Wednesday, July 8, 2015


    Wow! For one, I was not sure I even remembered how to sign onto my blog. And from the looks of it, for good reason! Apparently it has been almost a full year since my last post... has my life really become all that different?! [A "YES" just screamed in my head.] :)

     A little while ago I was listening to the Friend magazine in preparation to teach sharing time. I came across an activity page which shared the idea of using a large drink container, filling it with dirt, and planting some carrot seeds. So what did I do the very next day? Headed to the Dollar Store of course!
   I didn't know how well the carrots would do in my kitchen window since the sun only shines on it for a few hours a day. Not to mention there have been some vacations here and there with no one to water. I have been surprised just how hardy the seeds have been!
    This morning as I was cleaning up the kitchen I looked up and noticed my carrots in the window. Both containers were planted at the exact time.  It was obvious that bigger container was the better choice.
    I smiled as I thought of my son and how I am going to need to make sure that I give him room to "grow" so he can grow.  My thoughts then seemed to change all at once to how Heavenly Father is giving me room so I can grow.

    If life stays unchanging, sheltered, and comfortable, I will likely end up like the carrots in the mason jar, never fulfilling the measure of my creation. But a wise, perfect Heavenly Father knew/knows what I need in my "earth life" container. Challenges, heartaches, joys, laughter, death, sorrow, love, hope, darkness, light, silence, noise, and peace... All those types of experiences combined together, equal a perfect container/condition to grow.

I am so glad He trusts me enough, to let me grow.


Happiness is a tooth that finally stays down, badminton for family night,
and 72 hour kits coming together.
I am grateful for carrots growing in my window.