Monday, June 20, 2011


Some great talks were given yesterday and I was grateful for the sweet spirit. Our Bishop started a minute of silence after the Sacrament was passed. This was just 60 seconds where everyone, including those who passed the sacrament, could have a moment to ponder on the Savior. I have never been in a sacrament that did this before, but I really appreciated the moment of pause. It also does help to be in a singles ward where we aren't yet blessed with the awesome challenge of helping our children behave in church! It was a sweet.

Brother and Sister Walker shared a story that really touched my heart. When their boys were just little they got two goldfish. They named them Abraham and Dodo. After a few days, one of the boys decided that he would share his chocolate chips with the fish. They left for a couple of hours and when they came back, they found their Goldfish floating on top of the water.

Brother and Sister Walker tried to explain the life expectancy of goldfish to their two little boys. One of their little boy's said that they needed to say a prayer. So trying to keep their chuckles down to a serious tone, Brother Walker said a prayer, talking about letting Abraham and Dodo be sent to fish heaven with their friends. Sister Walker said she was half opening her eyes during the prayer feeling a little foolish for praying over two Goldfish.

The prayer was finished and they said amen. Still two belly side up goldfish. Brother walker swirled the fish around in the water and fumbled for the right words to explain why the fish had to die, when the 3 year old said, "Daddy, I say the prayer." Now the Walkers were feeling quite silly about praying a 2nd time over the goldfish. They described what their three year old said in his prayer, "Heavenly Father, please let Abraham and Dodo to live. Amen." The Walkers said they opened their eyes and found Abraham and Dodo swimming happily around. !! They could not explain this miracle. Several hours belly side up and dead. Swirling the water around by Brother Walker to stall/prove that they were "gone" to his boys... but here were the happy swimming fish!!

Brother Walker said that after that experience he ponder why such a miracle happened. He said that his boys were so young, that he is pretty sure they don't remember the experience on their own--only knowing and hearing their mom and dad share the story. So then why the miracle? What was the point? They concluded that the miracle was for "them"--and "Why not". These two little boys had faith enough to ask, regardless that a miracle was needed for two goldfish. Brother Walker discovered that he was being a "Deny-er" of miracles. Just because something is not important to us, doesn't mean that it isn't important to others.

Am I stopping such miracles to be preformed because I lack the faith, confidence, or trust that such a miracle can be done? Even over something as small as would seem to be insignificant Goldfish?

Brother Walker testified that he didn't want to be a deny-er of miracles. What a beautiful and profound statement. Who am I to snicker over the desires/needs/wants of others. To think them silly or trite? God, who knows us perfectly, wants to bless us. He loves us and sees/knows fully who we can/will become.

On such a personal way--- I had an institute teacher that was a powerpoint king. Well, not for all of his classes, but just for ours. He would have slide after slide with amazing quotes. The only down fall was that he always called on volunteers to read the slides out loud. I STILL dread being called on to read out loud. I can't describe the amount of anxiety it causes me.

For several weeks going to this class---it always seemed miraculous to me that the Teacher would always have the students furthest away from me start reading the powerpoint slides. They would read down the row, so for several weeks I never was called on to read. And every night I wasn't called on to read I would ofter several silent prayers of deep thanks.

One night as I went into class, and the reading began and my silent prayers to NOT be called on had started... I pondered and worried that perhaps the Lord would not let me "get" out of reading because perhaps he wanted to "teach me a lesson" that "Bryndi, you need to get over this fear/anxiety you have and the only way to do that is by reading out loud." I actually pondered over that and thought, logically as a parent, I could see a parent having their child do what they really didn't want to do so they could overcome their fear/hesitations... Walking, riding a bike, eating peas..etc.

As it came time for me to read, I felt my face becoming hot and my mouth turning into cotton--I prayed if He [Heavenly Father] didn't mind, I would love to not be called on to read.

All of a sudden the teacher totally skipped over me and called the kid sitting next to me to read!! What just happened?!!

