Wednesday, July 8, 2015


    Wow! For one, I was not sure I even remembered how to sign onto my blog. And from the looks of it, for good reason! Apparently it has been almost a full year since my last post... has my life really become all that different?! [A "YES" just screamed in my head.] :)

     A little while ago I was listening to the Friend magazine in preparation to teach sharing time. I came across an activity page which shared the idea of using a large drink container, filling it with dirt, and planting some carrot seeds. So what did I do the very next day? Headed to the Dollar Store of course!
   I didn't know how well the carrots would do in my kitchen window since the sun only shines on it for a few hours a day. Not to mention there have been some vacations here and there with no one to water. I have been surprised just how hardy the seeds have been!
    This morning as I was cleaning up the kitchen I looked up and noticed my carrots in the window. Both containers were planted at the exact time.  It was obvious that bigger container was the better choice.
    I smiled as I thought of my son and how I am going to need to make sure that I give him room to "grow" so he can grow.  My thoughts then seemed to change all at once to how Heavenly Father is giving me room so I can grow.

    If life stays unchanging, sheltered, and comfortable, I will likely end up like the carrots in the mason jar, never fulfilling the measure of my creation. But a wise, perfect Heavenly Father knew/knows what I need in my "earth life" container. Challenges, heartaches, joys, laughter, death, sorrow, love, hope, darkness, light, silence, noise, and peace... All those types of experiences combined together, equal a perfect container/condition to grow.

I am so glad He trusts me enough, to let me grow.


Happiness is a tooth that finally stays down, badminton for family night,
and 72 hour kits coming together.
I am grateful for carrots growing in my window.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


(Apparently I never posted this... well I am pushing the publish button now.)

My sweet visiting teachers came over yesterday with a few of their kids. One of my teacher's was recounting a recent morning she had had with her children.

The morning was crazy, school was going to start but shoes were not yet on but four each seemed to have their own agenda. This dear sister found herself feeling overwhelmed and borderline going to break. There were only moments to get everything done the children seemed to have their own agendas. She told them they needed to have a prayer and re-start their morning or she was going to lose it. She said they all had a prayer and with in a minute after the prayer, all was in order, shoes on and they were heading towards the car. I was surprised to hear that your not being obedient children at the moment would stop and have a prayer with her. She mentioned that they all knew that if they didn't, the day would just not go right.

I was impressed with the morning storm she was facing--but this wise mother's inspiration like these rays of light over the ocean--was to stop, re-group and have a prayer.

Sometimes the answers [have a little prayer as a family] seem way to simple to be the answer.... I was impressed by this Mother's faith and adherence to the spirit.

Lesson not lost on me!

I am grateful for husbands who allow their wives to serve. (Thanks Babe!)
Happiness is being DONE with exercise for the day--because that means I actually did it. :)

MAFIA, KIDNEY STONE, and HE KNEW_ Lessons Not Lost

Time seems to slip away quickly, and although I have had MANY things I would have loved to blog about, other priorities have taken over and writing has been put on the back burner. But today my heart is full and I just need to share some of the things the Lord has given me to see/experience/hear.

     The other day a sweet woman contacted Mr. Dashing to see if she could get a blessing set up for her daughter who was going into surgery the next day. We both made some calls to find another priesthood holder to help. Mr. Dashing dressed in his suit (as I knew he would) and with me attending and wanting to show respect for the priesthood blessing, dressed in a dress.
     We stopped by the home of another priesthood brother who has a pretty awesome story about his journey/becoming active in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He came to the car--and I worried that he might feel bad because of how we were dressed. After some time in the car he asked Mr. Dashing if he had just gotten off work or just liked to be in a suit. The answer came that Mr. Dashing tried to dress in a white shirt and tie when administrating in the priesthood whenever possible. That was new news to this brother and he said he had never heard of it. But the conversation was left at that.
     We went into the home and after some good conversation, these two priesthood brethren laid their hands on the 30 year old's head and gave her a blessing of strength, peace and comfort for the next day surgery.
     After the blessing was given, this good brother, Ed, placed his hands on the shoulders of the young woman and testified to her about the blessing of receiving a blessing before surgery. He showed his scars on his head from a brain surgery and this good sweet man testified that he knew that no matter what happened the next day--he knew Jesus would be with her.  I was touched by his powerful, simple testifying of what he knew to be true. The words out of this rough and tough pictures up and down the arms, large man--touched me.
     We drove home with the spirit and asked Ed some different questions. He said that he had recently gone through the temple and that there was no turning back now. That He, then he proceeded to jab Mr. Dashing and then pointed back to me-- that we ALL were now solders for God because we had all been through the temple. That no matter what our priesthood holders said/asked, ours was to follow and serve. I smiled as I listened to his love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I thanked Heavenly Father for a man that was so willing and worthy to use the priesthood of God at a moments notice.
     Moments before arriving at his home Ed said, "I love the gospel! It is like being in the Mafia for GOOD!" He then explained in the mafia (I didn't ask him how he was so attached to the Mafia-- :) maybe a story for another day) you might get a call to do something needed at 2 am--and you just go and do it. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints-- whenever you get a call to do good (this day it was at 6:30 at night) you just go and do it! I smiled with his die heart conviction to the gospel of Jesus Christ and his commitment to be a solider for God.
     Ed got out of the car and as he went to shut the door he said the next time he would be dressed appropriately and have a shirt and tie on. He said it was the first he had heard of it, but he said he would do the same. We later heard that he chatted with bishop in asking him if one should wear a shirt and tie for administering a blessing. Bishop mentioned that whenever possible--that dressing for the priesthood was best. Ed then told Bishop he would do it. ...:) Oh this man who is in the Mafia for GOOD! ;) Warmed my heart and left me praising God. Great example to both Mr. Dashing and myself.

