their cars to help me out, with my brother and friends who have given me rides. Truly all angels!

Since the wreck, I have been working with a sweet couple who buy cars straight from the auction. They have a small finders fee but basically in their retired situation, help people find cars. The first week of looking for cars--the more and more apparent it became of what this little journey was bringing... I am going to need a loan, and more payments for two years isn't the most exciting thing to my soul. Color, make, model, cruise control, no cruise control, high and low miles, gas millage, compact, midsize, coupe, civic, hatchback... And yes I know this is nothing like the decision over an eternal companion or anything, but if I am to fork out that much money, I sure do want it on a car that is going to last and will not only be good for a future family I hope is in the not too distant future--but I don't want a lemon/lots of drama if I don't have to have it. (This all coming from a girl, that three weeks ago couldn't tell you the difference from a Honda or a Hyundai, a Toyota or a Ford. Amazing what being car-less will do to you. I NOW can spot a Toyota and Honda out of a mix of cars. Now that is an improvement for sure! ha ha:))

After viewing lots of different cars via email... there was about a 6 day window where my contact didn't email me anything. The more I researched the cars, the more stressed and worrisome I became. Over and over the impression came that it would all work out. But as new concerns were made apparent to my newly educated brain, new worries and fears crept in as well. Knowledge can be power, but I was feeling the more I learned about what I didn't know or at least hadn't considered before, the more heavy my burden started to become.

My worrying was consuming. *Note to self: Worry, doubt and fear do not provide a comfortable/happy/stable environment and living space.

This past Tuesday I went to the temple seeking refuge from my little bothersome storm. I did not receive answers, but at least I could keep the anxiety of the unknown car monster at bay while I was within the temple walls.

On my way to work, or shortly there after, my mind took hold on all the things that were weighing on my heart. Items that at different times when they had shown their ugly new heads, one by one I had take them to the Lord. My mind was in conflict. I knew that God had told me it would all work out/not to worry. I have even had the impression with what type of car to go with, but the more I learned car lingo, the more worrisome I became.

I am not sure how I came to the conclusion, but I retired to my private spot at work where I can kneel down. Before starting the prayer, I wrestled a bit with the fact that God already knew all my concerns, all my drama--after all He is God. And although I had at times given a piece of the burden here and discussed some of the issues there--NOW feeling quite educated with car stuff, I decided I just need to dump ALL car burdens on His alter, all at once. I opened my prayer and told the Lord I felt quite silly, knowing He already knew my concerns, but that I just needed to place them before Him for the benefit and hopes that my conscious self would know I got all items "off my chest".

I did just that. One by one, I listed each concern. Each worry of "stipulation" on my wants/desires/fears and concerns. I truly just "unloaded" EVERYTHING at the Lord's feet.

After I had completely discussed every ounce of every concern, I told the Lord I was ready to give the burden over to Him and to trust in His timing, will and inspiration. Once again, the sweet assurance came (like it had already come a handful of times throughout the course of this event). The answer was, to not worry, things would work out and it would be good.

THE DIFFERENCE WITH THIS OCCASION was that I had fully unloaded all my burdens=concerns and worries first. And with my spiritual sack, emptied on His alter, my life sack now had room to be filled with His promises and reassurance. It was truly something beauitful and in a way, life changing/eye opening.

God has answers for our deep prayers and peace for our troubled hearts. But like anything valuable, there must be a place for those answers and peace to dwell/be kept. If my sack retains all the worries and all the doubts/fears--even in God's kindness to send me such answers over and over like He did, if I have not made room/given the answers any place to reside--He can send the message, but like the water that dances on the shoreline, if there is not a tide pool with empty walls to hold that tide, the water will quietly head back to where it came from.

How grateful I am for prayer! And even in my doubting states of life, God allows me to "unload"-- that truly my burdens, might be light/lite!

This beauitful reminder/miracle was last Tuesday, and I am still at/dwelling in/with peace. When I am tempted to indulge back into the habit of "worry", I simply shake my spiritual head (and sometimes my physical head) and remind myself that I have done all I can do and the Lord has "got this".

