Monday, April 23, 2012


I have a pretty big week ahead of me. Yesterday I thought to hit the 5:40am session today, because if I didn’t, I knew trying to go on Tues just might not happen. I woke up late (6am) and thought "I can't afford to go to the temple!" (This coming from knowing I had so much to do.) The spirit immediately impressed on my mind the thought, "You can't afford not to go." And of course I knew that was true. So I jumped up and ran to the temple. While passing my work with it’s empty parking lot, I thought about how much I could accomplish without anyone there--but I kept on driving. I ended up on the 7:20 session, and it was wonderful.

God is right… I can’t afford not to go! There is power and strength to be had. Sometimes I kick against the pricks. Thank goodness God knows not only how to work with/on me but he also won't give up on me! And I am sure thankful He doesn't.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

In Honor of Sam

How do you find an engineer among 300? Look for the one with the biggest and BEST smile of course! (Funny how for 30 mins I could not find where you were sitting, until I saw your smile! And yes, this happens to be a lucky shot! I kept clicking my camera hoping that when I finally did find where you were sitting, I would have captured your location. SUCCESS!) :D

If the smile didn't give away your location... surely being the ONLY ONE with a Mexico flag on top the cap did! I didn't notice this until you were getting ready to walk across the stage. Very clever Sam Garcia! What a way to "engineer" a way for your family to find you in the mist of the crowd! I am happy to see you are putting years of schooling to work already! ;) ha ha

No doubt your Mom and Dad were/are smiling from beyond the veil, but God sent two physical/earthly stand-ins on your big day! And your brother and sisters beamed as we talked about who you are and what you mean to them and us.

We love you SAM GARCIA! The future is yours! God is your strength! Faith is the key! Christ is the way! Seize the DAY!

Friday, April 13, 2012


This is dedicated to all the wonderful women in my life. Girlfriends, co-workers, sisters by blood, and sisters by sealings (which I now count as blood!), nieces, aunts and cousins, my mom, and choice adopted grandmas... Thank you for being the beauitful part of MY world. Thank you for standing for truth and righteousness. Thank you for trusting in God. Thank you for loving others. Thank you for choosing faith even when it would be so much easier to choose to live life with/in fear. Thank you for setting mighty personal examples of how I can better live my life.

(To my choice deaf friends. Please forgive my "screaming" e. Bad habit not yet broken! : /  -  :D)

Right in the opening session of General Conference I was moved by a story President Packer shared:
I was stationed in Osaka, Japan, when World War II closed. The city was rubble, and the streets were littered with blocks, debris, and bomb craters. Although most of the trees had been blasted away, some few of them still stood with shattered limbs and trunks and had the courage to send forth a few twigs with leaves.
A tiny girl dressed in a ragged, colored kimono was busily gathering yellow sycamore leaves into a bouquet. The little child seemed unaware of the devastation that surrounded her as she scrambled over the rubble to add new leaves to her collection. She had found the one beauty left in her world. Perhaps I should say she was the beautiful part of her world. Somehow, to think of her increases my faith. Embodied in the child was hope.

"[She] seemed unaware of the devastation that surrounded her...She...found
...she was the beautiful part of her world."

Seriously, those words move me, and throughout the last two weeks since the address was given, I have thought of them often.

Daughters of God are meant to not only see the beauty, but to be the beauty by standing for truth and righteousness and our Heavenly Father will help us to do so.

We know, because we have been taught through the scriptures and living prophets, that hard times are not only here but will continue to come.

When we find devastation surrounding us in any form, be it physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual. Be it with our own self or of those we love and/or around us... May WE FIND the beauty.  May we BE the beautiful part, of the world. Beautiful in attitude, in trust, in faith, in prayer. Beautiful in temple worthiness and worship, in charity, in hope, in love. Beautiful in kindness, in forgiveness, in compassion, in service. Beautiful in selflessness, in joy, in humility...

My heart is swollen. I take this as a personal commission from the Lord. And with deep gratitude I thank God for the women he has placed in my life who have/are teaching me about what it means to see and be His beauitful.