Elder and Sister Cloward - Joberg Africa
     I was chatting with my dad and mom the other day over facetime. Amen for the internet FINALLY in their African home! Makes communicating without glitches--so much nicer!
     I asked how their fast Sunday had been to which Dad replied, great and horrible. They had the missionaries over for dinner, but dad had become very uneasy with a sharp pain attacking him. A kidney stone! He did his best to be a host with much pacing. A few times he laid on his stomach and had my mom knee his back to help move the kidney stone along. Sometimes she was successful which resulted in 30 mins of rest/sleep--but followed by intense pain, pacing the floors, mopping and doing anything else to keep his mind distracted. I have had my own kidney stone before so I knew in general what my dad was going through.
     But the miracle of this agonizing moment was an aw-ha given to him through the spirit. See, early that morning as he and my mom were fasting for all of us in the family--my dad had been pondering over the sacrament prayers.
     As Latter-Day Saints, each Sunday we partake of bread that has been broken and blessed which represents Christ's body and also we partake of water that represents the blood he shed for each of us. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints--when we are baptized, we promise to take upon us Jesus Christ's name (that is--try to do as He would do/live/be). We covenant to serve and love others, to keep His commandments, to mourn with those who mourn, comfort/support/care for those in need. We also are baptized because even Christ (our sinless brother) was baptized to fulfill all righteousness/follow what was asked by Heavenly Father.
     Our baptism is a symbol/outward expression of our inner commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that one must be baptized by someone who holds the priesthood authority (authority to act in God's name) to preform the sacred ordinance. When we are baptized, it is symbolic of putting away our old life, of whatever it was/is, and being "born again"-- to God. That means committing to keep and live His commandments. In doing so, we believe we receive a remission of our sins. That through the atonement of Christ, we are cleansed and clean- without any spot.
     After we are baptized we are confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And with that confirmation (again only done by those who have authority given them by God to do the ordinance of laying their hands upon our head) we are told to "receive the Holy Ghost".
     We believe by living/striving to repent each day and trying to keep the commandments we can have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost--the third member of the Godhead--whose job is to testify of truth, of Jesus Christ, and of Heavenly Father. Also he leads us and comforts us. Okay... back to the sacrament.
     If baptism in part is for a remission for our sins--and each of us sin every day because we are not perfect--then logically we should just stay in a baptismal font and NEVER get out because we would need to be baptized all the time! Right?! No, we are not to live in a font. But why it is so important to a Latter-Day Saint to attend church every week-- is that is where we partake of the sacrament, the bread and water representing Christ's body and blood that was shed for us-- and through that partaking of those emblems, we renew our baptismal covenants.
     So IF we partake the bread and water with a repentant heart, and we seek to be better and strive again to live as God would have us live--it is as IF we are being "baptized" each Sunday--we start our week fresh and clean, un spotted-- and ready to "KEEP TRYING/STRIVING" to do what we have promised God we would do.
     That is just a little back ground--- so back to my dad, he was pondering over the broken bread which is in similitude (represents) Christ's body that was broken and bruised for each of us. As my dad pondered about it--he said he just didn't get it. That perhaps there was something more "deep" then the bread physically representing all Christ gave us with his physical life/living. During the administration of the sacrament my dad asked God to help him better understand the broken bread.
    Well--that night, prayer answered! For after he had suffered through the attacks of the kidney stone, he felt that the attack was in direct answer to his pleading to better understand the Savior's physical suffering. That He [Jesus Christ] truly has felt all of our heartache and sorrows as well as our physical agonies.
     My dad believed he was given that brief encounter with a kidney stone as a tender mercy into a request to better understand.

    My father's words got me thinking. He said mom already was "clued" into what the bread meant by what she has had to endure... but it was just coming to me. I pondered it all week and then the Lord gave me the Ryerse's talks...

     This past Sunday brought a talk by Brother and Sister Ryerse. The words have stuck with me--and moved me. Sister Ryerse said that growing up she had pretty bad kidneys and had to go into the hospital often for treatments. Finally at 11 years old they decided to try a surgery to help correct/fix whatever was wrong with her kidneys. It sounds like it was a pretty risky procedure. And even at 11 she could remember feeling great anxiety and fear over the surgery. But she was given a blessing and was reminded that the Savior had already felt all the pain she would be going through/have--He knew exactly what she was facing... and although she didn't know how the outcome would be, she went into the surgery as a 11 year old with peace knowing that the Savior had already felt/knew what she was going through. (*Miracle--the surgery was a great success !! and shortly after her surgery the medical world stopped preforming that type of surgery because what there had been too many fatal outcomes with the procedure. She had been protected and preserved.)
     Brother Ryerse talked about the struggles of dating Melanie (Sister Ryerse) because her mom was so set on that HE was not the right one for HER daughter. Apparently the mother in law caused many tears and heartache as Sister Ryerse had received revelation from God to move forward with brother Ryerse in marriage but her mother was not supporting/would not have it.
     Brother Ryerse then said he had a profound dream while they were dating that he was sitting with Melanie's mom and expressing all the reasons he loved her daughter but she would not have it. And the more questions she asked the more Brother Ryerse tried to answer them but was left short handed by being able to satisfy any of the accusations of the mother in law to be. At the end of the dream, Melanie's mom stated to Brother Ryerse that in time things would be okay. He held to that--- and although it sounds like quite a bit of a "hell" in their dating process and probably a bit into their marriage--over time (several years and 4 kids into the marriage) it has been okay.
     Both talks were BEAUTIFUL examples of faith and perseverance/trusting in God-- even with great odds.

SOOO why is this all touching? My dad's experience and Melanie's-- I have never written on here because there are so many of my friends who's timing for marriage and/or children have not come to fruit yet-- My time for marriage was at age 30, and a time for our first child is apparently at age 31--close to 32. Our little guy is due Sept 28th.
     I can't even express all the feelings and emotions I have gone through, that both Mr. Dashing and I have been through in the last 29 weeks, let alone the almost year of marriage.
      And the next two 1/2 months, no doubt, we will yet experience many more things in regards to being parents and raising our little one to God.
     I have been at times brought to my knees in pure fear for labor and delivery--as well of needing to wear the mother hat.
     After serving a mission in New Jersey, when I came home I found myself weeping every time I was around children. It was sometimes out of control and outright feeling of ridiculous. I longed to teach my own little ones about Jesus Christ and God's plan for them, that God hears and answer's prayers, that we lived with him before we came here to this earth, and this earth life, in big measure is learning to be obedient to the commandments of God so we can yet again, return and live with our Heavenly Father. These thoughts would consume me when I was around little children. Sooo MUCH that I had to prayed to have my heart locked from so many tender emotions. (Yeah, not sure if that was wise or not) but lock my heart He did because I finally STOPPED weeping when I was around children. YEA!
     Yes I wanted to be a mother, but because that did not seem to be in my current life plans--I moved on. I strived to do everything within my power to be God's tool as a single person. I don't say this for bragging or to be "seen" a certain way--I am just writing how I choose to deal with my dreams of wife and family not coming in my time table. I certainly didn't want to just do nothing because what "I thought was best" was not coming to past. So I choose to focus on what I could or what I felt God would have me do when the blessings I had sought for were not on the horizon for nearly 10 years....
    But here, now, with the reality growing inside of me (literally with kicks and jabs-our little man is surely going to be a great swimmer like his dad) and the truth that if it is God's will, we will have a little bundle in our arms in the not too distant future---the thought of labor, delivery, and motherhood IS such an awesome monster, or I should, HAS been a monster.
     I have taken comfort in knowing the world has been populated for thousands of years by women doing what just freaks me out to do, and in a large part they have succeeded. But what my fears were not allowing me to realize--came in my dad's and Mel's experiences... the realization/aw-ha that Jesus Christ has already felt what I have been through and will yet go through. That my situation, no matter how closely related to someone else's, Jesus Christ is the one who will know exactly what I am facing. And although I don't know outcomes or have any clue to the pains to be physically felt and emotional/mental ones that will come with the motherhood package--HE DOES. HE KNOWS! And in HIM knowing, my heart takes great peace in knowing there is no part of this journey He has not already walked/ is ready to re-walk with me...!
     Yes, I know I am slow on the bandwagon and these truths I have already realized in other areas of my life, but like reading a scripture for the 100th time and finding something completely new or just pressed to the mind in a different light--this aw-ha is amazing! And this week I am facing the future with a determined peace of mind and confidence....
     I am so grateful for where I live. For the people who have been placed on my path-- for all those who have already dived into motherhood that have been great examples.
     To all those who find that the dreams they have so long dreamed that have not come true--but they still are giving their all to God and trying to trust in His timing, how beautiful their examples are to me.