If you knew this teacher you would know he doesn't really skip around after he has started a "flow" in the rows of reading. And there are enough slides, that not a lot of time goes between each one so it is not like he can forget who just read or who hasn't read. But sure enough I was the next one in the sequence to read, and he just skipped right over me. I silently said a prayer of thanks...and had a beauitful insight to how merciful the Lord is.

Something I really don't like doing--reading in front of others. Have I done it--oh yes, ever since the mission, so 7 1/2 years of random reading out loud. You would think that would make you just get over it, but I have not yet. And a merciful Heavenly Father, knowing my amazing uncomfortableness, could have had me read to "learn a lesson" or to just work on "getting over" something so dumb... But the only lesson given that night was like the fish. I needed a miracle, and God, was so willing to supply. Even what would seem like to someone else I was asking "goldfish to live again". God is not a deny-er of miracles. And like Brother Walker taught, I don't want to be either!

Taylor just flew in today. What a grown up young woman! I can't wait to spend the next few weeks with her!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints IS true!
Jesus is the Christ! Thank goodness for His mercy. I am constantly in need of it! My cup runneth over!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

HAPPY for lots of reasons day!

Today my sister was born--we won't state how MANY years ago that was-- ;) ha ha, but I am so grateful for the person she is. It is amazing her heart fits inside her. She is constantly doing things for others... when she comes to town, she IS the life of any party. And if there is not a party-she makes a party.

I love you Kiss! Happy Birthday.

The past few weeks represent a lot of wonderful blessings God has placed in my life. Jenny, Nykki, Nic, Becky and Krysti all have June birthdays. Five amazing people that God has given me. I love you all.

This picture just makes me laugh!

Dad stuffing the turkey.

If you don't know my dad, you should! You would find a man of integrity. A man who is constantly bettering his best. A man who honors the priesthood which he holds. He truly is a wonderful father, husband, and one of this girl's best friends. I love you Dad! Happy Father's Day!

I don't have words to express it, but to all those father's out there--my fabulous and almost perfect in this sister's eyes, brothers. To my Uncle Paul and all my uncles. To my friends whom I dearly love that have a spouse that honor their wives- Ben Larson, Richard Winget, Seth, Lester, Danny, Derek--just to name a few of the many men that God has placed as examples in my life. I love the families they love!

How thankful I am for a Father in Heaven who has allowed us to not only be physically created in His image, but that means we have also been created spiritually in His image with who and how He IS. I listened to a talk this weekend from Michael Wilcox where he shared that insight. What a beautiful truth! We are to become like the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. What lays in them, also lays within each of us.

What a sacred day. We ALL have a Father in Heaven-who loves us more than we can possibly understand/comprehend. Oh how I want to be like Him and His Son. How perfectly He loves. I am so grateful for his patience in my progress.

Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My morning--Dad, mom and I all garthered around the phone to wish Nykki a Happy birthday.
US: Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you....
Nykki: Thanks! My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but thanks for the early birthday song!
US: Nyk, today is your birthday.
Nykki: Nope, it is tomorrow.
(Bryndi walks over to her wall calander and comes back to the phone)
Bryndi: Chick, today is the 15th--I am pretty sure you were born today, a long time ago, thus today is still your birthday.
Nykki: Pause... Carson! Did you know today was my birthday?! Chuckle Chuckle
US: Well glad we could call and remind you it is your birthday!

:) We will blame it on her being in the middle of her move, the baby that is almost done baking, and a lack of her morning chocolate! ;) ha ha

Chick-- I love you! I couldn't ask for a greater younger sis! And you couldn't ask for a greater middle sis! ;) ha ha, kidding! Wish I was there to give you a hug! I love you! Happy Birthday!

REMINDER: TODAY--IS your birthday! ;) ha ha

--Love forever- Brattney

Thursday, June 9, 2011

...made for ME!

Probably just some random thoughts, but good ones! At least I think!