So what will this week bring? The right car?! That would be WONDERFUL! BUT IF NOT, I know in whom I trust. :) I have made place for His peace to dwell. I finally made room for His tide/reassurance to remain and I have no intentions of replacing them with worry and fears. *Note to self: Why settle for anything less than His peace?! If I will make room, it is mine for the keeping.

Amazing what He allows us to learn. His patience and willingness to allow me to learn at the pace my soul/body needs, astounds me. He, is good!
Response from Marshyl on this post:  "Amazing how much nicer the Lord decorates our Spiritual walls when we get out of our own way and let him come in to do some interior design work huh?  :)  Some things are just better left to the Professional.  ;o) "
Amen Marsh!

"Some things are just better left to the Professional."
--Marshyl Cloward :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The following is a poem written by a friend. I watched him put it together in under 7 mins... and the story behind this poem is someone who has been fighting the war between which side of the battle fronts to be on. God's or the Devil's.
When I got trampled down,
I almost forgot how to fight.
But someone reached below
and brought me to the light.

Knees wobbling
feet quaking,
I got sin fleeing
and Satan shaking,

Juggling and tossing
I can't decide
I'll watch the light
and let it preside.

Firm feet planted
on the Rock!
Scream and yell
let him watch
I'm Jailbrake'n from Hell.
--Author: Hammer 4.11.12

He is letting light preside! He is choosing God!
**Please don't be mad I shared it Mr. Hammer.


I read this article today (click here) on a man's journey with same-sex attraction and how He exercised faith/trust in God and faith/trust in keeping the commandments, regardless of temptations. His courage to share as he calls "witness", moved me.

He shared: 
"In this area and so much of my life, I feel I’ve had to live the principle President Boyd K. Packer taught of going to “the edge of the light and [stepping] into the darkness to discover that the way is lighted ahead for just a footstep or two” (That All May Be Edified (1982), 340). We have to put Him first today, taking the necessary steps of faith today, and simply trust Him to take care of tomorrow. It’s only been through my learning and living that principle that the Lord has slowly been revealing to me His plan for my life."
    --Ty Mansfield

How this rings true with what I need to do with my own trials. Put God first today, excising faith today and trusting that He will take care of my tomorrow. Ty's story/experiences gives my own Gethsemane hope!! (And no, I do not deal with same-sex attraction. But everyone one has something(s) that is(are) thorn(s) of the flesh, and Ty's words can be applied to ANY thorn!)

So my new quote for the back of my phone cover!

I have a friend, Heidi Arave, who has shared with me the journey of her friends as their son has been battling liver cancer. This sweet family lost their son Sunday... and the blog post by the mom on Sunday is not only inspiring, but a beautiful testimony/reminder of Heavenly Father's ultimate plan of happiness.

This is what the mother posted the day her son passed:
Tyler returned home early this morning to his loving Father in Heaven after courageously battling liver cancer.  He fought valiantly to stay here and we are relieved that he is not trapped in his diseased body any longer.  We know he is free of pain of suffering and is happy to begin his new work in heaven.
As I was laying there last night watching Tyler struggle to leave, or to stay, I’m not sure which he was fighting for, I remembered a quote that my friend Ashley posted when her sweet Preslee passed away.  I knew there was one thing we had not completely given to Heavenly Father – our will.
Elder Neal A. Maxwell rightly said: “The
submission of one’s will is really the only uniquely personal thing we
have to place on God’s altar. The many other things we ‘give’ … are
actually the things He has already given or loaned to us.”
Tyler was never ours to keep here.  He was a gift to our family to bless us for a short time.  As soon as Darren and I let Heavenly Father know we had accepted His will and it was okay for Tyler to go, he was finally able to have peace.  We know the promise of peace is ours because of the Savior’s gift to us and that we will someday be reunited with our sweet boy and see his amazing smile when he greets us.
We are overwhelmed with the love we feel from friends, family, and community.  Please know that our family has accepted the plan for Tyler, and although our hearts are broken and the pain is more than we can explain, Heavenly Father has sent the Comforter to help us get through this.  Tyler, we love you with all our hearts.  Thanks for teaching so many what it really means to “Fight To The Finish”.  (Click here to read the blog.)
My prayers are going up for Tyler's family. What examples of Christ!