     I am not sure why Mr. Dashing was saved/prepared for me. Some days he is more celestial than I know what to do with. And I am not sure why we have been given this time to have a family--but I know that whatever path each of us are on, if we will trust in God (who has our best interest at the center of His entire existence) we will never have to face/do what we are asked to do--alone. For our exact path (whatever it is in life) has been walked by the Redeemer of all mankind. And if one chooses to have faith in Him, despite the unknowns, that someone truly can live in/with peace and hope, regardless of what the outcomes/happenings of their individual journeys may bring.

Today I am rejoicing in people who testify about being God's solider, in white shirts and ties with men willing and worthy to serve in/with the priesthood. I rejoice in beautiful examples given to me of the personal lives of others, which move me in the direction of faith--because of them living their faith!

Happiness is God placing a new piece into the puzzles before my eternal soul's journey. 
I am grateful for prayer, and repentance and the chance to become better than I am.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


This touched me! God--preparing 17 from China to be leaders for that country when the doors are flung wide open!!

I am thankful for Mr. Dashing! He taught CPR to the WY last night. I was suppose to be his "dummy" but it was totally out of my comfort zone to lay down in front of any group--but he had so kindly helped with all of babysitting, set up and take down for the RS meeting this week so in so many ways I owed him the favor back.

I was dreading it. I didn't get to see him until I reached the church, pretty sure my face was already blushing from the thought of having to be the "dummy". To my GREAT surprise and HUGE relief--Mr. Dashing came up with and made a Mr. Wilson so I didn't have to be the victim.

Greater love have no husband than this!!

 Thank you my Handsome man and THANK you Mr Wilson. He even came with a bucket in the chest so that when the girls pressed down it sounded like they were working on a "real" CPR dummy.

Oh my smarty pants Mr. Dashing! Thanks babe for saving my cheeks HOURS of uncomfortable redness. :) Love you!

Happiness is living in such a day when the gospel is being preached everywhere!
I am grateful for ANYONE who assists God in His hastening. I have been witness of several amazing sisters this week who selflessly serve and give of themselves, even when it is not the most comfortable thing. 

Monday, April 21, 2014


I have another post long in coming, but as this just happened yesterday, I needed to share it!

Yesterday was my first day teaching Gospel Doctrine. I was calm in part because MR. AMAZING DASHING spent all of Saturday organizing and doing house chores so I could prepare for my lesson. It was difficult on me to have him working while I was studying away--but he too likes to prepare for lessons and was sympathetic to the reality that he has a wife that has never read the Old Testament for herself-EVER and knew I needed the time! What a priesthood hunk I have got! I love him.

Because of the holiday and teachers being out of town, I agreed to take over the third hour with the sunbeams. So after Gospel Doctrine I rushed to take into my possession the nine little sunbeams. It has been a LONG time since I taught four year old. Eight girls and one boy. Mr. Dashing helped for a moment and then had to leave to Young Mens. Some other primary workers asked if I needed a pair of extra hands, but I already knew they were short teachers as I had just taken on two classes. I sent them on their way trusting that God knew I was just trying to help out.

Big chairs for the tiny "seats" and a squished room made for a very oblong circle. It didn't help that I had a metal covering on the floor in the back of the room. All the little Easter shoes liked to try and sneak back and "tap" dance through the lesson. On top of the constant leading children away from the crate we learned about the creation. With the every 30 secs or so of "I want my Daddy" "Where are the treats" "Is this over yet" "My favorite color is purple" "she is in my chair" and so on... Seriously at moments, it was like dad says...  "trying to herd cats"!! ;)

Not even into half of the hour, we were finishing a little activity-- when I heard a cry that turned into a sobbing scream. I looked under my table only to discover that my little bottle of peppermint oil was out of my bag and a three-year-old girl had opened it and had rubbed her hands into her eye. I don't know about any of you--- but peppermint oil has got to be worst then pepper spray in the eyes.

WHAT TO DO?!?!? This class was in a remote part of the building where other classes were not. I didn't have a co teacher. I had NO idea who this little girls parent's were, (I had already tried to figure out what her "name" was with no success of understanding her little language) and I didn't even know who the primary president was. Truly--I was as SUBSTITUTE as one can get in the church! I grabbed the little girl knowing I needed to try and wash her fast, but knowing once water got on her the burning would intensify even more. All the children were distressed because of the cries of this little girl. I asked them all to keep coloring and to stay put while I took her to the bathroom. The little fear in their faces matched my own anxiety. I told them she would be okay but we needed to get her washed.

We rushed into the bathroom and washed her hands with soap. Her eye was already red and swollen. I silently prayed not having a CLUE what to do. Knowing that even if I washed her eye the burning may last for a long time. I told Heavenly Father I was just trying to do my best but couldn't leave all the other children to find this one's parents....  After washing her hands and her permanent smelling eye, I grabbed some paper towels, soaked them and gave them for her to hold up to her eye. With her still crying I did the only thing I could think to do... I carried her back to class and kept her on my lap.

