Sunday, March 9, 2014


After all my revelation was: "Stay/can't go until the Condo sells" and "Trust your husband". With this revelation I stayed in Utah, while Mr. Dashing moved out to WY last Oct. A few weekends here and there--watching budgets with gas costs for the 10 hour round trip drives, and thank goodness for Thanksgiving in Nov and Christmas in Dec which allowed us to be together. Friends always asked me how "being" married was and I would tell them when I "was'' I would let them know!

Well for the first time since Aug 30th, I have just experienced my VERY first weekend where we have not been traveling or cleaning a condo but are actually living in the same state and under the same roof! Let me tell you, it is AWESOME!

This miracle of us even getting to live together started back in Nov when someone Mr. Dashing worked with suggested I turn in my resume to her place because they would be hiring. We knew we had some time but come the end of Dec/start of Jan I had some very strong impressions to get my resume in.

With the help of my patient and devoded Mr. Dashing and blessed Cindy's timely editing, my resume was in the start of Jan. A day later a job interview was set up and I found myself visiting Mr. Handsome in WY for the interview.

What if this job took?! What would I do with the condo? How would this all work?

The interview I felt went very well and a few weeks later was confirmed by the gal wanting to hire me that in fact she did want to hire me-she just had to "wait" some time to give me the job. Mr. Dashing and I felt to move forward with faith. Impressions were followed, emails back and forth to Africa, loving folks that decided to buy back the condo, a three week notice given to my job and moving boxes galore! All these things/a move to take place in about a three week window. When God's timing arrives--it arrives.

I had still not "heard' officially from the job but we were fairly confident all would work out.

The week of moving (mid Feb) to WY came and I was a bit of a mess. So much to do, working 4 10's and then coming home to try and get ready for the move. How would I be ready for when Mr. Dashing would come a few days prior to all the wonderful help set up? (By the way, he came out a day earlier than planned which was not only awesome but very inspire! Thanks babe! STILL was a GREAT and needed surprise.)

As the stress and worry (I sometimes allowed to) weigh on my heart, the Tuesday of the week I was moving I was awoken with the scripture from Proverbs in my head. 
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."  
I had never really tried to memorize this scripture before, but my mind knew all the words. And for a straight hour, this scripture played and replayed in my mind in a very vivid way. I saw words, and me "leaning" to my own ways but then seeing myself "lean" on the word LORD and TRUST. It was very vivid...

By the time I hit the shower just after 6 a.m. I verbally made the comment, "Okay Lord, I get that thou wants me to TRUST thee." Because of the stress with the move that weekend and me not knowing how we were going to move all of our stuff, I figured God wanted me to trust that it would all work out. So of to work I went, with trust in my heart.

So imagine I am at work and about 3:10 I find that I missed a phone call. I go into a back room and who is it? The employer I had interviewed with, that practically told me I had the job, had just left a message that there had been budget cuts and they no longer would be hiring anyone. The gal wished me good luck with my endevors and that was that.

"Ohhhh, I get it! Heavenly Father, this morning with the scripture--that was to prepared me for this!" Normally I would have fallen to my knees crying in dispair. I did fall to my knees and tears did roll down my cheeks but they were tears of gratitude. God KNEW that I wasn't going to get that job that would secure having insurance. But He also KNEW that that job was the tool to start the motion of getting the condo sold and making a way/providing the means for me to move and actually work on the wife and marriage catigories under the same roof as Mr. Dashing. The urgant prompting to put in my resume, to the almost too good to be true interview, to the acknowledgment that it was a "done deal" with the hire--- all HIS tools to make a way for me to move at the timing He had in plan. The tears were simply gratitude that He had given me the morning I had had with the reminder that I was to trust in Him.

I left that room with a peace and a calm that I know, can only come from God. 

So coming up close to a month, I am actually getting to work on the whole "wife" and "marriage"roles in the same location and house as Mr. Dashing! Still no job on the horizon yet, but we are trusting in God. His timings and ways may not be our own, but He knows better than we do. And we know in whom we trust!

To all those who helped with our packing, cleaning, and loading--- BLESS YOU! In so many ways God litterally sent earthly angels when I was in need of some help. I am a big "time" succor. And because I value time and what I do with my own, when others offer theirs for and in behalf of MY needs, I don't know if there is a sweeter, more kind gift that can be given. Or a gift that causes my eyes to leek so easily. For all the prayers and well wishes to get Mr. Dashing and I together--THANK YOU! Thank you!

And a note to all my friends at my past job for nearly nine years--Heritage Makers. I truly have been spoiled to be surrounded by great examples. My co-workers were/are of the highest caliber of integrity and honesty, of love and devotion, service and unity. I know that I was given an "ideal" to work in. When being interviewed I was asked what I didn't like about my current work situation. I paused for a very long time not knowing what to say and finally said that I wished the kitchen sink was larger. Yes the gals interviwing me had a chuckle with this, but they just simply did not know the type of people "BLESSINGS" God has allowed me to work with. And not just the folks I worked with, but their spouses and family not in the work arena... individuals who Love and reverence God and one another too. I have had nine years of training on how to be a better person and what it is to give more of "self".

To my team and fellow co-workers from HM-- I LOVE YOU, more than I know how to express! Thank you for coming/being in my life.

So we are trusting God. What will be our next adventures? Only God fully knows, but as Mr. Dashing always reminds me, "It will all work out."  Heavenly Father knows what He is doing. (Thank goodness too!)

Happiness is knowing God is in the Details. Even if you don't have a clue what they include. 
I am grateful to a husband who is patient and kindly loving as I try to figure out this wife and marriage thing. :) 
Love you babe!