Friday, January 28, 2011


I told you I was obsessed with Richard G. Scott's quote! This picture (something from the Caribbean) is my laptop background. If you want it, you are welcome to download it.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson just gave a masterful talk on "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread". If you haven't read it/listened to it--I promise it is WELL WORTH your time. He brings about the principle of praying for our daily bread. Well this morning, knowing I was going to get up and jog, but also knowing I have been cheating and can't seem to go the distance I have set, I knelt down before exercising and pleaded that God would make a way for me to accomplish the task before me. I walked out my door, and found a THICK fog ground cover. So thick that I could barely see down the street. But as I looked up, the fog was thin enough to see the moon and couple of stars. I smiled quite big and sent praises up! God is soo good!

By covering my end goal/blocking my sight I wasn't tempted to tell myself it was too far. I had to keep going, because I couldn't see the end. I could look up, and know I was still connected with the moon and stars (HEAVEN), but to see forward--my view was covered with thick fog. He does this in my life too. Sometimes we think if we see the end goal, it will make us work all the more harder. And sometimes it does. But for a goal that seems unreachable, I am so thankful a loving Heavenly Father gives me my paces/steps in small doses. So that when I finally reach my target, I will be amazed/am amazed at how far He got me to go. Just a portion to see in front of me, that portion becomes the amount of "Daily" bread = enough to get through that moment.

Finished my jog in deep gratitude. Lots of prayer went up in thanks.

Oh Lord, My God...when I IN awesome wonder...

The Church is true!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


There is much I would like to write about but something specific for this morning. Last night as I was dumping my phone, I found this picture. Seriously, this picture has not been touched at all--straight from a parking lot in Provo. How can you have moments like that and not know there is a God? Everyone must do his/her own searching/discovering. I found that out on the cruise last week. (Yes I will have to post some pictures later of the cruise because I took some fun shots.)

My awesome roommate was so kind to let me wake up at the crack of dawn without any complaining from her on how I was awesomely interrupting her sleep. Love you Wendy! About 5:30 I would get up, get dressed and head down to the jogging track. Most mornings were so windy that the doors were closed and the ship wouldn't let us out. But after much asking of the staff members, someone told me I could get to the track by going through the gym section of the ship. THANK YOU NICE PERSON for the information. After my attempt to keep my jogging program going, I would sneak back into my room, grab my scriptures and head up to the 15th floor where I found a little quite nook to study in. This was my habit every day. The nook was a more closed deck outside. I would move the chair and a table away from watching who was walking by and turn myself so that I wouldn't be distracted by people walking by.

Well, here it was Friday morning--just one day left on the Oasis and Uriah catches my attention. I looked up from studying to find this bright smiling 22 year old from Guyana. He told me that he came to move my chair and table for me because he had seen me studying there every day--but that I had beaten him to the job by coming up to study a little earlier than in past days. I was very impressed and touched that he noticed a passenger's morning habit and came to set it up for me. Who was this kid!?! :) We had a good chat about the Savior and I was impressed by his kind heart and big smile. Uriah didn't claim the singer card but some how I convinced him to sing me a song. He said that he would come back before I was done studying to sing to me. Sure enough, true to his word he came back. And of all the songs he could have chosen to sing to me--he sang one about God!! My heart was touched. What a way to share his testimony of loving God. Thank you Uriah for the song! Keep up the singing! You have a great voice! (Before the end of the month is up I am going to Google the song and see if I can find the words. It is a song I would like to teach to my kids some day.) (BUMMER--I can't get the movie to upload. I will try again later. But the song says, ""Lord you are more beautiful than diamonds. And Lord you are more constant than gold. And Lord you are more precious than silver. And nothing I desire compares with you…"-- I will try to upload it and see if I can get Uriah's awesome singing uploaded by tonight.)

I left my study that morning, praising Heavenly Father for allowing to meet Uriah.