Angels must have attended the room for no four year old escaped! As I walked in the room, I saw their eyes and little hearts were filled with concern for their classmate. I sat in front of them still holding the girl in my arms and told them what had happened. I then shared with them that we needed to have a prayer for this little girl and ask Heavenly Father to help her. A little girl came to the front of the room. With the girl still crying and wimpering in my lap, this other girl and the whole class folded their arms. I helped the little girl with her prayer....please bless this girls eyes to get better and to be okay. The little girl sat down and the drama of the moment seemed to calm the children for a little bit.

Still trying to open her red swollen eye the little girl on my lap let out some discomfort grunts for about five mins... or was it a little less? Then, all of a sudden she did not want the wet paper towel any more and she practically jumped off my lap to take her own seat. (*Her seat that she had barely sat on in the first place because she was one of the children that were all over.)

About seven mins after the prayer she wasn't even touching her eye and other than the redness and the little swelling she acted as if she had never got peppermint into her eye. By the end of the class not only were her bangs dry from where I had gotten them wet, but there was NO redness in her eye any more!!!!

Truly a miracle!!

As we closed up our lesson, someone else gave the closing prayer and we all thanked Heavenly Father for the miracle that He had preformed. I guarantee you it was NOT my faith that blessed us yesterday--but all the sweet, believing blood of these three and four year olds! I had witnessed their miracle!

I hope at least one of them will remember what God did for a tiny girl, in a tiny, room, with peppermint oil in her eye. I know this is something I will not forget.

And HA wouldn't you know it?!?! The dad of this little girl came in after class was over and although there was nothing physical that would give away the encounter with the oil (and being slightly tempted to not even tell him what happened)--I told him what had happened. He mentioned that they like peppermint oil at their house too and they all know too well that it is not good in the eyes! I smiled as the one child who has had experience with oils in the home, was the child who had the oil in the eye.Maybe that is why she opened up the oil in the first place--having watched her mom use similar little bottles?!

Oh the faith of children! If mine could be as such!

Happiness is the Dashing man who allows me time to try and magnify my calling.
I grateful for peppermint oil rescuing angels and the prayers and faith of four-year-olds!

God is a God of Miracles!

Oh and PS. 
A big thanks to Amber and Brian who recently moved here from Ohio and came to church yesterday to support us singing in the ward choir! It was like having our own family in the congregation. Thanks you two!

Sunday, March 9, 2014


After all my revelation was: "Stay/can't go until the Condo sells" and "Trust your husband". With this revelation I stayed in Utah, while Mr. Dashing moved out to WY last Oct. A few weekends here and there--watching budgets with gas costs for the 10 hour round trip drives, and thank goodness for Thanksgiving in Nov and Christmas in Dec which allowed us to be together. Friends always asked me how "being" married was and I would tell them when I "was'' I would let them know!

Well for the first time since Aug 30th, I have just experienced my VERY first weekend where we have not been traveling or cleaning a condo but are actually living in the same state and under the same roof! Let me tell you, it is AWESOME!

This miracle of us even getting to live together started back in Nov when someone Mr. Dashing worked with suggested I turn in my resume to her place because they would be hiring. We knew we had some time but come the end of Dec/start of Jan I had some very strong impressions to get my resume in.

With the help of my patient and devoded Mr. Dashing and blessed Cindy's timely editing, my resume was in the start of Jan. A day later a job interview was set up and I found myself visiting Mr. Handsome in WY for the interview.

What if this job took?! What would I do with the condo? How would this all work?

The interview I felt went very well and a few weeks later was confirmed by the gal wanting to hire me that in fact she did want to hire me-she just had to "wait" some time to give me the job. Mr. Dashing and I felt to move forward with faith. Impressions were followed, emails back and forth to Africa, loving folks that decided to buy back the condo, a three week notice given to my job and moving boxes galore! All these things/a move to take place in about a three week window. When God's timing arrives--it arrives.

I had still not "heard' officially from the job but we were fairly confident all would work out.

The week of moving (mid Feb) to WY came and I was a bit of a mess. So much to do, working 4 10's and then coming home to try and get ready for the move. How would I be ready for when Mr. Dashing would come a few days prior to all the wonderful help set up? (By the way, he came out a day earlier than planned which was not only awesome but very inspire! Thanks babe! STILL was a GREAT and needed surprise.)

As the stress and worry (I sometimes allowed to) weigh on my heart, the Tuesday of the week I was moving I was awoken with the scripture from Proverbs in my head. 
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."  
I had never really tried to memorize this scripture before, but my mind knew all the words. And for a straight hour, this scripture played and replayed in my mind in a very vivid way. I saw words, and me "leaning" to my own ways but then seeing myself "lean" on the word LORD and TRUST. It was very vivid...

By the time I hit the shower just after 6 a.m. I verbally made the comment, "Okay Lord, I get that thou wants me to TRUST thee." Because of the stress with the move that weekend and me not knowing how we were going to move all of our stuff, I figured God wanted me to trust that it would all work out. So of to work I went, with trust in my heart.

So imagine I am at work and about 3:10 I find that I missed a phone call. I go into a back room and who is it? The employer I had interviewed with, that practically told me I had the job, had just left a message that there had been budget cuts and they no longer would be hiring anyone. The gal wished me good luck with my endevors and that was that.

"Ohhhh, I get it! Heavenly Father, this morning with the scripture--that was to prepared me for this!" Normally I would have fallen to my knees crying in dispair. I did fall to my knees and tears did roll down my cheeks but they were tears of gratitude. God KNEW that I wasn't going to get that job that would secure having insurance. But He also KNEW that that job was the tool to start the motion of getting the condo sold and making a way/providing the means for me to move and actually work on the wife and marriage catigories under the same roof as Mr. Dashing. The urgant prompting to put in my resume, to the almost too good to be true interview, to the acknowledgment that it was a "done deal" with the hire--- all HIS tools to make a way for me to move at the timing He had in plan. The tears were simply gratitude that He had given me the morning I had had with the reminder that I was to trust in Him.

I left that room with a peace and a calm that I know, can only come from God. 

So coming up close to a month, I am actually getting to work on the whole "wife" and "marriage"roles in the same location and house as Mr. Dashing! Still no job on the horizon yet, but we are trusting in God. His timings and ways may not be our own, but He knows better than we do. And we know in whom we trust!

To all those who helped with our packing, cleaning, and loading--- BLESS YOU! In so many ways God litterally sent earthly angels when I was in need of some help. I am a big "time" succor. And because I value time and what I do with my own, when others offer theirs for and in behalf of MY needs, I don't know if there is a sweeter, more kind gift that can be given. Or a gift that causes my eyes to leek so easily. For all the prayers and well wishes to get Mr. Dashing and I together--THANK YOU! Thank you!

