Tuesday, July 15, 2014


(Apparently I never posted this... well I am pushing the publish button now.)

My sweet visiting teachers came over yesterday with a few of their kids. One of my teacher's was recounting a recent morning she had had with her children.

The morning was crazy, school was going to start but shoes were not yet on but four each seemed to have their own agenda. This dear sister found herself feeling overwhelmed and borderline going to break. There were only moments to get everything done the children seemed to have their own agendas. She told them they needed to have a prayer and re-start their morning or she was going to lose it. She said they all had a prayer and with in a minute after the prayer, all was in order, shoes on and they were heading towards the car. I was surprised to hear that your not being obedient children at the moment would stop and have a prayer with her. She mentioned that they all knew that if they didn't, the day would just not go right.

I was impressed with the morning storm she was facing--but this wise mother's inspiration like these rays of light over the ocean--was to stop, re-group and have a prayer.

Sometimes the answers [have a little prayer as a family] seem way to simple to be the answer.... I was impressed by this Mother's faith and adherence to the spirit.

Lesson not lost on me!

I am grateful for husbands who allow their wives to serve. (Thanks Babe!)
Happiness is being DONE with exercise for the day--because that means I actually did it. :)