Thursday, May 10, 2012


"Religious observance in the home blesses our families."

"Example is particularly important."

"What we are speaks so loudly that our children may not hear what we say."

"Mothers and fathers praying with children may be more important than any other example."

"The message, ministry, and Atonement of Jesus Christ, our Savior, are our essential family curriculum."

"Our doctrine is clear; we are to be positive and of good cheer. We emphasize our faith, not our fears."

"The Book of Mormon is of seminal importance."

"Clearly, a dividing line between those who hear the music of faith and those who are tone-deaf or off-key is the active study of the scriptures."

"...when we inculcate into our lives scriptural imperatives and live the gospel, we are blessed with the Spirit and taste of His goodness with feelings of joy, happiness, and especially peace."

“I find that when I get casual in my relationships with divinity and when it seems that no divine ear is listening and no divine voice is speaking, that I am far, far away. If I immerse myself in the scriptures the distance narrows and the spirituality returns." (Spencer W. Kimball)

"Please understand that having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and keeping His commandments are and always will be the defining test of mortality."

"Above all else, each of us must realize that when one is tone-deaf to the music of faith, he or she is out of tune with the Spirit."

"Let us...resolve to awaken within us and our families a greater desire to claim the Savior’s incomprehensible gift of eternal life."

All from Elder Cook's masterful, move my soul, talk In Tune with the Music of Faith. (Click HERE).

**This talk is what I hope to use as one of the guideposts for when I have my own family. (There is SOO much more in this talk that I did not highlight here.)
I could not help think of all the 6am sessions of scripture study and all the times I tried to pretend like I was asleep to get out of going to family prayer, while reading this talk... Elder Cook says that "persistence in reading the scriptures daily as a family is the key."  Oh how I thank and praise my parents for their persistence even when rebellion and constant fights were their battle front. Thank you mom and dad for loving me enough to be persistent! Thank you for setting a life long example/habit not only for our family growing up, but the family I hope/will have someday! PRAY I will be able to be persistent too! :D And Elder Holland says that although it is late, it is not TOO late yet. Good habits are just small and simple things that if established will be the means of bringing great things to past!