God bless the GREAT, Plan of Happiness! He will make a way for us. Help us fulfill the measure of our creation. God bless those who live their life in courage despite great odds. God's children, are awesome! I stand all amazed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"HAMMER"! :)

Dear Mr. Hammer,

This made me think of you. :) "...God is faithful. Through the Holy Spirit, He will speak to our minds and hearts concerning the path we should follow during each segment of our lives." --President Uchtdorf

I LOVE the word each! :)  That's a direct promise! You are in my prayers! I hope you are happy. God loves you, not that you didn't know that, but in case you wanted/needed a reminder. Being for Him, is worth any sacrifice. Hope your Book of Mormon is getting littered with fresh impressions. DON'T forget to take pictures in the Sacred Grove so I can live vicariously through those pictures! I will hold you to your promise. :D If I had your address I would send you fun surprises in the mail! HINT HINT! :) ha ha

Love, a friend that hasn't/won't forget,


Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Divine Role of Women

So for Mother's Day, I just have to say how thankful I am for all the women in the past and now living, and who will yet live on the earth, who once chose God's plan and Jesus Christ and are again choosing to live His plan in mortality. To the woman who have been blessed with families, and those who do it vicariously through actions... how grateful I am for the women in my life. The top of the list being my own amazing mother! (She is the one if you can't tell, keeps the sunshine where it should be--smack in the middle of EVERYONE'S lives!) I love you mom!

To my friends who's mother's have passed on... this talk is amazing speaking about those beyond the veil and gives choice info about others on the other side... click here to read.

To those who didn't know their Mother, claim hold of all the mother's in the past, even our Heavenly one, who helped shape the world for us to live in!

To Mothers: check out the Mary video on
To Fathers: Check out the 2nd video on

Oh a day for rejoicing in women!

I love you mom!

Happy Mother's Day

Thursday, May 10, 2012


"Religious observance in the home blesses our families."

"Example is particularly important."

"What we are speaks so loudly that our children may not hear what we say."

"Mothers and fathers praying with children may be more important than any other example."

"The message, ministry, and Atonement of Jesus Christ, our Savior, are our essential family curriculum."

"Our doctrine is clear; we are to be positive and of good cheer. We emphasize our faith, not our fears."

"The Book of Mormon is of seminal importance."

"Clearly, a dividing line between those who hear the music of faith and those who are tone-deaf or off-key is the active study of the scriptures."

"...when we inculcate into our lives scriptural imperatives and live the gospel, we are blessed with the Spirit and taste of His goodness with feelings of joy, happiness, and especially peace."

“I find that when I get casual in my relationships with divinity and when it seems that no divine ear is listening and no divine voice is speaking, that I am far, far away. If I immerse myself in the scriptures the distance narrows and the spirituality returns." (Spencer W. Kimball)

"Please understand that having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and keeping His commandments are and always will be the defining test of mortality."

"Above all else, each of us must realize that when one is tone-deaf to the music of faith, he or she is out of tune with the Spirit."

"Let us...resolve to awaken within us and our families a greater desire to claim the Savior’s incomprehensible gift of eternal life."

All from Elder Cook's masterful, move my soul, talk In Tune with the Music of Faith. (Click HERE).

**This talk is what I hope to use as one of the guideposts for when I have my own family. (There is SOO much more in this talk that I did not highlight here.)
I could not help think of all the 6am sessions of scripture study and all the times I tried to pretend like I was asleep to get out of going to family prayer, while reading this talk... Elder Cook says that "persistence in reading the scriptures daily as a family is the key."  Oh how I thank and praise my parents for their persistence even when rebellion and constant fights were their battle front. Thank you mom and dad for loving me enough to be persistent! Thank you for setting a life long example/habit not only for our family growing up, but the family I hope/will have someday! PRAY I will be able to be persistent too! :D And Elder Holland says that although it is late, it is not TOO late yet. Good habits are just small and simple things that if established will be the means of bringing great things to past!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


My heart is full for a lot of reasons...! I received this picture and the following text from a dear friend tonight:
"Just got out of the temple for the first time in probably close to ten years it felt so good to finally be able to go back."