Later that day I was at the pizza parlor and before I said a word about what to do with my pizza, the sweet Jamaican girl behind the counter, with a HUGE grin on her face told me about her morning dream. She dreamed that Satan was chasing her--and she was running away and trying to get out of his grasp. She finally found a window and jumped out of it just in time to escape his power/grasp. I asked her why she was smiling and she she said that when she woke up, she immediately called her sister and asked her sister to pray for her soul. She was happy because her sister prayed for her and she felt a peace come into her soul after having such an intense and ugly dream. That peace, she told me, was why she was smiling so much.

Seriously, this girl and I had only exchanged a smile before she just shared her morning with me. Again, I could not help but smile at her openness to tell someone why she was so happy/smiling.

Then Sat morning, about 6 AM--as I was waiting to get off the ship, I was sitting in central park at a little cafe. Seriously, I indulged a little in their raisin, bran muffins. AMAZING! As I was looking up into the dark/fog filled sky, an employee came walking by. He was from India. I smiled and we had a great conversation. Now... by the end of this trip, I was already in awh with all the people who where serving me. 2,000 employees are on the Oasis. Many of them don't get my tips, and the ones that do, don't get anything until the end of the week anyway... But here, their constant focus was MY and all the other cruisers, happiness/satisfaction/enjoyment. I was amazed at their humanity. I pondered over and thought "Well done!"--to Royal Caribbean for building up 2,000 employees to be better neighbors, kinder citizens wherever the next journey in their lives take them. --The last two days of the trip, these thoughts were heavy on my mind, and my own need to become better in my humanity. Well this kid from India starts chatting with me. And before he left, he thanked me for being friendly--! He was kidding right?! For that is how I felt everyone one that worked on that ship was. Just good good people!! I was reminded again and again, how each of us is a Son or Daughter of God. Our Heavenly Father's qualities can be found in everyone.

I surely did not want to go on this business trip, but both Patti and I prayed and we felt I was to go. And walking away from it, yes quite exhausted, like the mission, going to the temple, institute, studying, I am more in debt! I am so thankful God allowed me to view so many different nationalities of people. I saw their kindness and constant goodness. Wow--I learned a lot. I want to be better as a result of being around Uriah, the Jamaican gal who's name is too pretty for me to remember how to spell and this guy from India. I stand all amazed. Every single person has something to offer. Everyone has something to give. We are here not to just by pass earth life and "get through it" but to truly work and serve, love and support our brothers and sisters. ALL we come in contact with. I am not here for my own journey alone. If I were, what a sad and selfishly lonely life earth life would be.


Felt to share this personal revelation to me. Not for anything more other than I felt to write it down and share it.

Seems like all those that I deeply love are going through their own little times of trial and hardship. Yesterday and the last few days have been filled with deep emotions. Some anxieties. I have fasted, I have prayed many times throughout the day on my knees requesting God's assistance to all those that I love. No one is dieing! Don't take alarm. :) But everyone in their own way have awesome Goliaths and Labans they are facing. And yesterday the overwhelming thoughts of all that is to play out. I felt much in my soul like the servant that was with Elisha in seeing all of the chariots of soldiers ready to pounce them, "Alas, my master! how shall we [they] do?" I do not believe in despair, I have too much hope...but truly the burdens I behold others going through caused a great heaviness on my soul. Then, as God does so often in my life, he led me (not in my normal routine of reading in order) he led me to read Alma 55 in preparation for institute tonight... and there the Balm of Gilead was given! As I am sure that Joseph Smith in his own Hell of Carthage Jail must have received a stirring and deep peace in receiving D&C 122...I too was given such a moment by reading Alma 55:31
But behold, the Nephites were not slow to remember the Lord their God in this their time of affliction. They could not be taken in their snares..."
"...not slow to remember the Lord their god in THIS THEIR TIME of affliction."(emphasis added) I read this verse and wept. I am not perfect, so far from it. But with confidence I can say that I have strived not to forget God in good times and in bad times. And this verse spoke peace to my soul. It was as if God was saying, "Hey Bryndi, I have got your back. You are not slow to remember me. Those whom you love are not slow to remember me. Trials are here. Affliction is great and yes very deep, but I am here. You are not without me right now in this your time of affliction." I told you---kind of really personal. :) I often play Richard G. Scott's words over and over in my mind.
"No matter how difficult something you or a loved one faces, it should not take over your life and be the center of all your interest. Challenges are growth experiences, temporary scenes to be played out on the background of a pleasant life."
And I did last night before coming upon the verse, ponder over Elder Scott's words. I told myself that the challenges were just temporary scenes to be played out as a background of a pleasant life. "Temporary" played out in the "background". Background is just filler stuff. It is not the focus of anything. In a picture, the subject is the focus and the background often becomes blurred.