And a note to all my friends at my past job for nearly nine years--Heritage Makers. I truly have been spoiled to be surrounded by great examples. My co-workers were/are of the highest caliber of integrity and honesty, of love and devotion, service and unity. I know that I was given an "ideal" to work in. When being interviewed I was asked what I didn't like about my current work situation. I paused for a very long time not knowing what to say and finally said that I wished the kitchen sink was larger. Yes the gals interviwing me had a chuckle with this, but they just simply did not know the type of people "BLESSINGS" God has allowed me to work with. And not just the folks I worked with, but their spouses and family not in the work arena... individuals who Love and reverence God and one another too. I have had nine years of training on how to be a better person and what it is to give more of "self".

To my team and fellow co-workers from HM-- I LOVE YOU, more than I know how to express! Thank you for coming/being in my life.

So we are trusting God. What will be our next adventures? Only God fully knows, but as Mr. Dashing always reminds me, "It will all work out."  Heavenly Father knows what He is doing. (Thank goodness too!)

Happiness is knowing God is in the Details. Even if you don't have a clue what they include. 
I am grateful to a husband who is patient and kindly loving as I try to figure out this wife and marriage thing. :) 
Love you babe!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


(I apologize to anyone who received an email from this post! I hit publish on accident. This is the "real" post! So sorry!)

I can't claim this  awesome picture of what sand looks like close up in Africa! Thanks to the guide and my parents camera! Awesome shot! As my mom says, "Sand Crystals"!

Tonight, Mr. Dashing and I read through Alma 57 in the Book of Mormon. ....profound NEW insight for me!

The Nephites are contending with the Lamanites. The captured Lamanites prisoners are so many that a small number of Nephite soldiers start to march the Lamanite prisoners to a different city so the city will be able to help maintain the prisioners. The prisoners break free. Gid was the chief captain over those who had been appointed to guard the prisoners on the march. In his word's he shared what had happened with the breakout of the prisoners....
Behold, we did start to go down to the land of Zarahemla with our prisoners. And it came to pass that we did meet the spies of our armies, who had been sent out to watch the camp of the Lamanites.
And they cried unto us, saying—Behold, the armies of the Lamanites are marching towards the city of Cumeni; and behold, they will fall upon them, yea, and will destroy our people.
And it came to pass that our prisoners did hear their cries, which caused them to take courage; and they did rise up in rebellion against us.
And it came to pass because of their rebellion we did cause that our swords should come upon them. And it came to pass that they did in a body run upon our swords, in the which, the greater number of them were slain; and the remainder of them broke through and fled from us.
And behold, when they had fled and we could not overtake them, we took our march with speed towards the city Cumeni; and behold, we did arrive in time that we might assist our brethren in preserving the city.
And behold, we are again delivered out of the hands of our enemies. And blessed is the name of our God; for behold, it is he that has delivered us; yea, that has done this great thing for us. (emphasis added)

 HOLY COW!!  Stay with me here.

The prisoners [in this case they were those from the Lamanite army] are the enemy. When they heard the Nephites [the spies] "cries" about what may happen to the people in Cumeni, they took courage and did rise up in rebellion.

To my mind came the comparison of when we have "cries" a.k.a "fears"...We are told over and over in the scriptures to "fear not" and be of good cheer. PERHAPS--when we show fear [fear of the future or to what is happening to a loved one, or whatever circumstance we find ourselves in or perceive may happen] Satan and all of his followers--when they hear/see our cries [our fear] they take courage and rise up against us--EVEN MORE then when they were just 'marching alongside' us!?!

Satan and his band are already trouble! I surely don't need them taking courage and rising up even more against me!!

Conversation with myself:
Q: Well that is just great! :/ I fear all the time, so now I am doomed even more?! My fear gives Satan more power?!
A: Well yes fear is "power" to Satan, but no you are not doomed. In the end of those verses see what Gid says: "And behold, we are again delivered out of the hands of our enemies. And blessed is the name of our God; for behold, it is he that has delivered us; yea, that has done this great thing for us."
God still can help us and does help us when our weakness of fear manifests, just as he helped the Nephites against the prisoner outbreak. And in this particular story their cries caused a chain reaction that in the end made it so Gid and his men could go back to the main army and help save them from being overpowered. [For another time--that is a look into how God can make strength out of our weakness and in no way am I approving of fear here, but it is another layer to the spiritual onion.]

We are to fear God which will help keep our natural man in check, but all other things we are not to fear, but be believing. Great lesson for me! Sweet insight to what Satan and his band do as a result of seeing my fears.

So why the awesome sand picture at the top?! Did you see "them"? Two snake eyes and part of his face hiding smack in the middle. Apparently it is a deadly snake but my parents guide was chill taking the picture for them.

We never know what is around the corner, but with putting our trust and faith in God and doubting nothing-- He will deliver us in His time and in His way. One constant theme in the Book of Mormon is deliverance. And sometimes that deliverance comes in the form of "strength" to simply endure.

Happiness is a way made to live in the same state as Mr. Dashing! Here I come WY--ready or not. :)
I am grateful for parents who are determined to conquer their new challenges. 

And p.s. I have no time to write this post and yet the insight was too profound not to take the time!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


I know this is quite long--but this is a chapter from my Grandfather's book and I have been wanting to post it forever!

There are treasures of truth and profound insight in here. I have read this many times and never get tired of the amazing stories and reminders. Whether for your own life or you become inspired to share with someone you love--the truths are profound.

Forgiveness is a freeing enabling agent. Shackles are crumbled, bondage broken, and where darkness once consumed, the light of peace delivers.

I LOVE this!!! Enjoy!

Dissolving Resentments and Achieving Forgiveness

(To Him That Believeth: Claiming Heaven’s Blessings. By: Frederick & June Babbel)

                Accumulated resentments are warping or destroying the lives of millions of people in this land and in other countries around the world. Resentments are insidious by nature. They generally create greater havoc with the one who harbors them than with the person or persons against whom such resentment is focused.
                As long as we cling to resentments, we short-circuit the glorious regenerating power of forgiveness in our own lives and delay its benign influence in the lives of those against whom resentment is focused.