This evening I was studying in the gospels about the Savior's teachings on the Sabbath day observance. His teachings are brought up because the disciples picked some corn from a field and ate it on the Sabbath day. And the Pharisees, being letter of the law and oral law keepers, asked how this could be done on the sabbath day. Christ in Matthew, Mark and Luke shares some insights about what is lawful to do on the Sabbath day. Great counsel! (Matt 12:1-14, Mark 2:23-28 3:1-6, Luke 6:1-5)

Mark 2:27: "And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath:" And the Joseph Smith Translation on that adds that "...the Sabbath was given unto man for a day of rest; and also that man should glorify God... For the Son of Man made the Sabbath day, therefore the Son of Man is Lord also of the Sabbath."

As I was pondering and trying to get my head around the significance of why the Sabbath day was made for man, not man for the sabbath-- the idea came that BECAUSE Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath day--for He made it for man, my mind naturally took out "Sabbath" and replaced it with Christ--to read:
Christ was made for man, and not man for Christ. (!!!)
What a beautiful, simple, but deep truth. Christ was "given unto man" and also [given] that man should glorify God. And He truly does that doesn't He?!

We came into being because of the fall, separated spiritually and physically from our Father in Heaven. We needed/NEED a Christ! He was "made" for us. He can give us rest and because of Him we should and CAN glorify God.

On this occasion, the Savior enters into a Synagog and finds a man there with a withered hand. The Pharisees "watched him, whether he would heal him on the sabbath (Mark 3:2). It was not a question for the Pharisees of whether He could heal or not--it was a question of whether He would (!) on the Sabbath day and thus by healing on the Sabbath day they could "accuse him". What a lesson/example taught by the Pharisees! No doubting here! Although their motives were all wrong, they knew the Savior could heal--there was no question of IF he could.

Christ asks the man with the withered hand to stand. Now I was not that man, but what if that withered hand represents a weakness, a sin, something I am trying to overcome? The Savior asks me to stand--obviously folks are watching, and perhaps this man is not ashamed of his withered hand, but maybe it is something he would like to keep hidden and at least not let everyone focus on. The Savior has a dialect towards the Pharisees after he has asked this man to stand. How long did the man have to stand--center of attention, eyes? But finally the Savior asks him to stretch forth his hand. Was this hard for him to do? Did the withered hand hold a position that stretching it would have been painful? Nevertheless "he stretched it out". [Now his weakness was exposed, no hiding in the shadows, all eyes and attention must have been on him]--- "...and his hand was restored whole"(Mark 3:3,5).

I praise this man, that with a withered hand [weaknesses, struggles, sins] he was where he needed to be on the sabbath day--the synagog! Just think had he decided to not go to the "church" that day?! He would have missed not only being with the Savior but being made "whole"! What courage it took. He was in the right place, where the Lord could bless him. And surely there were hearts and testimonies strengthened/learning that took place, faith built and hope given to others in the synagog who watched the Savior make someone's "withered-ness" WHOLE!! Where any of them (obviously not the Pharisees who shortly after the miracle too up counsel on how they might "destroy [Christ]" ) thinking, "His withered-ness was made whole! Perhaps my withered-ness can be made whole too?...! My eyes that are withered from the things they view in private, or my ears that have withered from the things I listen to/or allowed to be said, my foot that is withered when it comes to service- or my mouth that is withered and will not open up and share the the gospel, or my heart is withered because someone's withered-ness was used to abuse my wholeness... He was made whole. Perhaps I can be too. ? !!"


There are so many other things my mind pulls from this story, but with the Savior being "made" for us-- to give us rest, to give great reason to glorify God for his goodness... to make us whole! And oh how He can! We may be asked to stand or do something we would prefer not doing, a calling, an assignment, following through on an impression. Asked to "stretch" forth out of our comfort zone or the way we have made our life to be... And after we are asked to do that thing, we may have to "stand for a while"t, but the Savior who was made for us, knows how to make us whole! He knows how to give us rest! He knows how to make our hearts to rejoice and give Glory to God, because of God's great kindness in providing "making" a Savior for us! It is not a question of whether He can. He will! His timing, His way--in accordance with what the Father's will is.

"Stretch forth thine hand. And [she] stretched it out: and [her] hand was restored whole as the other." (!)