This friend has done a 180 with his life. Completely has changed and given his life over to God. When he told me he was getting his recommend for baptisms this past Sunday, I wanted to cry. He knows and values the power of the temple. He has tasted what it is like to live life for self instead of God. And has/continues now to live his life for God. His is an example/story of salvation and redemption!! Oh how I love the guy! What a tool for God he will continue to be... and all because he has decided to put the gospel of Jesus Christ in his center. He is a life hero! HE makes me want to be/live life better.

So little blessings today: I stopped pretty fast at a red light and looked in my mirror only to have the realization that the car behind me was not noticing the red light and was not slowing down. I literally had enough time to think, "They are not slowing down, I am going to get hittt........" and hit I was. I think he must have been going 30 or 40 miles per hour, maybe faster.

Poor dude, his car is a 2012 only 2 months old, sweet fully loaded nice car. He only had a slight mark on the front and a broken (fix it with glue) vent panel. I pulled over and after the shock wore off of getting hit went outside to see his and my car. My whole bumper needs to be replaced and my trunk is smashed in/no longer can stay shut. He was going pretty fast, but you know, for how fast he was going, I should be way worst than I am. I took his info and let him scoot off to get to his work. Apparently you are suppose to call the cops after an accident. (Leave that to an almost 30 year old who has never really been in an accident like this before to not know that detail. And yes already knocking on wood!)

I see God's hand.

We met up around 3pm to have a cop come meet us to make a report. And in the 45 mins of waiting for the cop that never came we talked about his life. He is 27. His folks are converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. At first he made some comments about just not going to the singles ward but going to the family ward. But several mins into the conversation he made some conflicting statements. He said that he wanted to marry a mormon girl in the temple, but that while he was single the church life (living commandments) was just not his thing. He talked about judgments and if he wants to drink, it doesn't make him a bad person. I totally agree, he is not a bad person. In fact, the fact that he was willing to meet me with the cops for him running into my car said a lot about his heart.

I noticed quickly that the the cop wasn't going to get there so I started to pray more fervently to know what I was suppose to say or how I was to listen. Once he started about the gospel, he started getting defensive because he didn't (and none of us like to) live with guilt. His actions after all were his own and who was to say what was good or bad. He talked about little kids being brain washed into believing a religion and almost in the same breath he said that the principle of over eating and not exercising was a proven prescription for an unhappy life and he couldn't see why people wouldn't live that truth. He also said how he could see how he would want to teach his children to keep the commandments because it was a good way to live, while again in the same breath stating that he basically didn't want to "feel" accountable when he made wrong choices. He was living/talking with conflict. Like all of us when we don't want to keep a commandment/struggle we serve two masters. We put the light of Christ (which helps us know right from wrong) under a basket and then justify that it is our life to live and our choice--and because it is our life we can and should numb our self from feeling any remorse or regret for sin/not keeping a commandment of God. 

He talked about how he feels people at church live in a fantasy land. That they need to wake up and realize that life is hard and not be so "cheesy". But that is just it, God has a plan for happiness for us NOW and AFTER. Not just after! Joy IN the journey, not just at the END. We talked about our baptismal covenants and what we promised when we were baptized. This realization seemed to be a new thought for him. I could see his inner thoughts starting to turn in a way perhaps he has never allowed/never realized/never cared to let in before. But the thought of taking on Christ's name, keeping his commandments, serving/loving others, and always trying to remember Christ--seemed to hit a chord with the kid. We talked about that trials and the "hard times" in their very nature HELP us TO REMEMBER Christ and to turn to him. I told him that I could see God's hand in the accident. Not that God caused it, but through it/with it, God was reaching out. The look of realization of the truth of that thought seemed to strike another chord with him, and he softened.

Well tomorrow morning 7:30am brings trying to meet up with the cops again to see if we can get things fixed.... our conversation ended well. I see God's hand. It could have been so much worst. And don't get me wrong. I had all the emotions of frustration, wasted time, hassle, royal pain all cross my mind and heart today. ... but why not have an accident bring about someone who deep down wants to change, and wants God, but is fence sitting. I had/have to smile at the "tools" / situations God chooses to use. I see His hand.

Then tonight at the temple, Mom was a worker when I was going through the end of the session, and the kind veil coordinator waited and held mom's spot clear just so I could go with her to the veil. Sweet!