The Key to Well-Being
                In considering this vital subject, let us remember that love is the fulfilling of all the law and the prophets. (Matthew 22:40.) To overcome resentments requires Christlike love. Out of love grow gratitude, thanksgiving, kindness, tenderness, humility, meekness, joy, and, above all else, forgiveness. These are all godly virtues through which we can be lifted up. We can have increased light until there is not darkness in us. “… and that body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things.” (D&C 88:67.) What a glorious promise!
                On the other hand, doubt, worry, anxiety, fear, hate, bickering, strife, disputation, contention, fault-finding, and resentments come from the evil one. They are on his side of the Line! They have no association with faith. They have no relevance with trust. They are the antithesis of love. Recall how the Apostle Paul emphasized this fact to Timothy: “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7.)
                We cannot serve God and mammon! We cannot nurture seeds of distrust, seeds of suspicion, seeds of jealousy, and others, all of which stem from doubt. If we do, we deny ourselves the power of God athat can operate in and through us. We cannot serve two masters.
                Have you ever wondered why you did not receive a blessing you desired?
                Ye endeavored to believe that ye should receive the blessing which was offered unto you; but behold … there were fears in your hearts, and … this is the reason that ye did not receive. (D&C 67:3.)
                We must rid our minds, our thoughts, our feelings and our actions of all negative qualities. By entertaining or cultivating such negativity in our lives, we are opening the door to the adversary and relinquishing our diving strength and power to be used by him for his avowed purpose—our misery and ultimate destruction. (2 Nephi 2:27.)
The Power of Forgiveness               
                One day at the Church offices, I was walking down the hall when President Levi Edgar Young motioned for me to come into his office. As I entered he invited me to be seated and said, “Brother Babbel, if you have a few minutes I would like to share with you a lovely experience I have just had.”
                As I sat down he said, “Did you happen to notice that elderly gentleman whom I just helped into the elevator?” I replied affirmatively.
                Then President Young related to me the following experience. That man, who appeared to be in his eighties, had approached him earlier that afternoon, and President Young had detected from the man’s broken English that he was of Germanic origin.
                “Are you President Young?” he queried. “Levi Edgar Young?” came his next question. President Young responded affirmatively to both inquiries. “
                “Were you ever a missionary for your Church?” President Young informed him that he had been engaged in several missions.
                “Were you ever a missionary in Germany?”
                “Yes, I served a mission in Germany,“ came the reply. “In fact, that was my first mission. I was about nineteen years old.”
                “Did you ever labor in a city of Leipzig?”
                “yes, that was my first field of labor.”
                Then this elderly man continued: “Do you remember a time when you were tracting on the third floor of an apartment building? As you attempted to give a man on of your tracts and a brief message, he became very angry. He struck you, threw you down the stairs, and continued to maul you until you reached the street, where he left you lying in the gutter bruised and bleeding. Do you remember that?”
                President Young said that he had to ponder this question for some time before he could remember it.
                With tears coursing down his aged cheeks, this man dropped to his knees and pleaded: “President Young. I am that man. I have waited over fifty years for this day that I might come here and ask your forgiveness for what I did to you at that time. I did accept your message later and became a member of the Church. Since then I have tried to do what is right. I have come here now to ask your forgiveness.”
                After gaining control of his own feelings, President young responded, “Of course, dear Brother. I forgave you. Don’t you remember that I turned and forgave you while I was lying in the gutter?”
                Then President Young continued: “Brother Babbel, because I honestly forgave that man as sincerely as Jesus Forgave those who maligned him while he hung on the cross, the memory of that even had been taken from me completely. Until this good Brother brought it to my attention, it had never crossed my mind.”
                Then he shared with me this sterling counsel: “This is one of the great lessons we have to learn in life. The Lord has said, “I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.’ (D&C 64:10.) It is pleasing to him if we forgive the moment that such an incident occurs.
                “When this is done,” he concluded, “the load is lifted from you and the healing influence can go from you to make the matter right. On the other hand, if that person who was guilty of the offense does not seek forgiveness, he will carry the burden that will weigh him down and become more distressing with each passing year. What compassion I feel for this elderly brother who has lived with his tormented conscience for over fifty years!”