Well, this verse spoke much peace to my soul. I rejoiced/found great peace in the fact that I can say with confidence I have been striving to keep God/remember him throughout my days. I try to direct my thoughts to him and be with a constant prayer in my heart. This being said, I am not perfect. I am far from it. But there is something to say about the peace in being prepared. I am well acquainted with who Heavenly Father is and what keeping his commandants can do/do do for me. At this moment of my time and those I love times of affliction--we are not just Sunday worshipers of a God we only know through an hour of Sunday worship. We are a family/friends acquainted with the tender mercies of God throughout the week. There is not a day that goes by that I do not see His hand witnessed and often countless times throughout each day. I know in whom I trust! And just as another act of His many countless kindnesses, he allowed me to be reminded that I have remembered him in times of joy, and I will remember him in this my time of affliction and I can call upon Him in this my time... the deliverance/kindness of God was that, "They could not be taken in their [the enemies/the affliction/the trial's] snares..." May this very personal thing, help whoever feels entrapped by a snare of whatever magnitude/shape.

PS. SIDE NOTE! MIRACLE!!! I had the opportunity to go with a girlfriend to the temple yesterday morning. Boys--oh you would be so lucky to date such a girl!! As we were walking up to the temple from the parking lot my girlfriend turned to me and asked if we could slow our pace for she was starting to be "huffing it" as we walked. Embarrassed at my speed in my walk, I slowed down and told her of course we could slow down...we both laughed and walked the normal speed one should walk in high heals. It wasn't until after leaving the temple that I caught the miracle and significance of our walking!! I was not "huffing" at all. Now I am not in awesome shape yet, but for months I have been working on it. Just last year, I would dread over ever having to walk up to the temple with a guy because I knew I would have to be hiding my inside huffing of walking fast up the slanted hill. It is like the dreaded stairs at UVU. You start at the bottom and by the time you get to the top floor, which is from the bottom of campus to the top--by the time you get to the top you are trying to not look winded and you are keeping a smile on your face just so your mouth is open to get as much air to your lungs without looking like you are gasping for it. If you are reading this and have not never experience this/know what I am talking about--you can stop reading now because there is just no way for you to sympathize or know! ;) Well, that is how I used to be going to the temple. And yesterday, in high heals, I was walking fast enough to make my friend winded. Not on purpose of course. Lesson learned, I want to make people comfortable and I will watch my pace. Miracle witnessed! I DID NOT HUFF!!! Really!? ... I stand all amazed! And anyone who knows me ... reads all amazed! ha ha Told you!! God, IS a God of miracles!! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I was able to go to institute last night...truly I am grateful for any chance I am given to fill my soul with things of Christ. I wish at times I could overcome the natural man, and not over sleep or waste my time, that I might take more time to fill my soul with things of God. Whether that filling time be of study, service, learning lessons from others--I love the things of light! And oh the people of/with "light" the Lord puts around me. I LOVE to see when someone is giving their life over to Heavenly Father. I have so many examples of this.

A dear friend who has chosen to put Heavenly Father first--who constantly amazes me at her willingness AND desire to do the right things. My parents--who make me want to live better every day. For sisters and brothers who show me constantly by example how to love. A best friend who allows me to live my Sundays. Another friend who reminds me the importance of praying. A teacher who after an awkward moment for a student, asked questions so that the class could fall in love/understand/see who the student really was/is better. For a prophet, who lives by example and because of journal keeping and other resources has set a righteous example of "how" one becomes more like Christ.

My heart is swollen. God is so good.