My ward was to do the 8pm session, but apparently it was completely full, so we had to wait until the 8:20 session.... which put me getting out of the temple RIGHT when mom and dad finished their shift. I had the impression to get a blessing from dad while in the session, but I didn't know when I would see him knowing their shifts are late and I was going to have an early morning... but there was mom and dad waiting in the foyer-and there was the way to get the prompted blessing. And to top off my eventful day, my handsome (better than any date) nephews (and yes I mean that. I would choose to hang out with them then go on a date! They are just that amazing of young men!) were waiting for me because Jen dropped them off to do baptism...! I LOVE family!

A day that pretty much could be labeled as quite horrible, became and ended so choice!

I see God's hand. I am so grateful for the protection and the accident that led to a conversion of a searching soul. OH and I saw Micarie on the freeway. Happy spot!! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Part 1 of the 3 Part Challenge!

Are you up for the challenge?!

This is a 5 month challenge!

Hopefully you have received your Conference Ensign...

The over all challenge is to read a General Conference talk every day for five months/until Oct's General Conference. In the past, I have read the Conference Ensign, every day until it is finished... then, I have re-read the Ensign about 35 days before the next conference. BUT WHAT ABOUT IN BETWEEN?

I heard Sheri Dew take on the challenge of reading/listening to a conference talk every day in between the six months of conference. I have never done it, so... I am going to try it!
Challenge 1: Read the Conference Ensign cover to cover (I am a week into this, and again, it is just soo good!) 
Challenge 2: After the May Ensign has been read, pick from favorite Conference talks in the past/let God impress on your mind the talks He would have you read and read at least one talk each day.
Challenge 3: 38 days before Oct's conference,  re-read the Conference talks from the May's Ensign. 
What do I hope to gain?

This tree is known as the bride tree at temple square, where couples would come sit on the branches. The tree is VERY old and cannot support its own limbs. You can see (there are at least 4) metal support beams holding up the limbs of the tree, sustaining the tree, allowing the tree to continue growth.

I believe that studying General Conference talks will be and do the same thing for me! The talks will act as beams of support... strengthening me through the next five months, allowing/providing the support to help me continue to grow as God would have me grow. Davey wisely put it, that what we receive in General Conference--is what God would have us apply to our lives/is the council for the next six months of our life. (Amen Davey!)

So who's up for this 5 month challenge?! :D  You are welcome to join me!

Q: What if I don't care for reading? Can I listen to a talk a day?
A: Go for it! (You can download a podcast and listen to it that way if you want to listen.)
Q: What if I miss a day and/or fall behind.
A: Elder Holland said, "His [God's] concern is for the faith at which you finally arrive, not the hour of the day in which you got there." : D

To listen/read April's Conference Click Here.
For all Conference's to choose from Click Here.

Q: What if this little challenge was life changing?
A: Blessed is the life that gets strengthened/changed for the better!!

What can it hurt?! There are only things to be gained!

Hand-cuffs, Blindfolds, and a Backward Grannys!

So I have spent a few months getting ready for our Leadership Conference. 52 energetic women from all over the US and Canada came together for a three night stay in Park City. Among all the little details to get ready for, I needed to plan and prepare our company outing to Jupiter Bowling Facility. (Notice I didn’t say bowling ally—when doing the inspection the manager quickly corrected Patti and I when we called the place an “ally”. :) Apparently when you have a full bar and restaurant inside, the correct lingo is Bowling “Facility” Who would have thought?! :D )

Truth—I could not grasp how to plan for the evening. I couldn’t wrap my brain around the teams/how it would all come together. Seems like not a big deal, but for seriously three weeks, as I tried to come up with the logistics of the evening—nothing came/was coming. I started praying for God to help inspire me or someone… and inspire He did!

God placed a friend on my path, that seriously after seven mins of chatting with him about my needs for the evening… he shared some ideas and literally gave me a jump on the whole company night. No more than seven mins of conversation, my stewed over problem of three weeks, was completely solved!  I think my friend became a little embarrassed with how excited I was with his ideas and he ended the conversation with, “Well, you will figure it out, YOU are the event planner.” :) His few mins of chatting with me, was an answer to much prayer! He will count it as just shooting the breeze, however, I count it as a direct tender mercy/answer from God!