The Curse of Resentments
                Later when I was living in the Portland, Oregon, area, an urgent call came from a valued friend who had been bedfast for nearly a year. Now his condition was critical.
                When I reached his home, I found him resting on his front room couch. His wife was in the adjoining dining room, ironing his burial clothes.
                He told me that his family doctor had informed him earlier that afternoon that his life was nearing its end and that it was now only a matter of a day or two, or perhaps a week at the most, until he would expire. Then he remarked: “The strange thing about this whole matter is that the doctors still do not know what is wrong with me. They just know that I am dying. Tonight I just felt that I wanted to visit with you before I prepare to meet my Maker.”
                While continuing our conversation, I received a divine insight as to what his real problem was. “Brother,” I responded, “I believe I know what is wrong.”
                He seemed started, but genuinely interested, as he urged, “Please tell me.”
                “You’ve had a number of very serious hurts and disappointments in your life,” I said, “that have filled you with bitter resentment. Many of these have never been resolved.”
                He seemed incredulous and somewhat apprehensive as he inquired, “What do you know about them?”
                “Not a thing,” I replied, “unless you tell me about them. I only perceive that you have been deeply hurt many times. Yet you have never forgiven those who were responsible for these offenses.”
                “Well, I must admit,” he countered, “that I have had some pretty bitter experiences. But since I accepted the gospel, I believe that I could forgive those who were responsible if they asked for my forgiveness.”
                “But that is not how the principle of forgiveness works,” I said. “When any serious grievance takes place, the Lord requires us to forgive the guilty party the moment the infraction occurs, if possible.”
                I related to my friend the experience that President Levi Edgar Young had shared with me earlier. I could tell that he was beginning to get the message. I inquired whether or not he had ever visited the rattlesnake farm near Salem, Oregon, where they extract venom and process small cans of rattlesnake meat for venturesome gourmets. He said that he had heard of the farm but had not been there.
                “Recently I heard of an experience that was conducted there,” I said. “One of the caretakers took one of his large rattlesnakes and put a forked stick behind its head so it could not coil to strike. Then he began to tantalize it with small chicks and other food. The snake kept trying to coil unsuccessfully, and venom dripped quite freely form its fangs. Within minutes the snake stiffened and died.
                “The caretaker then commented that a rattlesnake can stand just about anything except its own venom. When it cannot discharge the venom as fast as it is produced, it dies of its own accumulated poison.”
                Then I suggested to my friend that his own condition somewhat paralleled that of the snake: “When you have any resentment, hurt, bitterness, or hatred in your heart, regardless of the cause, if you do not get rid of it at once through the spirit of forgiveness, the hatred will continue to fester and grow and increase, since that is the basic Law of the Harvest. Unless contained, these negative feelings will finally consume and destroy the person who harbors them. This is what has been troubling you and what, even now, has brought you to the point of death.”
                My friend began to sob unashamedly. In the process he removed his nightshirt and showed me his bare back. I had never seen a back like this, not even in the concentration camps in Europe. Across his back were large criss-crossed scars that were scabbed over with ugly flesh. Some of them were so deep a person could almost lay his arm in them.
                Then he related to me how his father used to come home occasionally in a mean, drunken stupor. His temper would flare up and he would take a heavy whip from the wall and flog whatever was  within reach. This whip, a “cat o’ nine tails,” was leather with several strands. At the end of each strand was fastened a large brass ball with metal spikes that could tear the hide off an animal.
                On one occasion my friend was the victim. Just fourteen years old at the time, he was whipped into unconsciousness. How long he lay on the floor he did not know, but as he regained consciousness, he found himself lying in a pool of his own blood, with his back fairly torn to shreds. He managed somehow to crawl from his house, and he vowed he would never return.
                At this point I interrupted, “You’ve kept that promise, haven’t you?”
                “Yes,” he replied.
                “You’ve never forgiven your father for that flogging, have you?” I next inquired.
                “No, I guess not,” was his reply. “But if dad were to ask for my forgiveness, I think I could forgive him now.”
                “I’m concerned,” I said, “that you still don’t understand the underlying principle. You have had the divine responsibility of forgiving your father from the moment that you regained consciousness, so that the healing power of forgiveness could come into your own life and relieve you of this terrible burden. In doing so, you might also have started the process of healing for your father as well. But because you have continued to nurture this resentment, it has festered and grown until it is literally consuming you. In addition, I feel you still have a number of other resentments against others that likewise have never been resolved. These are adding to your burden and hastening your untimely death.”
                My friend then recalled numerous other cases throughout Canada, Montana, and the Pacific Northwest, none of which had been resolved.
                “Where does your father live?” I asked next.
                “The last I knew, he was living in North Dakota,” my friend responded. “I haven’t see him or been in touch with him for over forty years.”
                When we finished talking I invited him to sit upon a chair so I could give him a special blessing and outline for him what must be done. In the blessing he was instructed to get out of bed the following morning, take his wife, and drive to his father’s home in North Dakota, with the assurance that his father was still alive. He was also to drive to the homes of all the other people against whom he had resentments, no matter where they lived.”       
                In each case he was to ask for their forgiveness for having harbored resentments against them. “Don’t go there and try to persuade them to beg for your forgiveness,” I admonished. “Rather, your assignment is to ask their forgiveness for your having failed to make a reconciliation these many years.” The blessing outlined how he was to ask for such forgiveness. In addition, I blessed him with the necessary strength to accomplish this task successfully.
                About four or five weeks later my friend stopped his car in our driveway. As he stepped out of his car, I greeted him with, “Brother, you’re a well man now, aren’t you?”
                “Yes,” he responded, “I haven’t felt this good in many years.”
                He then began to relate to me his experiences. He told me about meeting his aged father, who was now in his eighties and nearly blind. When his father came to the door, he inquired in his usual gruff manner, “Who are you?”
                My friend informed him that he was his son. Still rather brusquely, his father responded, “Well, what do you want now?”
                My friend answered: “Dad, I have come home to ask for your forgiveness. For years I have held a bitter resentment against you for what you did to me when I was a young man. I had no right to feel resentment toward you. Can you forgive me for holding a grudge all these years?”
                He said that his father looked stunned for a moment. Then he broke down and cried, threw his arms around his son, and sobbed, “Son, I’m the one who should have asked for your forgiveness, but I didn’t have the courage. Can you forgive me?”
                Then my friend added: “You know, we made a complete reconciliation. The spirit of peace and forgiveness flooded both of our lives. I had a similar experience in every home I visited, as you directed me to do in my blessing. Today I am a happy, healthy man. I am at peace with myself and with my Lord.”
                Within six months my friend was the third-highest sales producer for the large life insurance company he represented. Just before Christmas he and his wife were called to go on a special mission to New Zealand. More than thirty years later, as far as I am aware, he is still very much alive, enjoying life and serving his fellowmen—this man who was doomed to die in 1951!

Challenges and Benefits      
                These events have had a profound influence in my own life and in the lives of many others. This principle of forgiveness is so vital that we should be overjoyed to put it into daily use.
                When we really understand and practice the principle of forgiveness as the Lord outlined it, we will be doubly blessed. First, we will be freed from the burden of accumulated resentments that continually multiply and fester when harbored in our hearts. Second, we will activate the principle of forgiveness in our own lives. Unless and until we forgive others, the divine law specifies that there is no forgiveness for us, for we must be measured by the precedent we have established in our forgiveness of others or in our own lack of forgiveness. Third, we will hasten the principle’s purifying influence in the lives oft those against whom our resentment is focused.
                This, then, is the standard by which we shall be measured:
                … ye ought to forgive one another; for he that forgiveth not his brother has trespassed standeth condemned before the Lord; for there remaineth in him the great sin.
                I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men. (D&C 64:9-109.)
                As in most matters in life, we set the standard for our own forgiveness. Since we all need forgiveness in abundance, we should welcome the opportunity to lavish it upon every living soul with whom we come in contact, including our bitterest enemies!
                No one can have a happier life unless this principle is practiced daily to open the doors for our own forgiveness and to bring about the healing needed in those who have been guilty of the offense in the first place. Unless and until we do, the greater sin remains with us since we are deliberately shortchanging both parties involved.
                In a very real sense, harboring resentments can contribute to our own untimely death as well as the misery of those against whom such resentments are focused.
(Mr. Dashing took this shot. I quite love it!)
 All because of Him...! God has a plan.

 Happiness is the heart that forgives.
Grateful for a God that prepares a way.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Sent for the one.

Brother Travis Storey got up and bore a beautiful testimony Sunday. Truly God is mindful of each of us—of “the one.”

Travis is a busy father of seven. On top of his Dad duties, his amazing wife Kiji has been fighting for her life against cancer. Her battle in and of itself is a miracle. She and her devotion to God even in the midst of the storm is a great inspiration to all who know her.

Travis is finishing his dental program and working with clients up in Salt Lake. All that is on the Storey family’s plate makes his morning routine all the more admirable. 

Travis has the habit going to the gym. Before the gym (which he goes to in the early morning hours) he finds a church parking lot where he parks and spends some time reading the scriptures and in prayer.