After institute last night as I was going home, I felt to go into Wallgreens. My ipod alarm clock is broken so I figured maybe God would lead me to one in there. I walked in the store and circled the perfume section first. Now to appreciate this--my sister Krysti has well over 30 different perfumes--and she smells amazing in ALL OF THEM! I will be around her and comment that I love the smell. On a handful of occasions, I have gone and sprayed on the amazing smelling stuff on me--and within mins I am washing it off or wishing it would come off. My body chemistry does not produce the same smell as my sister. So rather disappointing what smells good on her usually STINKS on me! I only have a handful of smells I can do.

Well one particular new smell, I found that I like how it smells on me. I walked past the counter and was amazed at the price. about 25 bucks cheaper than at Kohls. I didn't stay at the counter long because it was 35 bucks, and I didn't want to be spending money, but also didn't want to be spending money on perfume.

I knew God wanted me in the store. I just needed to find out why. I walked down the isle and nothing called to me. I walked over and viewed the rather pricey alarm clocks. I walked around aimlessly not knowing what God wanted me to do. I had been in the store for nearly 10 mins just walking around. I then had the impression to buy the perfume. Now, I have fought God before on buying things when I had rather saved the money, BUT too often has God taught me that He works through purchases. So I walked over to the front counter and the man said he would send someone over to help with the perfume.

A kid came out and he was very familiar to me. I told him that I thought I knew him. He said he was from California while giving me the look like I was crazy. So I just pushed aside the familiarness and we chatted over my perfume drama. He helped me take out the perfume and then walked me over to the counter. I asked him if he went to UVU (Which I haven't gone for almost two years? really has it been that long?!) and he said that he was an interpreter. His name tag made me believe that he spoke spanish--so I asked interpreter for what? He said sign language. Well after a few mins, we connected the dots. He came to my old singles ward for a while while I was still there, and now was a currant member of that ward. I KNEW I had seen him before! And I know his roommates who also attended that ward when I was there.

He has tried to pass the written exam to get certified 4 times for being an interpreter and has not passed. We talked about the need of praying and asking for help. I then asked him if he had met with the Bishop. He very opinionatedly (is that a word? If it is not, it should be. :)) said that the bishop had not ever come and shaken/introduced himself since he has been in the ward officially for two months. This kid felt that because he was an interpreter, and the Bishop passes him often because of sitting close to the front of the chapel, that he was horribly wronged by not being noticed by the Bishop. I prayed to know how to not push his buttons...and I asked him the question, "Well have you ever gone up to the Bishop and introduced yourself to him?" The question he wanted to justify, but he knew it sounded ridiculous. he had not done that. And then tried to say as a Bishop, the bishop should do it--however he caught himself in his own flawed thinking and what he was hearing himself say. He then said, "ya, maybe I should do that". I then had the sweet ability to tell this kid that I knew his Bishop first had and had worked every Sunday with him for two years, and that his Bishop was and is a man of God. And surely he has a lot of people to meet in such a diverse and sometimes transient ward. This kid, seemed for the first time to have some understanding towards the Bishop.

He was called over to help in camera section of the store. I challenged him to pray and ask for help from God to help him with his test. He really did look at me like it was the most foreign idea to pray and ask for help. I suggested that he covenant with the Lord... and some other things were quickly said. He politely smiled and then went his way.

I left the store not only smelling AMAZINGLY good ;) but with deep gratitude to have felt prompted to go in there. I got in my car and wanted to say a prayer, but noticed a woman next to my car just staring at me. The temptation was just to wait to pray when I wasn't in view of peering eyes, but that was a silly more selfish thought. So right then and there I bowed my head and thanked the Lord for allowing me to talk to that kid about a bishop and the gospel that I love so much. I have no idea what will come of that meeting, if anything. But I do know that that kid felt the truth of what was sad about the man of God who leads his ward. And I know he felt his heart pricked with some softness on his situation.

"Go in there" "buy perfume"... God's hand can be seen everywhere!

And as a kind perk--he has made this daughter smell all the more better! (He didn't have to throw in that bonus...!)

I love my Heavenly Father. A lot! I love Jesus Christ, a lot!

The Church is TRUE!