The whole event went well, but the bowling night was a huge highlight and all my gals had a great time!

 We had a blind fold round, and a hand-cuff round. A granny shot and a backwards granny shot round. We had a "do your best disco move" before bowling with your non-dominant hand round!  And my personal favorite was a TEAM LINE UP-- where everyone had to bowl through the the legs of their teammates. This round, some bowled and some crawled through their team's legs. Needless to say it was hilarious to watch!
Team Line Up
Hand-cuff Wonders
Blindfold Spin! (Believe it or not, I actually had a gal hit nine pins down on this round! MOST team balls, ended in early gutters and a handful of balls jumped lanes/hitting brick walls!  And no, I didn't give the Bowling facility the heads up of what our plans for the evening was!)
The evening was a blast! Everyone had a really good time. The whole time I was snapping away pictures, I kept thanking God over and over for my favorite friend He placed to answer my many prayers!

Big or small, it really doesn’t matter. God knows the intents of our heart. How thankful I am that He places answers in the form of good people along my path! From my boss, who not only believes in me, but also happens to be one of my best friends, to all those who helped behind the scenes to make the event come together, to my friend that helped me figure out the bowling dilemma...

God answers prayers!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


(Missed you Carson, Tay and Kiss!)

Love Marjorie Hinckley's Quote! And after reading my sister-in-laws blog, I just about died laughing. Oh the joys that come in little package. All three of the cute kiddos talked about below are in the picture above. And after reading this very entertaining blog on my niece and nephews... Sister Hincley's quote deserves an AMEN! :D

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 
T-ball and Pink Eye and a little bit of Poop!
My little one is beginning T-ball.  This is kind of a first for our little family.  In the past I have really enjoyed throwing around a baseball with my boys and like every good mother feel the world has been conquered when they finally HIT the ball!  I was however a little curious as to how my son felt about playing for the first time (nervous, etc).  I had to laugh when he said.  "I'm so excited! I'm going to hit the ball, catch the ball, get every body out." And then practically shouting with his fingers in the air, "I'm going to be AMAAAAAAZING!"  Then he proceeded to do his version of the John Travolta with both pointer finger poking the air!  I loved his confidence and enthusiasm.  It reminded me how we all must have viewed what marriage would be like.... motherhood.... or possibly out careers before we were actually up to our eyeballs in them.  We had all of the enthusiasm and confidence in the world.  And then, years later (sometimes more, sometimes less) with bumps, bruises, at times sad hearts, we forget that we even had those moments.  Maybe we all just need to get up in the morning, jut out a knee, throw our pointer fingers in the air and tell ourselves, "I AM going to be AMAAAAAAZING!" And then go back to bed, LOL!

My daughter on the other hand also gave me a chuckle.  One of those don't laugh out loud because you don't want her to know you thought it was funny laughs.  She has pink eye, and out of sheer desperation I HAD to take her to the store.  Fearing that she would spread it I told her, "you may NOT TOUCH ANYTHING! okay sweetie!"  To which there came a pause, followed by the quiet question, "Can my sandles touch the floor?..... can I breath? Because I might die."  The innocence of children.

Last and not all... the poop on the potty!  I could hear the water running in the bathroom so I went upstairs to investigate. (we mothers are quite the investigators!) I found my son squatting on the counter, washing his hands.  "Hey bud, time to turn it....... Why is there poop on the counter?" I asked.  "And why don't you have pants or underwear?" My eyes began to broaden their circle of recognition.  "(Gasp) Why is there poop on the rug? (Much bigger gasp) And why is there poop all over the toilet seat?!?  What happened buddy!" His reply.  "Well mom, I had an accident."  I quickly scanned for the underwear.  No where to be found.  "Where are your underwear?"  "They are in my room."  "Did you have an accident in your room?"  "No, I had an accident on the stairs."  "You went poop in your underwear on the stairs!"  "No.     I had an accident on the stairs, took my underwear off in my room and then got poop on my hands, so mom..... I did the right thing.... and I'm washing my hands!"  All I can say is Holy Talidoes!    (click here for "This Happy Mom" blog)

"The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache."
-- Marjorie Pay Hinckley

AMEN! :D I love my family! Thanks for the post Jinger!