Recently during in his morning routine, Travis had an impression to go to a specific location before going to the gym. He followed that impression and found himself driving near the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon, which is nowhere near the gym. As he drove, he passed what he thought was a wheelchair. The road he was on did not have any sidewalks, and it was dark, cold and windy outside. Travis wondered what a wheelchair was doing out in the middle of nowhere. 

Feeling that perhaps someone needed help, he turned his car around and started searching for the wheelchair he had seen. Sure enough, there was a person in the wheelchair. Travis could tell the person was in need, so he pulled his car over and asked what he could do for him. The story that unfolded is amazing.
Apparently this guy, I will call him Joe, had come with some friends into Provo to celebrate a friend’s birthday. They had a great time. But when the evening ended and the cars were loaded up, somehow Joe was left out of the head count. He had no way to contact his friends to say, “Hello, I am still here!”  Joe didn’t know anyone locally he could contact. He just knew he needed to get to Mount Pleasant to make his class the next day and he had no vehicle to get him there. 

So what did Joe do? The only thing he could do—he started to wheel himself in the direction of Mount Pleasant. (Note: Mount Pleasant is an hour away from Provo and up through a dangerous canyon.)
He had started his trek in Provo at 9 the previous night and had been wheeling towards his destination until Travis found him around 4:45 a.m. the next morning! Travis said Joe was only about three feet tall and due to a spinal condition wasn’t able to stand upright to straighten his back. He was not dressed properly for the cold and was found shivering. Having shorter arms, Joe moved himself by walking his feet along. With no sidewalks along the road, whenever a car came by, Joe would move his wheelchair off the road so as to not get hit by the passing vehicle. Joe had been praying for someone, anyone, to help him. 

Travis later found out that Joe is from California—which “just happens” (I write that in quotes, because nothing ever JUST happens!) to be the same state where Travis served his mission, and from Pleasanton, Travis’s favorite city of his mission. 

Joe served a mission at the MTC Call Center for two years, taking calls and working with referrals.  He described his experience there to be difficult, spending hour after hour, day after day in front of a computer screen taking phone calls for what seemed like a fruitless task.  When he found that out, Travis felt the need to testify to Joe that he (Travis) had had several referrals come through while on his mission from people who had contacted the Church through the MTC Call Center.  He felt that Joe needed to hear that the work he had done during those difficult 2 years planted seeds that missionaries from all over were able to harvest and that Travis had personally been able to baptize investigators in Pleasanton, CA, the very city where Joe was from.  Travis thanked Joe for all he had done on his mission. As his morning workout was traded for a trek up to Mount Pleasant, Travis continued talking with Joe as they made the ride together toward Mount Pleasant.

Travis relayed how we are all just like Joe.  We do not physically have a way of getting ourselves back “home.” We needed a Savior to provide the way, to provide the “vehicle” (namely repentance, forgiveness through a perfect Atonement and a resurrection which overcomes the sting of death) to help us make the trek back to Heavenly Father. Travis’s car was the “literal” vehicle for the determined and courageous Joe.
So it can be with all of us, with me! Who on the journey of life needs a “lift”?

On Sunday, Travis bore testimony that that he always studies the Book of Mormon and scriptures before he goes to the gym each morning because it is his “sacred time with … Heavenly Father,” when his mind is the sharpest and he can feel His presence the strongest. Travis said he has had many spiritual experiences and insights during that dedicated time, his spiritual exercise before his physical exercise.
Travis's experience with Joe made me think of a clip I watched where Elder David A. Bednar made a profound statement that has not left me since I heard it. This clip is excellent about an extraordinary thing that took place on the BYUI campus, but what he states at frame 4:02 has left me with a deep profound, lasting insight.

Did you catch that?!!! Elder Bednar was sent to England for the “one.” The conference and all the other large meetings were great add-ons, but God sent him--for the one!
Brother Storey was sent for the one!

God is mindful of each one. What a blessing and great opportunity is ours to go out daily seeking the ones whom God would have us find, the ones God would have us give a “lift” to with the means He has provided to bring that one just another step closer to their/our eternal destination. 

Seek the one.

Brother Storey was kind enough to share with me some things he has at the front of his study journal. The promises are clear for those who will take the Book of Mormon into their daily study. It has changed my life forever, and continues to bring me closer to Christ. I LOVE Brother's Storey's list and add my testimony to the truth of what he testified 100%! (Thank you Brother Storey for following through and sharing your story!)

President Ezra Taft Benson  It is not just that the Book of Mormon teaches us truth, though it indeed does that. It is not just that the Book of Mormon bears testimony of Christ, though it indeed does that, too. But there is something more. There is a power in the book which will begin to flow into your lives the moment you begin a serious study of the book. You will find greater power to resist temptation. You will find the power to avoid deception. You will find the power to stay on the strait and narrow path. The scriptures are called “the words of life” (D&C 84:85), and nowhere is that more true than it is of the Book of Mormon. When you begin to hunger and thirst after those words, you will find life in greater and greater abundance. (Ensign, Nov 1986, 4)
President Joseph Smith (Jr)  Concerning this record the Prophet Joseph Smith said: “I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book.”
1 Nephi 15:24  Nephi interpreting the vision of the tree of life to his brethren speaking of the iron rod.  “…it was the word of God; and whoso would hearken unto the word of God, and would hold fast unto it, they would never perish; neither could the temptations and the fiery darts of the adversary overpower them unto blindness, to lead them away to destruction.

D&C 21:5-6  Revelation given to the prophet Joseph Smith, “for his word ye shall receive, as if from mine own mouth”, “For by doing these things the gates of hell shall not prevail against you; yea, and the Lord God will disperse the powers of darkness from before you, and cause the heavens to shake for your good, and his names glory

2 Nephi 32:3  Nephi’s words “feast upon the words of Christ: for behold the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.”

I’ve noticed three things that occur when reading the book of Mormon prayerfully.  Number one on the list always occurs. The second and third don't always occur but do very often.
     1.    The presence of the spirit is abundant through all facets of my life that day.
     2.    I find principles come alive from off the page that I need to learn and which I can directly apply to an area of my life. [And I, Bryndi, would add that often the principles that have just come alive for me, God often places others on my path that are in need of and blessed by the exact same principles.]
     3.    Flashes of insight, ideas and bits of inspiration occur in my mind while reading that may have nothing to do with the story but non-the less have a purpose in my life in that moment. I have come to know through time that these aren’t random ideas and thoughts but are Gods words unto me that are precious and must be recorded.

I am grateful for wonderful friends who have the gift of reviewing and reworking words! Cindy, thank you!
Happiness is a date night with Mr. Dashing to Temple Square!